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Winter weather on the coast makes for stunning moments in nature

Although I was born and raised in the northern interior, most of my adult life has been spent here on the coast where the mountains meet the sea. Surprisingly though,I’ve never adjusted to the inherent dampness of our coastal winter weather! It’s so different from the dry cold the rest of B.C. experiences and as many will agree, chills you to the bone.

That’s why I really love these cold snaps! The air is dryer, the sky is clear and the scenery from dawn to dusk is simply breathtaking. Even the light is different at this time of year: the angle of the sun hanging low in the sky casts a warm tone during the day, changing to a soft yet brilliant indigo-fuchsia-pink at dusk that most artists would find hard to replicate.

Toss in a skiff of snow and it’s nature’s eraser at it’s best.Dowdy brown,muddy fields become architectural rows of symmetry, puddles transform into crystalline sheets of fun,and for a while at least, everything is fresh, clean and new.

And when that happens- as much as I miss my hometown- there is no better place to be than right here, right now. Photos all taken in Ladner and Surrey.

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**** While this cold,clear weather is beautiful to enjoy, the sad reality is that it can be deadly for the homeless in our communities all over the province.

Most shelters and outreach organizations will take and greatly appreciate donations of blankets,new and gently used winter clothing, boots, etc for distribution to those facing the hardest challenges on the street.

If you are aware of homeless in your neighbourhood, reach out and direct them to emergency shelter locations. Here is a list you can work from:

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