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Tragedy in Ottawa


My thoughts and prayers are with the family of the soldier shot and killed this morning while on service in Ottawa this morning – my deepest condolences.

My thoughts are also with all parliamentarians, staff, friends and colleagues who experienced this.

Let the resolve,strength and reason of Canadians as a country,guide us. And because I could not have said it better myself:


Ottawa gunman Zehaf-Bibeau was headed to Syria: RCMP


  1. Not sure what your issue is,but good luck with it.There are a lot of far out comments out there already that are disturbing, and balance and reason is whats needed right now,not extremes of any kind.


    • I’m still kind of just absorbing it all.

      What concerns me is that there are a lot of extreme opinions being blasted out online social media sites already when what is needed is balance, and reason. Too far in either direction isn’t helpful to the situation, or to what changes some will use this as leverage for down the road.

      Sad for the reserve soldier who lost his life. Amazed at the sergeant in arms Kevin Vickers!


  2. The loss of life is tragic. It is very sad the reserve solider lost his life.

    It however is not unexpected. My opinion, Harper’s big mouth gave us this. I for one expected something like this to happen. Harper’s big mouth set Canada up as a target. This shooting did not happen in Australia, England, or the U.S.A. Why here? Most likely because Canada is the least prepared of the aforementioned countries. Harper likes to talk big and deliver little. He talks war, war, war, but cuts the military budget. What else can we expect when you have a loud mouthed P.M. One could say, now Harper has his election issue.

    There was no need for Harper to volunteer Canadian jets. We weren’t asked. He wanted to play, lets to go war and look like a big boy,. Now we have it. Unfortunately its innocents who pay the price.


  3. I have been a reservist, served alongside the reg force, been a civilian support staff, military wife while my husband went to Bosnia. Watched my son go to Afghanistan. Never have I been so alarmed as I am now. This is a direct result of our current political and social climate. The PM is the architect of that My heart bleeds for the family of the young reservist who lost his life today. There will be no peace for them.


  4. why would you blame the PM for this atrocious act? I’m no admirer of Harper but I think he should have given these treasonous reprobates their passports and let them go but not come back. It is very sad to see our young men die .. my heart goes out to them and their family. The only way to regain our country to some semblance of it’s former self is to stop putting out the welcome mat to those that wish to destroy our values culture and way of life. Until that happens we will pay the price.


    • From what I have heard on the news so far, no one put out the welcome mat, the men who committed these acts were Canadians.

      I agree with Kim, I blame P.M. “lets go to war and kill them” harper for the acts and the results. You see while harper and his herd were flapping their gums and talking war trash, they were cutting the military budget by $3B. There were cuts at the RCMP and CISIS. Less staff to look at possible security threats, more chances they will succeed. If Canada does truly have about 90 people who may be a threat you’d think there would be 24/7 surveillance, but that takes money, which isn’t there.

      Canada wasn’t asked to go to the middle east this time. Harper volunteered our 6 jets and staff. That is what most likely got these 2 men killed. The terrorists most likely got tired of harper flapping his gums and knew he carried a little tiny stick. This wasn’t tried in England, France, or U.S.A, but England got its training from the IRA, France from the Algerian rebels, and the U.S.A. from 911. Australia is simply tougher. Who wants to fight with them. Canada was prime. A “deficit” fighting party in control of parliament who were more concerned with political opposition, hello CRA audits of churches, non profits, PEN, bird watchers, etc. IF harper and his herd had spent as much time and money looking after the security of Canada as it did of trying to repress honest dissent and opinion, who knows what may not have happened today.


      • My thoughts.
        This incident isn’t about immigration . It’s amazing how many racists and bigots revealed themselves yesterday in the emotional aftermath and reaction to this tragedy.

        The details that are emerging indicate the fellow had a criminal record, and it appears mentally ill as well.

        It’s as much a discussion about this- mental illness and perhaps social isolation- that makes fanaticism and radically warped representations of religion so appealing to them.

        People have been falling through the cracks for a long time and in this day and age there are many groups with agenda’s just waiting for them with open arms. The extreme appeals to those experiencing extremes of their own and perhaps that’s part of the conversation that needs to be had, without all hyperbole.Look at Mark Lepine who murdered and injured many in the École Polytechnique massacre – his views in his mind where very extreme towards women and perhaps in this political climate someone like him may have veered off to gross misinterpretation of radicalistic religious views.

        We need to have these discussion with balance, and reason. This is a tragedy beyond words for the many who experienced this and watched it all live on tv.A nation mourns,but let us not head off into extremes moving forward in addressing how to deal with this issue.


        • 100% agreement, LY. The shooter was just another drug-addled, marginalized ‘nut’. Like Lapine. Probably couldn’t spell ISIL. That he is news should only be (except for the incident) because we have ripped the mental health care budget to shreds and let the fruitcakes free. They need to be cared for not left to the streets.
          The BIGGEST news yesterday was how quick the PM was to ‘lead’ with ‘ISIL-inspired’. The shooter was psychotic! Plain and simple. He was inspired by PCP! Harper trotted out BS and Bush-like pronouncements of ‘those who would deny us our freedoms and way of life…’. What self-serving drivel. Sometimes, a nut is just a nut. And Harper’s speech did worse than nothing to keep our borders safe, that’s for sure. The biggest danger to Canada? Stephen Harper.


  5. I also feel very sorry about what has happened. There is no way we can control a persons mental stability or process. It is indeed shocking that it has happened in our country.

    However, I am of the firm believe that this a result of Harper’s attack on everyone that does not agree with is policies. The government attacks the opposition in a personal manner and done so ever since Harper became prime minister. Harper and his policies have been confrontational to all that do not agree with his views. Doing so he has upset and alienated a large number of people.
    Sadly, Harper has been very guilty of using a crisis for his own needs and is very quick to exploit situations to make himself and his party look good – or so he thinks. During Harpers speech yesterday, to the media, Harper looked very uncomfortable and almost guilty – we will never know of course as Harper is anything but honest and truthful.

    It is a worrying that we have now, two mentally deranged people attacking government in Ottawa. Harper’s confrontational approach has not done this country any good and while, so far, these are isolated incidents, this type of protest and action may become more common in the future. It is very easy to blame the ISIS et al, but that does not answer for Harper’s fanatical and questionable control of all and everything government related.
    The public has to make up their minds over what has happened – there is no one simple answer. That said, I am certain that there is a grain of truth in all of the previous postings and the common thread through out is Harper – not Canada or the West.

    You be the judge – I have my opinions and put the blame squarely at Harper’s feet.



  6. Old-school ways are clashing with modern-age days.
    As is the system is equivalent to Fred Flintstone being the Mayor of whatever city George Jetson is a resident of.
    The whole system needs a significant upgrade to bring it into the 21st century, and pronto.


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