September sun is calling…

The ongoing teachers dispute, the Mt. Polley, Imperial Mines debacle, and now the ratification of the Canada China FIPA… September has been anything but boring when it comes to politics near and far.

In the days and weeks to come, I’ll be blogging with more regularity, and on a variety of issues. There’s so much to write about, so much for us all to think about.

But for this weekend, the sun is warm and everything is bathed in that low light only September brings, turning everything into gold with its touch.  Soon enough we’ll have fall rains, and I don’t intend to waste a bit of this weather!I’m g

“Well, the sun’s not so hot in the sky today
And you know I can see summertime slipping on away
A few more geese are gone, a few more leaves turning red
But the grass is as soft as a feather in a featherbed
So I’ll be king and you’ll be queen
Our kingdom’s gonna be this little patch of green
Won’t you lie down here right now
In this September grass
Won’t you lie down with me now
September grass.”
–  James Taylor

3 thoughts on “September sun is calling…

  1. The corruption of all levels of government have come to a point where no political party can be trusted.
    That you have been able to keep up with it is a testament to your bravery or insanity.
    I felt mine slipping away and had to pull back because I am too small a cog to make a difference… RIGHT NOW.
    I am working on changing that though.


  2. Merci for James’ tune Laila. It’s a fitting song for the end of the heat and the colours to come. And thanks for reminding us to take the time, even a minute, to relax and enjoy the peaceful moments. Rejuvenation is a good and necessary thing, especially these days it seems.
    Plenty of time to talk about the machinations of traitors.


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