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Hong Kong democracy protests. Municipal elections. Kinder Morgan. Enbridge. Fracking. Beluga whales.

You know what Google is, so use it.




  1. After the crud came spewing out of the Mt Polly tailings pond there was no Environment Minister on hand to address an environmental disaster but rather the Mines Minister talking about water that was fit to drink.
    Clark made a quick photo op appearance and Environment’s Polak finally spoke at a couple of media conferences and since then the buzz has fizzled to virtually nothing.
    As it petered out I figured all “concerned” couldn’t wait for fthe first snowfall to arrive. Hurry up snow, hurry up. Then the visual is covered over for what. four, five months? Out of sight out of mind? Maybe for the fine people on Robson Street. Not so much for the folks of Likely
    What is happening with clean-up? remediation? Or is the thing still leaking?

    The protesters in Hong Kong are putting everything on the line and could face extremely tough, perhaps fatal, consequences. People here haven’t had to fight for anything and so take it all for granted. Turnout in November will be, maybe in the 30+% range? How stunned and inept many would be if faced by the same circumstances staring so many around the world in the face each day.

    But nope, no noise here, everything is just dandy. They don’t google stuff because they don’t care to know. Those who want to look are recognizing where its leading us.


  2. Hong Kong democracy protests: This is the best link I could find for Hong Kong
    This is what you need to know about “NED” Book: “Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party” NED (National Endowment for Democracy) is mentioned in the book
    Municipal Elections: the only place where Canadian citizens have a voice so pick candidates that will listen to your wishes and represent you then get out the vote.
    Kinder Morgan – Enbridge – Fracking and “FIPA”: coming into force October 1
    Beluga whales are dying so a judge suspended drilling for the TransCanada oil terminal last Tuesday following objections from environmental groups. – The marine terminal would allow the company to export oil transported from the Alberta oilsands as part of its Energy East pipeline project, which has been submitted to the National Energy Board.

    Where are living? Chinada? I don’t know this country – do you? Is that not treason?


    • Speaking of leadership, Where IS Her Unworthyship? On a Trade Mission to India? Isn’t that the responsibility of the Minister of Trade? Or do they all go?

      And what ever became of the wood frame skyscraper in Prince George? Or the John Furlong fiasco? Etc. etc.


      • While I hesitate to call it a “skyscraper” the WIDC in Prince George is nearing completion. Or at least from the outside it looks that way. I like it and am looking forward to seeing the inside.


        • Thanks. Good to hear. But I thought there were rumours of hanky-panky that never got reported on? If its all over that’s fine, but why don’t we get told.
          What about Furlong and his court case? Is/was he guilty or innocent?


  3. Strong word(s) – hope it makes a differenceŠ/dk

    From: “No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile on politics and life in B.C.” Reply-To: “No Strings Attached : Laila Yuile on politics and life in B.C.” Date: Monday, September 29, 2014 at 8:51 PM To: dk Subject: [New post] Word. Laila posted: “Hong Kong democracy protests. Municipal elections. Kinder Morgan. Enbridge. Fracking. Beluga whales. You know what Google is, so use it. Word. “


  4. Too many of us were brought up in, the good, decent democratic Canada. I can’t count the times I have heard. But, this is Canada and Harper can’t do that. We have to change our mind sets and expect the worst from Harper and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals….because worst is all we have ever had from that scurvy lot.

    Communist China is one of the most disliked countries on the planet. China is menacing and provoke’s many other countries. They mowed their students down with machine fun fire. Chinese child laborers, only earn pennies per day. There is Mugabe, the Communist China Army and China’s blood diamonds.

    China has polluted much of their farmland and 40% of their water. Dead pigs come floating down China’s rivers. I don’t want to think of Canada after, 31 years of Communist China? Canada will become a polluted wasteland, just as China is.


  5. people voted harper and his herd into office how many times? you get what you vote for, you can live with it or in some cases die because of it. Ms. Grant got it right.


    • And our choice other than Harper was what?
      Stephane Dion then Michael Ignattief or Jack “rub and tug” Layton?
      Quite a choice for leaders.
      Harper, a control freak with an ability to convince voters that he could balance the budget, a French Canadian(Dion) that could barely speak in front of a microphone without choking, an author that quit his university job to “dally” in politics and Jack Layton who was caught by Toronto vice squad officers in a Korean massage parlour because he “had a sore back and needed a massage………”
      Please dont sound too smug about Harper e.a.f. ’cause God only knows where we would be now if any of the other one’s won,
      Canadian dollar at 65 cents?

      I must say that politics in Canada is interesting if not a worthless exercise in democracy.
      The coming election will be another exercise in frustration with
      Harper still at the helm balancing the budget because of hack and slash tactics that fool most of the voters most of the time.
      Trudeau part Deux pontificationg like a revivalist preacher( someone should talk to him about his wheezing air intakes between sentences) or
      Thomas Mulcair who comes across as an interesting and forthright individual but he will be nuked by the NDP buffoonery that surrounds him.
      A shame because he would have a real chance if he were leading either of the other two party’s.


  6. Hi Nonconf,

    Anybody but harper would have been my preference. That low dollar you write about, well now that the Canadian $ is high, how many of them are in the average person’s pockets? Not many, not like those of the corporate elite. They got their taxes cut, us we got our services cut. At a 65 cent dollar, Canada might have a higher employment rate. Some of the manufacturing might have stayed in Canada. Have a look at what happened in Ontario. WE have a lot of income inequity going around and its become more pronounced since harper and his herd took over.

    Dion, might not have been great in English but the country is bi-lingual and he was just fine in French. I didn’t care about his English, o.k. I took French in school, but he had a morality about him, which in my opinon harper and his herd lack. harper took us into a war which got a lot of young Canadians killed. And for what? Now we have a destroyed Iraq, tens of thousand of civilians dead, and ISIS. Great call by harper and his herd. Then when the Veterans came home what did they get for their service? Nothing. they got PTSD, lousy pensions, lousy after care and a suicide rate which was an embarrassment to this country. harper and his herd have tens of millions for ads about long past wars, the veterans of today, not so much.

    There was of course harper and his herd “giving” Canada away to China. The E.U. deal isn’t much better. Like what exactly are we getting out of it. Harper and his herd signed trade agreements with any 2 bit country which wanted to. all it gets us is unemployment because those companies can bring in their own workers now.

    We had Vic Toews wanting to listen in on our all our conversations or do you forget, the con line of you’re with us or with the predators. Yes, such a democratic bunch. There is still some freedom of speech left and we do have a Constitution. One which harper and his herd have tried to violate and been beaten back by the Supreme Court of Canada.

    Then there is the denial of health care for refugees. Yes, no health care for little kids. Now that is ugly. It was taken to court by doctors and won. But is that enough for harper? No, they’re appealing the decision. In the meantime pregnant women and little kids don’t get health care.

    harper did have $300K to fly a bunch of euro trash back home, so they could stay and “enjoy” another tax payer funded food fest, while seniors go without adequate pensions, oh, right now they get to work until 67, but he’s got money for flying euro trash around.

    Don’t forget the little dust up in the Senate. harper sure showed great judgement anointing those senators. Right oh, 3 are under investigation and one has 31 charges against him. Then of course there are the robo calls fun and games. Now what happened again with Del Mastro, his former great friend in Parliament. Speaking of Parliament the “little shits in short pants” seem to be running that instead of the M.P.s. Nice answer Calandra gave Mulcair. He apologized, but really would he if it hadn’t gotten so much press.

    Just thougth of another great point about harper’s herd. That M.P. from Coquitlam who said, it wasn’t his job to feed the kid next door or words to that effect. That was in a
    response to questions regarding child poverty.

    harper was all giddy about finding some 200 yr old ship. The murderers of 1,200 First Nations women, not so much. Can’t be bothered looking for who all is killing them.

    The best thing of all though harper saved for the 1,200 murdered/missing First Nations women. No inquiry. He goes to N. Y., and gets all eloquent about maternal health. Well nothing is worse for maternal health than being murdered or having your daughter murdered.

    I could go on for a while but you get my drift and the blog does have its limits when it comes to my rants.


    • Wow!
      Rant is putting it mildly.
      Where to start?

      A low dollar is good for exports(logs, oil, grain), not imports(fresh food in winter, cars, tv’s, dishwashers, etc) . Get ready for job crushing inflation.
      No jobs, no taxes, no money. No social programs……Not good.

      Politics is an unforgiving arena. If Dion cant speak publically he cant get his message across. Period. Apparently while you were smitten with him. The majority of Canadian voters were not. Its called “Election Day.”.

      Democracy ends at the polling station. Once these people are IN POWER they can do what ever they want. Or did you forget your modern Canadian political history?
      Pierre Trudeau’s famous words when a reporter asked him how he could declare the WAR MEASURES ACT to combat the FLQ ( kidnappers, bombers, murderers,).
      “To all those bleeding hearts worried about the law, Let them bleed.”
      Yup a “Con” Liberal leader doing anything he wanted because. He has a majority.

      As for corrupt Senators…..yawn. This is news? The only thing that surprises me is they were stupid enough to get caught unlike a majority of their fellow Senators.

      The discovery of the Franklin expedition is a window into another time. Fascinating and perhaps a lesson for us all. The arrogance of man against the elements.
      But I’m a history buff so I’m a bit biased I admit.

      The 1200 missing or dead aboriginal women from BC to Quebec were killed over the past 30 years. To think that one person or a group of people were responsible for most or all of the murders is absurd.
      Many Liberal and conservative govts have come and gone over those 30 years. Not just “Harpers” govt. How does that compute? Well, people get killed every day. Sad but true.
      . Forming ANOTHER “Royal Commission” to waste years and millions of taxpayers dollars to come to an obvious conclusion.
      That these women lived in poverty , were marginalized, mistreated, lost……
      There, I saved the Canadian taxpayer 50 million dollars and 5 years.
      Let the police investigate , lets the courts do their job and if someone is caught for one or two of these murders…..let the jails hold them like this sick individual recently sentenced.,d.cGU

      And how did the police catch him you ask? Luck, pure luck.
      Grow up, sometimes there isnt a Hollywood ending to the story, and the bad guys DO get away……
      Life is cruel, deal with it.


  7. You don’t need to be a poor or marginalized First Nations woman to get murdered. You just need to be First Nations and the assumptions are made that you are, poor/marginalized, etc.

    Many are of the opinion, Duffy’s interview with Dion is what got harper elected and Duffy anointed to the senate. If Duffy had kept his word, the section responsible would have been left on the cutting room floor, but Duffy did want to be a senator and harper obliged.

    I wasn’t “smitten” by him, I simply think he was a better alternative to harper and his herd.

    So if you care more about 200 yr old sunken ships than 30 yr old murders, thats up to you. me not so much. You see, those murders are still continuing. It is doubtful any one group or person is reasonable. O.K. let me qualify that. If they ever find them, the murderers will most likely be all male. Men who murder don’t just stop, unless of course they get it right the first time. No, I’d suggest these murders are the result of “chances” and violent people. Given the murders have gone on for 30 yrs. my best guess would be some will have done it once, most twice and the odd one up to 5.

    I want a National Inquiry because the police have not solved these Murdered/missing women’s cases. That is the problem. That is why we need the Inquiry. Why is it First Nations women’s murders aren’t solved at the same rate as other women’s murders. harper saying, let the police do their work, well, it isn’t working. Either the police are under resourced or they put fewer resources into the murder of First Nations women. I’d like an independent inquiry to find out what it is.

    You are correct, its been going on for 30 yrs. But hey it wasn’t just a harper con, there was the Mulroney con and of course the Liberal con. However, it has gone on so long, people have had enough and harper has the “chair”. He spends time talking about maternal health in other parts of the world, he ought to start the maternal health improvements right here in Canada. Mom always did tell me charity begins at home. Nothing is worse for maternal health than being murdered or having your daughter murdered.

    exporting logs: if we had a lower $, they might still be being milled in Canada, providing decent jobs for Canadians. Our oil, well it can stay in the ground. It ought to be used for internal consumption.

    We could be doing our own manufacturing. We did once. Being a collector of vintage things, you would not believe what used to be made in Canada, dishes, kitchen items, china, sheets, towels, cloths, furniture. Canada had a manufacturing sector and it provided decent jobs. If we used our own oil/gas to manufacturer goods in Canada, we would be in better shape, like in less income inequality. That is what we have in Canada, a high dollar and high income inequity. As long as harper is in power, that will continue. Will Elizabeth May, Thomas Mulcair, or Trudeau the younger be any better? Who knows; but they would all be in improvement over harper and his herd.


    • To clarify for readers, although Curt’s first link is posted as a 2015 date, it was gleaned from a Huffington Post article which is linked to right below the top of the article, from 2013,

      The second link does show the new infractions since the original article. 🙂 And yes, Canada still places high… 😉


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