Countdown to Surrey Votes 2014

Nothing gets the blood pumping like the last couple of days leading up to any election, and this years vote in Surrey is no exception.

A wise man once said if someone promises you the moon, you better ask to see the ladder. Never was this more true than in this years election where promises are being made faster than the Conservatives pass those always controversial omnibus bills.

Cuts to operating budgets, dismantling of city owned development corporations, new soccer fields, a new ice rink, new field hockey facilities, new kabbadi fields, more cops, less cops, more bylaw officers, less spending.


Even a seasoned Surrey-ite like myself has a hard time keeping tabs on all the different promises that are cropping up left,right and centre, but the appearance of new campaign signs recently for Surrey First brought one promise right to the front and left me with my mouth wide open,parked along King George Boulevard.


Light Rail Transit complete by 2018?

Consider this- even the rather optimistically written press release by the city of Surrey spells out how tenuous this all is – the application for review is in the most preliminary stages, and no commitments for funding have been made by any level of government.

Furthermore, a business case for LRT has not been made and the city states that getting public support for the transit referendum will be central to the success of a LRT line!


So how is it that mayoral candidate Linda Hepner can commit to completion in 2018?

According to this CTV interview, even though she says the line is dependent on a yes result in the transit referendum, she is going to build the LRT regardless of what the transit referendum result is anyways, as her plan B. So even though you might get a choice, she doesn’t care what you say regardless.( Here is where I note she has not attended any of the 4 resident hosted mayoral/candidates debates held in the city,so not really a surprise to hear this statement)

First,unless someone knows something the rest of us don’t, that is a promise that can’t be kept. Funding would already have to be secured, designs complete, and ground breaking tomorrow. Not happening unless Hepner has a magic wand.
Even the Translink timeline if… and that is a big if… the business case can be made, is years out from 2018. Without cash-strapped Translink being able to support an LRT line with expanded bus services at destinations, it won’t happen. Currently it’s not even possible to get to many neighbourhoods out of Newton Exchange past 9pm on a weeknight, and out of those same neighbourhoods without a long ride that requires a transfer, on weekends. This alone is a huge reason so many young adults leave the city-unless you live on a main route, or have a car, commuting is a nightmare.

This is why Surrey is such a car dependent community,and will continue to be this way as the city builds out in areas that won’t be served by transit for years – with limited funds on hand, the next mayor and council of Surrey will be faced with more frustrated residents as bus service will undoubtedly be a higher priority for many than LRT.

Like I said above, if someone promises you the moon, you better ask to see the ladder. Do your research on each candidates promises. You might just be surprised what you find out.

Stay tuned for the next Surrey Votes post on the most overlooked candidates of this election, and why you should check them out.

11 thoughts on “Countdown to Surrey Votes 2014

  1. Thanks Laila. It’s pretty tough to vote when the bs is flying as it is. (I will vote nonetheless. I take it seriously as should every citizen/voter whether you think it matters or not, it does.) I’ve sent a question off to the candidates awaiting for a reply. Let’s see how long that may take.
    Promises, promises. Years of the same old same old — people, parties, some just changing their colours, but really to me it just seems its the “winning” that matters to them, not the city, not the citizens, not the problems. My distaste for politics has grown so much since the turn of the millennium. I will be studying the rest of the week, each and every candidate. Honesty, integrity, upfront, work or not, married, single, children. It all matters. Forget the signs, the radio and tv ads. Think and read for yourselves. Then get out and vote!


  2. A few months ago my son who is 54 years old was sitting on a bench on 152nd on the Surrey side of the street along with several very elderly people. Several RCMP cars and an RCMP very large van about the size of a Hummer that they have said they need to be able to see into people’s cars to see if they are ‘distracted’ by cell phones, etc. pulled up. They were all screaming their faces off and demanded that they leave immediately. Since then some benches have been removed that the many elderly people who live down here like to sit on.

    Three days ago my son was sitting in the Kent Street (doggie park I believe it is), at 1:30 in the afternoon with his arm along the back of the bench and thinking how nice and peaceful it was when about 10 White Rock RCMP pulled up and the big black spy cab, sirens blaring. My son looked around to see who they were after but he was the only one there. They arrested him, cuffed him, and threw him in jail. He was not released until midnight. When they took him to jail the RCMP said no charges were being laid because he wasn’t doing anything and asked the guard to release him. The guard refused. It is unbelievable this could happen in White Rock/Surrey/Canada but this is our new world. Two questions: why would the RCMP do this and then ask that the guard release him and how can a guard over-rule a cop?


  3. welcome to the new world of no accountability. Of course, not knowing much about your son, it may have been the guard did not want to release him because of a lack of transportation available. A guard releases someone into a nasty environment, they could be held liable. People who loiter are not wanted in many communities, unless they look upper middle class and are resting from shopping, the rest are simply unsightly nuisances.

    Now as to Ms. Hepner, I would suggest she has taken a page out of Premier Clarkès book, just keep telling the same lies and they might believe you. You know sort of like that jobs, jobs, jobs, and growing the economy. Well it looks like Ms. Hepner has her own lines. She just makes it up as she goes along. It is sad when the best candidate on the list is a guy over 70.

    Ms. R. was doing O.K. but then I got a look at her support crew. Its the old, you lie down with dogs and get up with fleas thing…..


  4. ‘no accountability’? I would call it a criminal unlawful arrest and detainment of a person who the RCMP did not charge because they had nothing to charge him with. The guard was not concerned in the least about my son’s well-being and could have let him out when the RCMP asked him to, which would be by then, approximately 2 PM in the afternoon. The transportation down in south Surrey is almost non-existent at the best of times and non-existent long before midnight. Luckily my son is a walker and walked to my place, only about a mile away, where he is temporarily staying and I don’t want to even think what could happen to peoples’ daughters when they are released at midnight. My son was not ‘loitering’, he was sitting in a public park enjoying the day until this horror unfolded. In the first instance he was sitting with elderly ‘resting’ people in broad daylight. I couldn’t say for sure if they were all ‘shoppers’ but most of them usually are because the Semiahmoo Mall is right there.

    Ms. Hepner I would suggest has taken a page out of Premiers Gordo the drunk, Cluck the totally unqualified liar and stevie the terrible and the now federal Con candidate for our area, Ms. Watts, joining up with stevie, and the entire show is run in BC by Ms. Hepner’s campaign manager, Patrick Kinsella who would answer to the terrible one. Besides all the imo politicians I would consider the biggest threat to BC to be Ms. Hepner’s campaign manager, Kinsella. Ms. Hepner would be well aware of the fact (lots of taxpayers/citizens know) that the south Surrey casino that they made themselves heroes over and wasted hundreds of peoples’ time over has already been bid on and will come as a huge surprise (read uprising) when it is announced…..after the local elections of course. Casinos = break-ins, theft, drug dealers, gangsters, money laundering and everything bad that goes with casinos will be stevie’s gift to our area, like it or not. I’m happy for Newton that they are rid of the slot machines but with what Watts and Hepner have done to Newton they are also doing to south Surrey in spades. I ask the same question Newtoners are asking ‘why does Hepner hate south Surrey so much?’

    Ms. R.’s campaign managers, the never goes away Moe Sihota who is at least gone away from the NDP backroom and Ms. R.’s other campaign manager, Mark Marrisen, the Cluck’s ex. do indeed make strange bedfellows but nothing compared to the (evil) power Kinsella has over everything bad happening to BC. along with his bud stevie the terrible.

    That guy ‘over 70’ did to Surrey what Gordo, stevie , Watts and Kinsella have done to BC, Canada and Surrey and you pick him as the best candidate? There are actually 7 candidates running for Surrey mayor, but the other 4 are ignored by the msm. I attended what was supposed to be an all-candidates ‘debate’ but turned out to be a mayors debate about a week ago and Hepner never showed and in her place was Ms. V. the bulldog.

    Out of the three, if I were voting for any of of them, it would be Ms. Rasode.



  5. all the lies got Christie Clarke voted in. sad to say it will probably work for linda hepner also. I think ms.rasode would be my choice also.


  6. IMO any of the 3 frontrunners are a problem. Hepner (Watts/Kinsella) – McCallum (Watts), Rasode -(Sihota, Christy’s ex Marrisen). (My opinion.) Casino built, mega development continues, crime climbs, transit lagging, bylaws not enforced. I recall McCallum running rampant as well with development, Diane just continued it. Rasode has good intentions, but behind the scenes you look at her supporters.
    I saw a poll where almost 70% are saying they’re going independent this time. Maybe that’s what is needed. Get out and vote.


  7. Yes, tax dollars provided by millions of hard-working Canadians are used to fund major public projects such as roads, bridges, schools, Skytrain extensions etc.



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