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The world according to Christy Clark. Keep your ibuprofen handy

H/t to one of RossK’s readers who posted this link over in the comments section at his site.

Listening to the premier talk about her plans for the province is always entertaining, but where it gets really funny on this one is at the 5:20 minute mark, where she goes on about how all this LNG we are going to be producing, is going to get shipped to China and will be displacing ‘dirty coal’ …… yes, she really does say that: dirty coal.

Paul Wells in Conversation: Christy Clark

Would that be the same ‘dirty’ aka thermal coal coming up from the US, to be shipped out of the newly approved and highly controversial coal facility at Surrey Fraser Docks to China, among other parts of Asia ? The one her government is so much in favour of?

Or all the thermal  coal we’ve been shipping from Deltaport and other terminals for years and years? And will BC stop shipping that thermal coal when ( and more likely if) BC LNG ever comes online? Not likely. So BC LNG is not going to do anything to make cleaner world in the air,least of which, in China.

That’s a facepalm moment if I ever saw one.


  1. Isn’t the 3000 millipn dollar bridge to nowhere white elephant Massey tunnel to the ship dock go in first before the coal go over the tunnel.?


  2. Well, folks! According to CBC coverage of the premiers’ conference in Charlottetown, Christie Clark is not listening to any British Columbians other than those who support her, or who will benefit from her government and the taxpayers’ willingness to part with money.

    Without consulting British Columbians, Christy Clark and all other premiers have agreed on a national energy strategy, which means the BC government will proceed with LNG, shipping coal to China, selling more timber abroad when, according to the auditor general, our forests are already seriously depleted, more pipelines to move bitumen and dil-bit Through the waterways, which are less important to replace dirty coal presently being shipped abroad, and other natural resources, such as mined material. With a plan like that, BC will definitely need another mine, one developed partially within the city of Kamloops.

    All this after the catastrophic Mount Polley mine tailings pond failure. By the way, it is safe to eat the fish as long as you don’t eat too much liver or gonads from the fish. Someone should ask the question: Will the increase of toxins and gonads (without eating them) change the DNA of future fish generations?

    Christie Clark has no interest in safety of the environment, the sustainability of natural resources, or the healthiness of water and/or food. When she does not get the money from LNG that she claimed would be available, water will go up for sale.

    “The accord will be finalized when the provincial and territorial leaders meet next summer in Newfoundland.” Toronto Star

    The focus of the premiers plans is for government and business to work together to grow the economies. Sales to foreign countries are predicted to grow economies and provide more high-paying jobs, better healthcare and education. From their point of view, it is not surprising that we would need more immigration. And Premier Wynn has great hopes of gas being cheaper for Ontaritonians.

    Have we heard this all before?

    It is time to get our heads out of the sand! We are being sold out, and there is not one single thing we can do about it.

    The only solution to all these problems is for people to do what they should have done a long time ago: Take charge.

    We have to stop voting for promises based on hope. We have to change the system of government. Like people all over the world, we have to choose and implement a government which will implement serious rules on government and their staff, and follow-up with a direct democracy system of government in which citizens of BC will have the workable power to veto bad legislation, initiate preferred legislation, and exercise their right to workable recall. Anything less will not work, will not protect and part of BC, and will be difficult to turn back.

    Direct Democracy is available at BC Refed –

    If you don’t want to do that, don’t complain; that is not doing any good.


    • “The focus of the premiers plans is for government and business to work together to grow the economies.”

      Is this the root of our problems? Trying to grow economies, when the limits to energy and other resources are approaching. The financial debt-based system demands continuous growth, though.


  3. B.C. elected this woman to be premier. What comes out of her mouth says as much about her as it does about us.

    Now as to all the pollution around the province, you voted for her. Now you can live with it, or die with it, as the latter maybe more possible.


    • I never voted for her. And she LOST her seat. The system allows her to push someone else out of a riding and try again. We have nothing to say about it. Politicians can and do whatever they want, and we have nothing to say about it. In the next election, we will have a choice of less than half a dozen party leaders all viing for the premiership. The ones who have a chance will have been bought and paid for by corporations and/or unions. We call this democracy??? It is ‘we’ the people who will settle for anything without question. Was the second of two choices a threat?


      • Well I certainly hope that with all yer bitchin’ that you were out there helping out your candidate to make this province a better place. I know I was.


  4. “Hi Christy… this is Allison. You know… Redford.”

    “I’m just phoning to offer some advice: get out, before you’re pushed!”


  5. Mrs. G.

    It all sounded really good, right up til the end.

    I was waiting for the “union” comment.

    You probably don’t know this but historically, unions have been and are in fact, the instruments of the type of social change you’re describing.

    You can lay the responsibility for the problems of this province and country anywhere you like but it can’t be at the feet of unions or their members,

    And, if you’re honest with yourself, I think you know where it belongs.

    Two examples:

    1) The labour movement is not responsible for the Mt. Polley disaster.

    2) BC Teachers will in all likelihood be legislated back to work in September but the RBC,
    Canada’s largest bank said it had earned C$2.20 billion in the second quarter of this year.
    A profit increase of 15%..

    Unions, like any organization, have their faults but the the old corporatist yarn about unions being “too powerful” or “too influential” is getting a bit old and tired.


    • Thank you for your comments.

      I have to tell you that I lived and worked in Fort McMurray for eleven years. I belonged to the Teamsters. More on that later.

      Just as one is about to enter Fort McMurray, there is a huge board beside the highway that says, “This is what a union town looks like.” Under the title was listed all the unions that thrive in Fort McMurray. Of course, the Teamsters is one of them.

      The wages were decent as were the benefits. The working conditions were not. I spent five years serving as shop steward and participated in negotiating three contracts. During that time, I had several opportunities to discuss unions with other shop stewards.

      Let’s say I know my way around the workers side of a union.

      I fought as much with union leadership as I did with the company. I could tell you many stories – all true and verifiable – but not as part of this post.

      As for the unions in Fort McMurray, they are there not for the workers, but to keep the workers in line for the benefit of the corporations who are in charge of the place. No kidding!

      As for the examples you cite, I whole-heartedly agree. My question is: Could the unions have done more to prevent it? There is an old saying: If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. When it comes to the mining community, unions benefit financially from the ‘good wages’ without having to dig in the mud themselves.

      Another old saying comes to mind when we consider the teachers situation. It is: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I think the teachers were were grouped into a provincial body to save the government money. In exchange, they were given the right to strike. When you give that right to a group of people who for all intent and purpose are essential, you’re fixing what is not broken. Imagine doctors, nurses, ambulance personnel, fire-fighters, to name only a few, were given the right to strike. How long would it be before they would be driven off the job either by an employer or by their perceived needs?

      Employees benefit from a negotiating vehicle just as employers benefit from control of workers’ pools. The current situation calls for reasonable reasoning on both sides, which is unlikely given the power that each side has without meaningful influence by those who pay the bills – taxpayers.

      Over to you.


  6. I have never in all my years, saw such horrendous corruption in Canada since, Harper so called *won* his so called majority. The worst corrupt politicians are, Harper, Gordon Campbell and Ditzy Christy. BC citizens suffer the most, we have to contend with the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper’s corrupt governments. Mind you, Christy Clark is merely Harper’s mouthpiece.

    As for Ditzy Clark’s families first, election promise? The jobs to build the LNG plant near Prince Rupert, were given to Communist China. BC’s ship building contract, was given to Poland. There will be thousands of Chinese brought over for, Harper and Clark’s Northern BC mining plan. I’m not too sure just who, is having the raw logs from our 400 year old Douglas Firs, near Port Alberni? Because Harper visited Vancouver Island, I can guess, just who will have those raw logs? Meanwhile, another BC mill has shut down because of, a shortage of timber. Rumor has it, Petro-China put in a bid to *help* build the Enbridge pipeline as well.

    It is our fault for the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Harper staying in office. Canadians can sleep through most everything and Herr Harper and his henchmen BC Liberals, count on it. The opposition in Canada, are pretty much useless. BC citizens warned and warned, Harper and Campbell are snakes in the grass. However, no-one listened. Christy is just another Campbell in a skirt. She too lied and cheated to win her election, just as Campbell and Harper did. We too are gutless wonders, to permit these corrupt monsters to run this country.


  7. Saw an empty coal train on Colebrook Road yesterday. A huge cloud of dust followed the train. Residents nearby have to breath that. You have to breath that.


  8. The things that spew from this woman’s mouth rival anything said by Sarah Palin or George Bush. Unfortunately, even with scandal after scandal following her, she was elected as premier. Even now, with her background record as Education Minister that will cost the province hundreds of millions, just look at her facebook page and see supporters totally blinded by her smile and faux sincerity. It boggles the mind how easily people are duped by clever marketing.


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