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coffeeThere’s a number of stories I’m working on for next week, but for today, here are a few things to read on your Sunday coffee break.

The BC governments move into the Renminbi market last year should be news again shortly, as the one year bonds issued come to maturity: this is the story from last fall I posted on this to refresh your memory:

Will the BC government issue a press release heralding this experiment as a success for the province, strengthening ties with investors from China? Or will silence reign supreme in an effort to avoid examination considering the current unrest and pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong? The actions of the Chinese government during these protests are currently being questioned by many, with allegations of the Hong Kong government working with gangs to break up the protests:

Keep your eye on this situation, and I’ll keep you updated on the outcome.

The situation with Mount Polley and Imperial mines has largely fallen from media view now, but still very much ongoing.

Imperial mines has issued a response to the Vancouver Sun article in which it was noted a crack was noticed in the tailings pond dam as far back as 2010. This is the article in question:

And this is their response:

The company has been busy seeding grass over tailings sediment, raising questions by many on whether or not that poses any risk to wildlife who may be attracted to graze on the grass come spring, and whether this also indicates the likelihood it may not be cleaned up at all.

Gordon Hoekstra has consistently done excellent work on this story from day 1, and this recent story again shows his attention to details and insight.

All of this has had impact on Imperial Mines operation at Red Chris mine, where they are currently advising they are seeking an injunction to have a blockade removed from the entrance to the mine, set up by a group of Tahltan families and elders known as the Klabona Keepers.

Video footage of the blockade being set up, and the elders asking for support to protect their lands.

The latest results that were released passed right over my head with back to school and an ankle injury, but here is the write up from NW:
nd here is the link to all the results :

Last but not least, Harvey Oberfeld has a thought provoking post up about Mulcair’s support for all Canadian taxpayers to pick up the bill for a new bridge in Quebec. I was equally outraged at this turn of events, simply because we continually get dinged out here for new projects, including the Port Mann, which is part of our national highway system.

Sigh. It’s so damn easy to spend spend spend when it’s not their own money.

Read and weep.

Enjoy your Sunday and the weather it’s brought with it – you know that months of rain can’t be far off in this part of the world! 🙂

5 thoughts on “For your Sunday coffee break

  1. Interesting way for Imperial Metals Corporation to reassure the Public that the Vancouver Sun article was incorrect on the topic of the “crack”, which was 900 M away from the Breach: To date, no further cracking or other indication of distress has been observed in the vicinity of the crack, supporting the original assessment associating it with localized settlement of loosely compacted material. To DATE. There is water NO pressure from within the tailings pond. As to the “crack” could it have appeared because the Breach to be was sucking material towards itself and created the crack in the first place?


  2. The bonds will be continued. The “love affair” between some Canadian politicians and China isn’t over yet.

    The attack on Mulcair and his statements regarding the bridge, started last week on CTV national news. The federal conservatives are laying the ground work for the up coming federal election and divide and conquers has always worked very well.

    Mulcair is from Quebec. What else would you have him say or do. If B.C. Conservatives looked out for B.C., while in Ottawa, as well as Quebec politicians look after their constituents, B.C. would be a lot better off. Instead of criticising Mulcair, we ought to be criticising the federal Conservative and B.C. Liberals for not getting the same for B.C. We do have a fair number of federal Conservative M.P.s in Ottawa. You’d think they would be able to get us a bridge at least. Harper and el gordo must have gotten along well enough for el gordo to get his plum assignment in Ottawa, and he couldn’t get a bridge for B.C. el gordo and Christy Clark have moved in lock step with the federal Conservatives/harper that they ought to have been able to get something for B.C. Hell they couldn’t even keep a Coast Guard Station open in Kits. Quebec, their politicians are a whole lot better. They try to get bridges. I don’t criticise Mulcair at all, he is doing what his constituents want him to do


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