“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”


2013-09-01 022Say what you will about John G. Diefenbaker now, he coined a passage that has become sacred to many devoted Canadians.

I clued in a couple of years ago that things at the federal level were not about to change anytime soon despite the incessant assaults on our science, our media, our people.And incessant they are-hardly a week goes by before media is reporting yet another Harper attack on something.

And I couldn’t stand it then, as I can’t stand it now. There is a continual erosion of the rights and freedoms we built this country on and it’s not coming from an outside source,it’s coming from our own governments.

Despite not agreeing with the complacency, I do sadly understand it- so many Canadians are still so darn polite-eh-and we don’t like rocking the boat!
But does that mean I have to buy into it? No way, no how, not happening.

My parents used to tell me polite people never talk about politics, religion or how much someone makes.

Well, I know I’ve broken all of those rules- sorry Mom and Dad!

I don’t give a crap how much you make as a friend, but I do care how much bureaucrats make in government.

I do care about how much they expense and I do care about where and how the money is spent. Why? Because I see far too many struggling  while far too many in government are living high on the hog. And in a modern country like Canada,that is rich in many ways, that’s not acceptable.

What religion you practice, who you love, who you marry, where you were born, what colour is your skin…is inconsequential to me. I care if you believe in truth,honour and freedom, I care if you worry and help others, if you are a good person inside.

I believe in a hand up, not  a hand out. I believe in helping your neighbor and anyone else who needs it more than you do.

I believe that Canada comes first, as do Canadians. Educate us, employ us, support us, and embrace those of us who dream of all we are able to achieve… as Canadians! We are an incredible melting pot of those whose families have been here forever, and immigrants who came to find a better life, and helped build this country.What makes Canada great is our diversity, our resilence, our inherent strengths.


Vote because your vote IS IMPORTANT… in fact one vote is so incredibly important it can win or lose an election and determine if a riding/city/province/our country moves one step back or two steps forward… yes your one vote can do all that.

Don’t complain to me about anything, if you don’t vote. I truly believe that not voting is one of the biggest problems this country has. People in other countries will die for the right to vote and here, we toss it away as a bothersome task, too disconnected from how politics impacts our personal lives. In Canada, it’s usually about half the population that decides the future of the country.  Friends in foreign lands laugh when I tell them that, they can’t understand why so many people don’t vote.

And all the while those who don’t care are sitting having tea at 2pm, the government is likely lumping in regular average folks who really care about this country enough to attend a protest or two, or learn how to protest, in with the truly sick criminals intent on harm.

…and if me, the mom of 4, who bakes, wipes snot,pulls teeth and tries to make whatever change I can by writing about issues that impact my family, my friends and my readers… well I guess if that puts me in that group or any other, so be it, but I’m as average a Canadian as it gets:

 From 2012:

Tonight, I have two special items for you, at least special to me because of where they came from, and why.

They both concern Canada. Our country – for some like myself, a birthright, for others a choice to find a better life. There was a time, not that long ago, that I outright admit I took our liberties and freedoms here in this great, amazing land for granted. And why not? This is Canada, after all, where as Pierre Burton once said, you know you are one when you can make love in a canoe…without tipping. Beavers chomping, moose munching and kids playing hockey on frozen ponds… the clichés abound when it comes to Canadians and our country.

I love them all, I really do. But to me, what really makes us Canadian is our endless strength and our convictions.

Right now, both are being tested, and sadly, by our own government – a government who many say, and I agree, is selling our country out, putting it at grave risk and forgetting the wonderful people who made this country what it is.

Our arts are being killed, our scientists muzzled and silenced, our environment mismanaged or sold to foreign interests, our personal rights and freedoms are being eroded every day.

Our government seems to have forgotten what country this is, and I think I have become a nationalist(eek) – someone who advocates political independence for our country.

We aren’t politically independent in Canada, nor are we in B.C.

When you have corporate friends who have great influence over political leaders, when you have foreign governments who are paying for educational supplements here, actively lobbying and shaping policy and impacting government affairs,when you have a prime minister who openly tells his country he will overrule due process to make something wrong, right…. I am telling you we do not have political independence.

The wonderful thing is, there are thousands of others just like me, and we are finding each other, and talking and informing everyone we can.

One person at a time if need be,and you know something special is happening when a reader,( whom I also consider a new friend), stops on her road trip across Canada to send you a photo, from the Gordie Howe campground in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan because she knows exactly what I will think of it. ( doesn’t get more Canadian than driving across the country in a camper..)

Here is her email from today:

“Hi Laila,

I just thought I would send these not so great photos to you… the one with Harper quoted re: Dief! What a total joke for Harper to even be quoted for one thing and to call himself a Tory! I grew up thinking the Conservatives knew what they were about due to Diefenbaker but those days are long past and only a few good old boys are trying to call Harper into line…

Anyway…how one man can change a nation so quickly…for the worse!

Keep writing…my husband and I are doing our first trip in a small camper across Canada …and reminiscing about Canada along the way…and hope to be in Ottawa for July 1st and I will be wearing my anti Enbridge T-shirt with my save our salmon hoodie! “

Best, Barb

Well, the photos were all great, and here is one photo that I think speaks volumes!!The irony is clear and I am sure old Dief would be turning in his grave if he saw this.

Clearly Harper didn’t learn a hell of a lot from Diefenbaker, now did he? That’s all I am going to say about that.

( I will be featuring more photos from Barb and her hubby’s trip across Canada, since I asked her to continue to send photos to me of things that really stood out for her along the way,things she felt were really Canadian)


The second special item for you comes from Priscilla Judd, whom I met while covering the No Prison for Lumby story. Her heart is true, and spirit strong… and talent…immense.

Priscilla writes:

“Life is very much better in Lumby without the fight over a prison but this Federal Government (supported by BC Liberals)  is tearing apart our country – fast. I’ve been busy working lately and writing songs. Anyway, my husband made a video to help me share one of them.I’m sending you my song URL in hopes that first: you like it and second, I’m hoping you will share it.

It’s easy to sing… I have performed it at two protests and it seems to unite people. I hope it goes around in your head and you can remember it if you feel like giving up – I know I do – times are bleak… So let me know how the song works for you – many thanks

in peace


I opened the link, listened to the song and smiled.

Yes, it really struck me, the beauty, the truth of that song, and if I had my way this would be our new anthem because it speak to all we hold strong , true and free in Canada.  Yes Priscilla, this works for me just fine!!

Listen. Reflect. Enjoy. Will you stand beside me, and stand up for British Columbia, for Canada when they need us most? To remain, the true north, strong and FREE.


“O Canada we’ve all agreed to
stand for the true north strong and free
with glowing hearts from sea to sea
we stand on guard for thee

O Canada on Native land
we wash the oil from tar and sand
from pipe to power this darkest hour
from sea to shining sea

But who stands watch for the earth below?
stands for the ice and the melting snow?
who for the land to call our home?
Oh Canada I don’t know

O Canada with fossil soil
we frack the gas and mine the coal
for carbon power this darkest hour
from sea to shining sea

but Who looks out for the prairie sky?
stands for the air so none of us die?
who for wind and the birds that fly?
where the planet goes there go I

O Canada from forest green
we ship the logs and cut the trees
and there for the river that meets the sea
with mud and logging debris

O Canada O Canada
who stands watch from sea to sea?
who for a lost democracy?
who for the true north strong and free?

if not you then let it be me”

Priscilla Judd.

Now go and out enjoy the day with your family, your friends, neighbours and community. Celebrate the good, celebrate this incredible country and just enjoy life.

There is time to fight the good fight when it’s all done. 🙂


33 Comments on ““I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.”

  1. We have a corrupted political system at all levels of government. By voting, we contribute to this corruption.
    Nobody can get elected without having plenty of money to spend on their election campaign or being funded by the wealthy, corporations, or special interest group. This applies to to both the right and left. THEY ARE BOUGHT BEFORE THEY GET ELECTED. And those who cannot find someone to buy them, usually lose.
    We need a grassroot movement to reform the political system, fund elections from the public purse, and make politicians elected no more than 2 terms because a careerist politician tend to get easily corrupted.
    You may look at the New Era Reformists club that is leading this movement http://www.TheNewEraClubs.com
    you may also watch a lecture by Dr. Hamdy El-Rayes delivered last May at Vancouver Public Library. http://goo.gl/vdL79w

  2. Andy described our situation well.

    Every politician who gets press and becomes popular has come up through the ranks and only knows what he/she has been taught.

    In BC, John Horgan will do politics in a similar way to how Christie Clark does politics. He will borrow more money, give raises to politicians, cut services to ordinary people in need, and maybe find a friend who will do something a little bit special for him. That’s how it works.
    I work with a grassroots political party, and when I talk to people about what we are trying to do to make things better, their response is: You don’t stand a chance of winning!
    We are Canadians and we are naive.
    It won’t help to vote until we develop the uniquely-provincial political party we want and which will be bound by rules and laws to stop all the political machinations we don’t want, such as lying or withhold information about their true intentions during an election campaign, borrowing money at will without public support, grossly excessive spending including paying themselves, their friends and those who can offer continuing career success, using the courts to support their unacceptible conduct and behaviour, and the list goes on.
    What we need is a change in the political system.
    Direct democracy similar to the Swiss system and the system that is currently be advocated in other countries, such as Ireland and England would discourage government from even considering such policies as the HST or the Northern Gateway knowing full well that a workable public referendum would put a stop to it before it ever started. The Swiss system of direct democracy gives the public the right and the power to veto legislation they don’t like.
    Democracy as we know it in Canada and in BC is broken. It cannot be fixed by tinkering with it. From day 1, we have only been given the right to vote for preselected, previously groomed and chosen people who can then do as they please for a number of years until the next election. People can never vote on the legislation they have passed. We have never had input into serious matters such as the sale of a railway, the activities of BC Hydro, or the government’s appeal to the courts for a decision it has lost twice, or the teachers’ strike.
    We do not need to vote for the system we have. We need to change the system!

    • It is wrong that major events such as you state are not put to referendum.
      So many things have transpired that we as BC’ers did not agree to.
      Corruption is rife.
      Our politicians are bought and paid for.

      • We need a different system of government. Direct democracy is the only system at this time that respects the rights of citizens (taxpayers to have the final say by using a workable referendum. The Swiss have used it for more than 150 years, so we know it works. We have to stop tinkering with politics, and implement a system that works.

    • Well said Ms. G..
      That is what The New Era Community Clubs are trying to do.
      Its objective is to establish a coalition of political and economic reformists from all stripes who would use their block vote to overcome the power of money in the elections.
      In his book, The New Era, Returning the U.S. to Democracy and Prosperity, Dr. El-Rayes analysed the elections in the past 70 years and he finds if a coalition of 1 in five voters in a constituency give their block vote to a candidate, he/she will win. In this way, we can decide who is elected, regardless of what the corporation and special interest groups want. The Club uses direct democracy in molding the laws in the country. The elected officials would be our delegates.
      From your description, I encourage you to explore the New Era program and join it to help reform the political system and make the government work for all of us. http://www.TheNewEraClubs.com.

        • So, What is the solution?
          If we do not explore new ways, we will still be stuck in the old ways. It is better to try than to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.

      • I have looked at the links you provided, and I respect the effort you are making, but it is still tinkering. If you are able to elect what amounts to independents, It will not change how politics is done, it will only change the people that fill the back benches. What we really need are rules with consequences for their breach and a provincial constitution that controls by law what politicians are allowed and not allowed to do.
        I will only remind you of Debra Grey, who was the first elected member in the old Reform Party. The party had good intentions, but when push came to shove, she folded like an old accordion.

  3. As a case in point to the above comment, Paul Manly a man whom I have deep respect for, a man who has consistently worked to educate the Canadian public about important issues such as the SPP, the very same man who caught on video the police provocateurs at the 2007 Montebello NAU/SPP conference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St1-WTc1kow

    Paul announced yesterday that he had been refused his nomination to be an NDP candidate for a new district in Nanaimo. Why? I highly suspect that the refusal to have him as a candidate is based on the fact that Paul is outspoken, that he is a man of principle who will not bend to the party line or a party leader, that he is an intelligent individual who is well informed in regards the workings of current government and the effects of relentless corporate influence over our current political system.

    I believe this single action by the federal NDP speaks volumes about the state of our political system here in Canada.

    I didn’t coin this phrase but I believe it is most appropriate and especially today as we celebrate Canada’s birthday…..”Canada currently has the best democracy that money can buy!”

    • the name of the game is get elected. No party is going to run a candidate who can not get elected. It simply doesn’t make sense. If the man is dedicated and as good as you say, I’m sure he can run as an independent. its difficult, but it can be done.

  4. Laila.
    I believe this is the most thoughtful and truthful column that I have read in recent times.
    I like you, do not shun the important topics of our time, much to the chagrin of many of my friends who enjoy the safety of keeping their heads buried in the sand.
    I wholeheartedly agree with everything that you have written here.
    And yes. I vote. Every election since the early 70’s.
    Watching Canada and especially my province evolve to this undemocratic state makes me want to cry.
    Keep speaking loud for the rest of us that see what is happening. Perhaps those apethetic ostriches will start to listen. Thanks Catt

  5. i agree iwill not dicuss politics or even services with someone who doest vote.On this Canada day i would like to thank the GREATEST CANADIAN TOMMY DOUGLAS

  6. Well, I do like the feistiness. I really do. And it is a feistiness totally missing from most people. But such spirit showing up now and then in someone as well spoken as you helps a great deal.

    Just not enough.

    And inspiring speech is not enough. Protests are not enough. Letter writing campaigns are not enough. Our ‘reps’ (MLA’s and MP’s) are clearly not up to the task. And, sadly, even the Idle No More and the Occupy movements are not enough. It is hard to dislodge the system.

    Unless you attack the right system………….

    And the right system, it seems is the monetary one. People respond to a dollar taken directly from their wallets while they ignore the hundreds stolen indirectly. Somehow we have to ‘talk to their wallets’. In a present tense. Tragic but true.

    “How do we do that?”

    One way is to encourage thousands to buy Enbridge shares and then exercise control over the boardroom. Another would be to get thousands to join the Conservative party for the sole purpose of ousting Harper. I would gladly spend $500 in some tactical move that – as long as enough people joined me – could defeat the bastards at what they do.

    “I dunno…………?”

    Maybe start small. Maybe ‘buy’ the local constituency office of the local MLA. (NOT with bribes but with memberships) just like the Indo community does.

    Maybe just build a warchest…………..I dunno either.


    On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 10:38 PM, No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile

    • You cannot build on a rotten foundation. You have to start to build from the grassroots and establish a healthy political system.

      • that boat sailed about the time Mulroney came to power and things haven’t changed since. People buy the sizzle, not the steak. They voted for Harper, when they could have voted for S. Dion, who would have made a much better P.M. Then the voters decided to give Harper another majority. Can’t say why they did it, but they got what they deserved. Changing the political system at this point in time, isn’t going to work, nor do we have enough time prior to the election in 2015. My suggestion, find someone who think you can vote for and has a chance of winning and then go out and vote. If more people voted, we simply wouldn’t be in this position. Of course if we had a system of re-call at the federal level, it might be more entertaining.

        • I am a little tired of blaming the voters for the current political state of affairs.
          The voters have no say in who runs in an election. They do not plan for one outcome over another. And all those Canadians who voted for the Conservative candidate are not getting what they deserve. None of us knew what Harper was going to do with a majority government, and he said as much in his acceptance speech. Comments such as the ones noted are rhetoric, and as always, dangerous because it fuels anger instead of common sense thinking.
          The political system was designed as a closed system. Keep the rulers inside and the rest of us outside. There have been several cases of party leaders refusing a candidacy because the applicant is not an insider. The most recent is Paul Manly (read Terry Hand’s comment above.) Voting is not a solution if there are only insider choices.
          The system is working perfectly as it was designed. The public believed for many years that we lived in a beautiful democracy because that is what we were told at home, in school, and by the media. But as young children in a family believing all their parents tell them and which their parents believed truthful, we are growing up now and realizing that we have been duped by our political parents.
          Finding some-1 who has a chance of winning is highly unlikely. It is unlikely that even one percent of the voters will learn about such a candidate. Campaigns are conducted on television; keep the candidate off the news, and he/she will remain unknown.
          Disgruntled voters have to stop complaining and find a way to form a cohesive group.
          At the federal level, people could do worse than follow Michael Chong who introduced a bill, which if passed, would take some power away from the prime minister.
          At the provincial level, check out bcrefed.com, a provincial party which has been advocating a direct democracy system of government since 2001.

  7. For the first time ever I will not participate in, any Canada day celebrations. This country is no longer Canada anymore and that is very sad to me. Harper his so called Conservative and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals saw to, the destruction of our country and to our beautiful province. We went to war so, we wouldn’t have such as Harper governing our country.

    Canadians are far too used to the good, decent and democratic Canada. None of Harper and his cabal, have ethics nor morals. I listened to Kenny and his stack of lies and deceit. My son is an, Electronic Engineering Technologist, Bachelor of Science, Electronic Engineer. He and many others, were laid off their resource jobs. My son has sent out resumes for 7 months now, as have the others. My son spoke to one resource company. The H.R. said, there were over 4,000 applications for just one job. How does this compute to a shortage of labor?

    Those who think they have any say in what goes on in this country? Just let them try it. When it comes to Harper, no-one is free. Harper is a paranoid dictator and his minions are cowed by him. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are no better than Harper and use every underhanded deceitful tactic in the book, just as much as he does.

    • Harper and Clark do not work for us. They work for the same masters (the owners of the corporations and special interest groups).
      Please watch this lecture. It gives you an idea about the big picture and what you can do.

  8. If people really think that merely a “fairer” redistribution of tax money or replacing Harper/Christie with the NDP will improve things they are in for more disappointment…it’s SYSTEMIC.

    • Absolutely. We need to reform the political system and do away with representative democracy, replace it with direct democracy. IT IS DOABLE.using the New Era Community Clubs.

  9. Its important we go out and vote. If you don’t like who there is to vote for, run yourself. It isn’t that hard. If more people did it, it might change the political landscape. Who knows what the opposition leaders will do when they are elected. I do know the current premier and P.M. need to go and who ever replaces them, won’t be as bad as they are. Clark seems to take pride in ensuring children live in poverty and is trying hard to deprive them of an education. The current P.M. is the worst this country has had, he has done much to dismantle everything we hold near and dear. Not to mention fire scientists. That is really sick. he’s a dumb ass and we need someone to replace, him.

    So to say if we vote, we contribute to the problem, not so much. If we don’t vote, we will continue to have these two idiots continue to ruin our country. So if you don’t like politicians, try running yourself.

    • If we have direct democracy, why do we need a party? If the community has its own platform, parties become redundant. That is why we are calling for setting up coalition of reformists clubs (from all political stripes) who believe in two concepts:
      1. elections should be funded from the public purse
      2. elected politician should not serve more than 2 terms.
      It is easier to find people who believe in these terms. and unite to change the system.
      the Clubs will be involved in politics at all levels.of governments. A party cannot.
      Parties tend to become corrupted. Remember the Refooooorm Party? they became more corrupted than the rest. Parties are easy prey for corporations and special interest groups where MONEY TALKS. That is the PROBLEM.
      Careerist politicians can easily become corrupted.

    • Have you ever run in an election? I have, and it is more difficult than you might think. An independent candidate with very little funding has about as much chance at winning as a blind person has of getting a driver’s licence.

      In the last election, we had a few independents who were well known and respected, yet they lost their seats because the public deems independents as ineffective. Of course, they don’t like the effective politics of the big parties either.

      • There are several reasons for independents to lose:
        1. They are passionate about servicing they communities, representing a nightmare for corporations and special interest groups. Consequently, these organizations increase their funding to their candidate to guarantee that the independent candidate will lose.
        2. The media (including CBC, and those owned by the corporation) tend to ignore the independents and will explicitly or implicitly tell the voters that this candidate will not be able to do anything if he/she wins.
        3..Usually independents do not have money to spend.
        The New Era Community Club is a coalition of voters of all political stripes.
        When they reach membership of 1/5 of the eligible voters in a constituency, they can decide who will get elected by giving him/her the Club block vote.
        In the New Era model, the Club will vote on the candidates (internally) based on their merits not the money they have to spend or their promises. the person who gets most of the votes within the club, will be given the block vote of the club in the general elections.
        This way, the club will be able to get independent candidates win the elections despite disapproval of the corporations, special interest groups, and the media.

  10. Good Column. Thank you for encouraging people to vote. When politicians see low turnout at the polls, they interpret this as apathy. It is also easier to sway a vote with low turnout. Ultimately, the main goal of any politician is to get re-elected, and they may not be as ruthless if they think there might be a chance they will lose the next election. They also count on short memories, hoping that voters will forget or forgive them for past transgressions.

    • Olga, after politicians lose the elections, they are taken care of by the corporations and special interest groups. They are REWARDED with jobs that pay many times as their government job.
      Politicians and their partner (the Media) are too afraid of low voting turnout because this in itself a reason for losing their legitimacy.
      I have not seen an honest politician who works for the people. They are self-servant wealth and power seekers. And we support that by voting.
      They vote for the least evil.
      Better vote for the evil you know than the evil you don’t know.
      The whole system is a cham. If we want a better life, we need a new system CLEAN of corruption. Unfortunately, it does not exist and we the people need to create it. Not by voting in a corrupted system, but creating a new one that serve us and care about our interests.

  11. To vote is the only way to change anything legally. Not to vote is to allow the current dangerous situation to continue – where jobs are exported overseas on the backs of Canadians. Where religious views take precedence over commons sense, safety and national need.
    The answer is vote, vote and vote – everyone get off their butts and go out and vote when elections are called.
    To not vote is playing into the hands of Clark and Harper.

    • what is the alternative to Harper and clark? 🙂 both sides are not trustworthy.
      The only way is to change the election campaign funding and make it paid from the public purse. In this way, corporations would not be able to buy the politicians and we will have a better political system.
      This change cannot come from the top down because it is against the interest of those in power. it has to be a grassroot movement.

  12. I am encouraged by all the comments I see on Laila’s post. It is evidence that people are becoming aware, not just of the problems, but more importantly they are becoming aware of the cause of the problems which aren’t unique to Canada. The corporate influence of government has always been there, but never has it been so powerful as it is today.

    Sure we can focus on our politicians when looking at what is transpiring, but we have to understand that, that is their job, it is their job to be in the spotlight and to divert your attention from the real cause of the problem, some call them puppets and that I think is a good description. However, we as voters must look behind the puppets and focus on those who are actually pulling the strings and then expose them.

    There are many good suggestions on this thread and it is obvious there is a thirst for change, change is a word that has been banded around quite bit over the past 20 years, Obama was elected on the basis of “change”. We need to ask ourselves, our family and our friends exactly what kind of change are we looking for? Some want corporate money out of politics, others want more transparency in government and yet others want to see accountability in government. All of these things would be great changes in our political system and if achieved would go a long way to satisfying a large majority of the electorate. This provokes the question, “why would you seek these changes from the very people who have worked so diligently over the past 14.7 decades to ensure that these things (corporate control etc.) are part of the system?”.

    Historically in the political and social arenas, great change has only been achieved by the sheer will and resolve of the people and through many means, by revolution, by non-violent disobedience (Gandhi), by determination, solidarity and sacrifice (Mandela). We know that none of the current mainstream party’s will provide the things listed above for the benefit of the people, we know they will not change the current political system, we know they will “appear” to make change, they will tinker with the system to give the illusion that they are making changes, but we already have the illusion of living in a democracy and we don’t need any more of that, David Copperfield can provide our illusions if and when needed.

    We need a political system change, we need to install a system of government that will serve the voters to a much greater extent, while at the same time limits the power of politicians and governments and severely restricts the ability of banks and private monolithic corporations to have any influence on the operation of our government. There are many systems of government available around the world, but none compares to the system of Direct Democracy. It isn’t a perfect system, because a perfect system does not exist. However, it is proven (historically) to be one of the most effective systems available to us. It is by far the fairest system available to us based on what we currently have and it is the only political system which will put the voters in the position of final authority. When the voters have the power to veto bad legislation, bad proposals that will threaten the economy of BC, the environmental status of BC etc. then corporate money will either disappear from politics, or corporations will be forced to consider things like environmental impact rather than just profit.

    There is one party in BC which has been pushing for Direct Democracy since 2001, a party that continues to push for a system change that will hold the voters as the supreme voice and authority in British Columbia..