Imperial Metals president Bryan Kynoch says he would drink the tailings pond water….



Now that is something that personally, I would really like to see. Because if the president of the company feels confidant enough to drink it, taken from a sample observed by an independent third party in front of camera’s, that would be some kind of statement now, wouldn’t it?

The key word in all of this being… ‘Almost’ drinkable. Now,I’m no scientist, but it seems to me it would be a bit odd that they would have to keep all this water the sediment has settled out of, in containment, if it were…. ” almost drinkable.”

Unless of course, it still wasn’t safe to be released in to the environment.

In particular since Sto:lo First Nation fisheries advisor is reporting that First Nations are finding dead fish already…but rest assured, that isn’t being caused by the ” almost drinkable” water, just the toxic crap sludge sediment that’s floating around in that water…

First Nations chief: Warning about B.C. tailings pond ‘ignored’


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  1. let’s see him on the news, following your suggestions of a third party testing, and then kneel down and suck up a good drink from one of the puddles left in the tailings pond.

  2. When I hear the word pond, I think of something much smaller than a lake. How can they get away with calling a massive 4 kilometer long body of water a “pond”? It makes it sound like the “breach”… another good word… is just a little thing, nothing like a dam bursting with catastrophic results for rivers, lakes, wildlife and communities downstream.

  3. Brian Kynock has no intention of drinking the lake/river water contaminated from the breached dam. Like all other comments made by the company involved, it is just empty rhetoric.
    There is no sincerity in the statement and what was said was nothing more than a empty comment meant to appease the local people.
    The company cares little about the environment and only do the minimum necessary retention work because the governments force them to. The driving force for the company is to make money period.

    • To clarify, he said he would drink the water from the tailings pond once the solids had settled. Which I doubt he would do regardless…. there are other tailings ponds he can sample I am sure.

  4. I believe this years run of salmon (sockeye ?) into the area (end of July to early August) will be spoiled by this accident.

      • And we aren’t talking about a nice placid, settled body of water anymore, where you can skim a clean glass of water off the top, we’re talking about water that has been whoooshed out of its containment, carrying along with it all kinds of toxic sludge which has, as part of the whooooshing, been lifted back up into the water column as particulates again. Imperial now has a new, much larger tailing pond, called Quesnel Lake, and eventually the particles will settle out of it to the bottom and remain there where bottom feeding fish can pick them up and transport them into the food chain, basically forever. And of course all those sediment particles that find their way into the Cariboo River can be transported all the way down to the Fraser Delta and thus to the Georgia Basin. This is happening now, the only open questions are: how much sediment? how bad will this be?

        • And the mighty eagles will eat those fish, the salmon who remain or are hatched, perhaps contaminated from being laid in that same silty bottom one day… when they do. And the bears… the moose,deer and elk who graze on lake plants growing in contaminated bottom ( can they?) And the people who hunt,who do so for sustenance, will they want to risk eating something that’s been grazing along there?

          It looks disasterous on tv to those who don’t live there, or live the lifestyle, but to comprehend the full extent you have to know it personally, or really get the life cyle of the region.

          Big sigh.

    • And so will future runs as there will surely be not very many fish spawning this year and the ones that do, their eggs will most certainly be poisoned.

      • To be honest, how long this continues no one seems to know right now. Life will find a way. But when it does, will the fish be safe to eat? In the original post I did on this, I linked to case studies of other incidents… tons of contaminated silt, soil, grass trees etc were removed, land was bought along spill routes that was deemed useless, the list goes on.

        I wonder how the clean-up will occur here.

  5. “Thank you for your concern regarding yesterday’s breach of the tailings pond at the Mount Polley mine.”

    No “I’m sorry”….no “this is a horrific event for BC”….no “we will be footing the bill for potable water until this is dealt with”… “we are working around the clock to fix this”….just “Thank you for your concern

    Here is the central comment of his entire statement. This is how he REALLY feels….

    “The Mount Polley Mine has experienced a major setback as it was entering into a promising phase of extended operations.”

    • Sigh… I know. Classic #facepalm moment in time. Profit before people, before environment.

      This is what really gets me riled up. Whatever happened to integrity? To admitting to a complete and utter failure straight up,taking the hits as they come and doing the right thing. That is what makes a good corporate neighbor. Telling the bloody truth,and fixing what’s happened. Same goes for government.

      I’m guessing this tailings pond dam conference is going to have fully booked workshops this fall…..

      • Can you say “Limited Liability Corporation”(LLC) which by the way has the status of a person. We also have in our possession a LLC being the Birth Certificate that we have been conned into believing we are liable for. Wake the f up and let the LLC in our possession be liable for surety as it is intended in the bankruptcy. We are the creditors NOT the debtors.

  6. I consider, who runs this country and just who, runs this province? Greed trumps common sense every time. Tailing ponds ran off into the bushes at the tar sands. The leak at Cold Lake, well, that will become a new oil sands project. Then there is Canada’s mines overseas, a disregard for other countries, lands and waterways.

    They are even chopping down, 400 year old Douglas Firs near Port Alberni. Not even Canada’s National Parks are safe from, rabid governments greed.

    The breach of the tailing pond at Mount Polly? This why we fight so hard, to save our province from becoming, a polluted wasteland.

    • At the time, the BC Liberals proclaimed that they would be inspecting every earthen dam in the province. I guess the mining industry was exempt from this, as usual.

  7. thanks for the blog post Laila and all the great comments. I’ve got nothing to add really, just expressing my heartache for BC salmon and First Nations who rely on them. A tragedy that no one can be held accountable. Once the salmon are gone they’re gone.

  8. As soon as I saw the President of the Company actually say that, I thought immediately of Erin Brokavitch and this scene. It says exactly what British Columbians are thinking and saying.

    • Sure… drink the water now… when it’s settled its fine… maybe once.. what about every day, washing drinking watering gardens..

      I don’t care if he drinks it. I really don’t. He can down a jug on tv for all I care. But would he let his kids, family drink it? That’s the question.

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  13. One glass means nothing, really…Because toxins do their thing day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, year-after-year.

    Now, if the good Mr. Krynoch were to have the tailings pond water pumped to his house so that he, and his family too, were showering in it, cooking with it, cleaning up with it, and, yes, drinking it, all day, every single day…

    Well, then this media distraction stunt would actually mean something.

    And speaking of ‘distractions’, well, you know….


  14. drinking a glass of pond water is not a problem. first you eat something which coats your system, drink, go to hospital, have stomach pumped and start taking anti biotics. No problem.

    The problem is when you have to drink this water everybody, wash in it everyday, brush your teeth with it everyday, wash your cloths in it each day, cook your food in it everyday, etc, for years on end. That is when the problem starts. it will cause cancer. there will be children born with birth defects. there will be more miscarriages. The wild life will experience all the problems humans do and because humans eat the wild life, the problem will only grow. I would not eat the cattle from that area, if you gave it to me.

    If this had been an American tailing pond it would have been on the news continually. The B.C. news has been somewhat lacking in their coverage. The CBC, National, has done a decent job, the others, not so much. This tailing pond dam break, is a huge environmental disaster. Do not expect there to be any inspection of other dams and that includes the ones which produce hydro electric power. When the O.K. lake dam broke a few years ago, nothing happened and nothing will happen this time. Its all about profits first. Corporate jobs and corporate sponsors of the provincial government. Its all about maximizing profits over peoples health.

    They have a flood in Alberta, you see the Mayor of Calgary front and centre along with the then Premier. Here in B.C. we have an environmental disaster and they are all missing in action. I am not a fan of Bennett, but at least he had the balls to show up. The rest not so much.

    Once the poison has settled on the land, we can expect it to leetch into the ground once the rains and snows come. Once the poisons have dried, the wind will take it up into the atmosphere and drop it all over the province. Poison, brought to you by the lieberals and their friends. Thank you Christy.

    People voted for the lieberals. Now they can live with it or as in some cases, die with it.