Why the culture of cronyism and patronage hurts all of us

I’ve been working on some very intriguing followups to two stories from earlier this year, the kind that will have you shaking your head in disgust… but neither will surprise  those of you who have followed the way things work in this province.

The first will come likely Friday, Monday at the latest, and the second shortly thereafter.

Until then… 😉


9 thoughts on “Why the culture of cronyism and patronage hurts all of us

  1. hmmmmm, “cronyism and patronage”.
    One can ONLY be speaking of govt and the jobs it hands out to the “faithful”.
    Speaking of which….How’s the SNC Lavalin and BC Ferries “partnership” workin out?


      1. ANYTHING SNC is involved with will cost more than it should. They cant help themselves. Former Canadian govt employees, former Provincial govt employees, former civic employees all find a new life at SNC Lavalin after snuffling at the public trough for years they take their severance and pensions and then waltz over to a new job at SNC doing almost the exact same job.
        No conflict there..
        The empire building and beaurocracy in that organization is nauseating.
        Eventually BC Ferries will do the same as former customers Canada Post, BC Hydro, Canadian Govt ( failure to rebuild canals in Kabul Afghanistan). etc. ….
        They wont renew their contract. But SNC will have made millions….all on the taxpayers backs.
        SNC, the company of choice for Libyan dictator Mohmar Qadaffi, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, etc etc etc.
        BUT the World Bank has BANNED them from bidding on contracts for 5 years(?) in third world countries…Why?
        Why DID the RCMP and the FBI raid SNC ‘s head office in Montreal a few years ago?
        Because they’re squeeky clean?
        Christie Clark doesnt seem to have a problem letting them in to “help” BC Ferries.
        I wonder why?


  2. That $50+ billion IPP issue as well:

    1. Hugely inflate the expected electric power demand growth in BC.
    2. Make a policy that new power has to come from IPPs (except $8+ billion Site C).
    3. Discourage BC Hydro’s use of its Burrard Thermal plant.
    4. Make policy for BC Hydro to have ‘self-sufficiency’ and ‘insurance’ electricity, so creating a questionable need for even more power from IPPs.
    5. Prevent the BCUC from regulating properly.
    6. Discourage BC Hydro from importing power from US, which can be very cheap at times.

    Notice how policies affecting BC Hydro are benefitting IPPs greatly.


  3. Believe it or not, but it looks very much like the BC Liberals are working AGAINST British Columbia as a province. They are more in tune with what their financial supporters want and will probably bankrupt the province in doing so.


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