This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: BC NDP wrong to back bad LNG bill.

This week`s topic: Is the NDP’s support of the BC Liberal’s LNG Tax Legislation good for B.C.?

If our readers could listen into the weekly calls Brent and I schedule to decide on a Duel topic, they’d get an earful. Brent is as strongly committed to his opinions and perspective as I am and if there is compromise, it’s based on supported facts, not concerns over how the public will perceive us.

That’s why when he suggested this week’s question, I jumped at the chance immediately. I’d just started reading the Hansard transcripts from last week, specifically the speech given by BC NDP Leader John Horgan on LNG prospects in this province and this bill. Horgan spoke passionately and eloquently to the many flaws in this legislation and how it failed to address the concerns of both opposition members who earlier spoke against it, and the public. It’s clear he understands the issues.

However, this portion of his speech left me stunned: “These are fundamental questions that are skirted by this government’s desire to say that the NDP is against everything. Well, you won’t be able to say that with Bill 6, because we’re going to stand side by side with you and vote in favour of it. As deficient as it may be, it does provide us with an opportunity to reduce some of the uncertainty that has been rampant on this file.”

Ultimately, every NDP member in the house voted in favour. The NDP decried the Liberals for not putting politics aside and putting British Columbians first, yet they are guilty of playing the same kind of politics by refusing to support Green MLA Andrew Weaver`s amendment to send this bill to a select standing committee. This would have allowed an opportunity to get some answers to the many unanswered questions.

Read Brent Stafford’s column here.

This government promised a tax rate of up to 7%, then pandered it down to 3.5% under corporate pressure…

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14 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: BC NDP wrong to back bad LNG bill.

  1. And not put a cap,in BC, on write off of plant costs of 40 billion.really.Thats probably built offshore and or with tfw.
    10b cap per plant per affiliated company meaning not to set up other plant under other name but still linked .forever waiting for BC revenue stream


  2. While I am willing to help the Federal NDP in the next election, I am mad as hell st its provincial counterpart, just how stupid can they be? They just finished committing political suicide in the last provincial election and they have already committed political suicide with and provincial election still years away.


    1. Perhaps thats exactly why they did it.
      Because the election is 3 years away and the average voter has the attention span of a blind fruit fly over a bowl of cherries.


  3. I haven’t read the bill, so excuse me if I don’t fully understand the issue.
    I do understand that the 3.5% comes into effect AFTER the capital costs are recovered, which is….NEVER. I also understand that there is very little chance that we will ‘sell’ any LNG, even under those give-away circumstances. So, if it ain’t going to happen, why not be onside?

    I have a better idea. Give it away locally. Enhance the transportation market – the ferries, locomotives, highway rigs. Reduce the cost of food, freezers, washers & dryers. Better to give it to the people of BC and save the environment than to enhance some foreign entity’s bottom line.
    If we can’t make a profit on OUR resources, better to use them ourselves. And if we change our minds 50 – 100 years from now we will be able to. Unless Christy comes through with her election promise of 100,000 jobs and one trillion dollars. Then I might be persuaded to change my mind. (Were those TFW jobs, or for Canadians?)


    1. With a provincial government that is run by idiots, fools and criminal elements, nothing they do will make sense for the betterment of British Columbia and it’s citizens.
      Maybe I am too cynical but nothing has been done in the last thirteen years to make me think otherwise.
      This says a lot about the people of BC who have elected fools, idiots and criminal wannabees etc. to run this province !
      Sorry, but that is how I feel these days – nothing like the BC of1980’s.


      1. mmmmmmm yesssss the 1980’s were soooooooo much better.

        Bill Bennett’s “friend” phoning the former Premier minutes after hearing bad news in a corprorate meeting. Minutes after that Mr Bennett sold ALL his stock in that company. Insider trading? Prove it! The stock tanked after Bennett sold. Nothing illegal, move along. The same friend was cruciified in the “Knight St Pub referendum fiasco” a few years later.

        Bill Vanderzalm dragged into court with “Lazer Lunged Leung” aka Fay Leung of “Fantasy Gardens fame. Vanderzalms Fantasy Garden “sale” via Fay to a Taiwanese billionaire involving paper bags of money…….and he just so happened to want to redevelop the agricultural land to commercial / residential. Not after the press got wind of it. Vanderzalm was hounded like a fox in a hunt. Fay Leung was later described by a court reporter as “Talking so fast it was like listening to a chipmunk on Benzedrine”

        Mike Harcourt and “Nanaimo Bingogate” The NDP demanding money back from charities AFTER they had issued tax receipts. Harcourt wasnt involved but resigned

        Politicians are slimey, self serving weasels that would push their own granny in front of a bus if it would get them re-elected.
        NEVER forget that!


    2. Well said, John.
      Funny how the ndp overlooked the capital cost and how the tax is applied.
      Laila you and Brent had great points, but you. Got my vote.


    3. Like Lynn, I vote for John’s post. I couldn’t vote for Laila or Brent this time. It MIGHT be a dangerous game the NDP have chosen to play here — but only if Christy’s LNG dream actually happens… and that is highly unlikely.

      LNG for BC Ferries and highway transport is a worthy goal and the NDP would be on-board with that.


  4. Nationalizing a natural resource, such as natural gas, for the benefit of British Columbians, is not in line with current government philosophy. But apparently it’s ok for a foreign state-owned company to benefit from our natural resources. Go figure.


  5. There is no Left left.  I’ve known that for years, ever since the NDP cut welfare from 240 to 190 back in the 90’s, the message being, “Look!  We hate poor people, too!”  The money issues, the business issue, the Left capitulates always, while getting bike paths, needle exchanges and transgender friendly washrooms!  Like in the Simpsons episode where the union gets their tar tar sauce in the power plant’s staff caf but doesn’t get raises, vacations and safety improvements.  We’re being played.  Political capital is being spent for tar tar.The deck chairs continue to be rearranged on the Titanic


  6. Such hypocrisy from the NDP. When Horgan visited the Peace area he said publicly that he had “NO PROBLEM” with fracking and admired the 55 year old technology. He IGNORED all the warning signs and problems and now seems to support LOWERING the taxes on LNG… paid for by US, the voters.


  7. The NDP have been limp-Dixed for years and just can’t get the job done. I feel for them because I think some of what they do is in the right direction (sometimes) but they are just so damn stupid as to be deemed hobbled and a burden to the public. Can’t vote for them. Just can’t. Did. But never again. Now I make my protest vote against the Clark crooks count six for one – I vote Green. They won’t win but the better they do, the more likely the stinking, corrupt, ruling party will make concessions to their platform. Plus it allows me to sleep at night. Seriously- the only real chance for democracy is total election reform that eliminates private campaign funds and gives proportional representation. Eliminating parties wouldn’t hurt, either.


  8. The tax is on the profits the companies make. If you have a good accountant, a company will never show a profit, but make lots of money. Back in the day, some Hollywood actors took a lower salary, for a share of the profits of a film and later some t.v. series. Although the productions went on to make millions upon millions the actors never got a share of the “profits” because the “books” never showed one. They went to court and eventually won. There is a lesson learned there. After that actors wanted a % of the gross. Having a share of the net, is like 90% of nothing is still nothing. 1% of anything is still 1% of something.

    Either They are all incredibly stupid or it was designed to ensure corporations never paid taxes. If the NDP was stupid enough to fall for that one, they need to get a new bunch of MLAs, really ,really fast. Now of course Horgan could have “grandstanded” to put the lieberals off their stride with the intent of changing the tax immediately upon ever becoming government, but come the next election, the Greens might find themselves the new government. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.


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