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‘ The Peace of Wild Things.’ ~ Wendell Berry



These last few weekends of summer have been phenomenal, and we’ve tried hard not to waste any of them! When things get crazy in the city, when the news becomes too much to tune into, there is tremendous solace to be found in nature. There are no agenda’s, no spin, no deadlines and no expectations other than to simply be present in the moment – you don’t need to be in despair like Wendell Berry to have a desire to connect or reconnect with nature!
We are so blessed in British Columbia to have such incredible beauty that takes your breathe away. Let’s save it, no? Because without places like these, where do we find our escapes, our solace and ourselves?

This slideshow contains just a few of the places and roads less travelled where I’ve managed to escape to this summer, all on day trips from Metro Vancouver.


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    • Thank you Victoria 🙂 This applies to our cities as well. It’s important to manage land bases and cities who revere green space have happier communities.Richmond BC is a great example of amazing parks, amazing trees, and high density in some areas.For the most part, they have done an excellent job. Its important for our children to access these places and learn the value of being in nature, which is an incredible place to learn and grow as individuals.


      • And in this you know you are reflecting my thoughts exactly. I grew up in Richmond/Steveston and agree with the City’s approach there. In my Surrey neighbourhood, I see clear-cuts of towering timbers each day when I know that planners have leaned creative ways to increase density but saving greenspace for the benefit of all, including greater profits for the developer whose client will probably always want to see a glint of green from their window or in their surroundings.Why and how does this happen? The subject for another blog!


  1. the poem is sweet and the pictures are gorgeous. Many of us have experienced being in areas such as the pictures, but how many of the others in this province have had the experience, or for that matter want the experience. For those who have never had the experience, they simply may never be able to afford it. Even camping is costly these days.

    For those who don’t want the experience, they may just want to make money and don’t care whether its clear cut, polluted, or covered in tar.

    It maybe nice to “escape” mentally to these places, but for how much longer will they be available in this province?


    • I know,it’s tragic, because I firmly believe what you come to value and to love, is what you will put the effort into protecting and conserving. The poem is bittersweet for this reason.

      Hopefully it will inspire some to take the time and get out to enjoy these places.We have incredible provincial parks for day trips within easy driving distance of Metro Vancouver so I encourage everyone to take a look and go see some incredible fall colours developing on leaves right now!

      Whistler has several lakes and an incredible trail network- you don’t need to stay overnight to enjoy,simply park,take your bike or off you go hiking right from the village. Same for the area around Hope,Maple Ridge, Coquitlam and Squamish.

      Of course, do it now while you can, you never know what you might find down the road….


  2. BC is so beautiful, it almost stops your heart. I especially love our wild critters. A Bear had discovered a Squirrels winter cache of nuts, you would not believe the rukus that caused. A mother Moose was munching the goodies in someone`s back yard while, her twin calves were playing under the sprinkler. There lies the danger, many wild critters have lost their fear of man. They are moving into towns for food and, the wildlife loses every time.

    The hills where I live, are turning into a riot of their fall colors. Sadly it is true, none of Canada`s parks are safe from government greed. I read, 400 year old Douglas Firs are being hacked down, near Port Alberni. Imperial Metals catastrophic dam burst at, Mount Polley mine. Sooner than we think, BC is going to become a polluted wasteland. Government greed always trumps common sense every time.

    We have known for years of, Harper his cabal and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, live for power, glory and greed. I can’t wrap my mind around? Who in their right minds would destroy this country, out of pure unadulterated greed?


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