No… this did not come from The Onion.  

But seriously…no joking now… considering the recent release of the public accounts I just blogged about... that show that under Christy Clark,Queen of LNG fantasies:

“For a government that sought re-election on the promise, blazoned on the side of the campaign bus, of a “Debt-Free B.C.,” the public accounts released this week provide a sobering reality check.

Total provincial debt as of March 31, the end of the last financial year: $60.693 billion.

Total provincial debt inherited by Christy Clark when she took the oath of office as premier in mid-March 2011: $45.154 billion.

Increase: $15.539 billion, or 34 per cent.”


So, just so I have this correct… humour me now…

The Christy Clark BC Jobs Plan is a dismal failure… http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/reality-check-b-c-s-jobs-plan-1.1401889

The public debt, as shown above, has grown…

And Christy Clark still wants you to invest in a responsible government???

Please tell me that I am not alone in seeing the hypocrisy in this donation request for the 2017 election… or in wondering how much support Premier Christy Clark really has among her own caucus?


… and I haven’t even started on why this is so just so, so wrong, on so many levels… least of which is the lack of attention this government has given to what really matters: Education.



  1. I can’t help but wonder what our children will think of us. In the “good old days” when we decided we needed a new bridge or a new school or a new transit line, we’d go out and pay for it with current tax dollars, or at least as much as possible, and put the rest on low-interest debt that we would pay down on our revolving provincial line of credit (also called BC Bonds). In theory, some projects could be paid off in as little as half a dozen years at 3%.

    Now, our supreme money managers think it the most efficacious use of our tax dollars is to shunt the whole debt onto our children, to be paid at a rate of return of 8% or more, one year at a time for as long as the asset is contracted, and then when the asset is out of useful life, turn it back to the government to fund the disposal or replacement of it.

    What this means to me (as I drove by the nearly-empty Golden Ears Bridge this evening, is that our children will be paying for this bridge for another 25 years even though they are likely to never use it. Meanwhile, I, who have taken advantage of the generous education and health care system built up over the last two generations, as well as the boondoggles we’ve been saddled with, such as a nearly-empty BC Place, two scarcely-used Trade and Convention Centres, two toy trains, and many more, are now able to reduce my tax bill by passing it off to your children to pay, even though they are likely to see no benefit from them whatsoever.

    I’m not surprised that Christy Clark isn’t bright enough to figure out that she’s not really for the children, and she’s not really for families – she’s for the richest, luckiest population on the planet getting away with outright theft – boomers. After all, she’s one of ’em.

    Warming up the pitch, ’cause it’s time for “heads on pikes”.


  2. …from Zalm’s comment: “…taken advantage of the generous education and health care…”. Brian Day and those of his ilk are out there, just as the Charter School/privatization creeps are looking to bag the public education system, looking to ensure that your pain becomes their gain. There surely is an attitude common among boomers (and others) that we are entitled to these items, but sometimes we forget the concomitant responsibility to fund these items instead of the extra car, the luxury cruise or whatever else gets thrown into the entitlement bag, and that all entitlements need to be available for everyone. This cannot be achieved by a population who believes that democracy consists of voting once in awhile, and it may indeed get to heads on pikes, or perhaps tar-and-feather parties, though I really like the idea of ostracism: let’s exclude these clowns from any and all aspects of life in society until they show that they will work for the common good. They want to tout rugged individualism? Great! stay off the roads, off the bus, out of the markets, off the air, the whole enchilada.


  3. Christy Clark’s economic and job action plans are identical to Harper’s. I read, BC’s ship building contract, was given to Poland.

    I read, Harper made a trip to Vancouver Island. Now, the beautiful Douglas Firs are being logged near Port Alberni. I would like to know just who, is getting those raw logs?

    Jason Kenny is now bringing in, skilled foreign labor. I would appreciate if someone with more expertise, to research this?

    Electrical and Electronic Engineers? Canada is calling. Ashakiran Immigration Services, under the *FEDERAL* scheme. infgo@ashakiranlive.inbcanada If this is indeed true? Look at the perks the Engineers from India are given.

    Canadian Dehua International. Former Chinese Government Official. This was at the thetyee.ca Oct 18/2013

    An Electronic Engineering Technologist, Bachelor of Science degree, Electronic Engineer. He and several others were laid off their mining jobs, including skilled labor. The Electronic Engineer and the others have been applying for jobs, all over hell’s half acre for six months. The EET made a courtesy call to a HR. She said, she had over 4,000 applications, just for that one job.

    How does Jason Kenny, compute that to a shortage of labor?

    Christy Clark has no intention of jobs, for the BC citizens. The 200 mining jobs were awarded to China, Christy said nothing. When the mining jobs in BC’s north get going? Thousands of Chinese will have those jobs too. Christy said nothing of BC’s ship building contracts going to Poland either. Haven’t we known this for years? This has been going on since, Gordon Campbell’s reign of terror.

    Harper’s favorite dumping ground for his degenerates is the UK. Harper sent Nigel Wright to join Campbell. The witness for Harper’s robo-call cheat, was sent out of the country too.

    Trust Harper and his Cons or the BC Liberals? Not on your Nelly.


    1. Dennis Washington’s Seaspan that owns Vancouver Shipyards was happy to hear of their award for an $8 billion shipbuilding contract last year but as of right now, his employees are no longer acting as a background of happy smiling faces for another one of those Christy Clark photo Opportunities during the last provincial election. They’re unemployed. No shipbuilding contracts, not even a barges to build programs from parent company Seaspan, ZERO activities.


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