20 thoughts on “Christy Clarks Supernatural BC Gas Giveaway

  1. This makes me sick – I know people living on rice & Onions so they can buy presents for the kids!! The elderly stay home in this kind of weather – lose their appitite anyway, and waste away. I’ll stop now..I really am getting tired of seeing what BOTH our Governments are doing.


    1. Your kind of passion is exactly what this province needs beachboxer.

      There are a lot of people living on next to nothing this Christmas… as they do the rest of the year. Only thing is, in summer it’s cheaper to eat for some with access to farm markets etc.

      I don’t begrudge anyone the wealth or good life they have worked for. But I do think that too many politicians in power are so far removed from the realities of the people who elected them to that position, that they can no longer empathize with a large group of those same voters.

      And that is a travesty .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEbULBxSY20&app=desktop


    1. http://www.cnbc.com/id/102229924#. ” Petronas to cut expenditures

      State-owned Petroliam Nasional, or Petronas, said Friday it could cut 15-20 percent of its capital expenditure budget next year and that the dividends it pays to the government could fall by as much as 37 percent if oil prices remain around current levels. It reported its third-quarter net profit around 12 percent from a year earlier, despite increased output.

      Petronas expects to pay around 43 billion ringgit ($12.56 billion) to the government next year, compared with the planned 2015 budget spending of around 273.9 billion ringgit (around $80 billion).”

      Will the dropping oil prices impact the Petronas decision to invest in BC? Paying lower dividends now…. with a glut of LNG on the market this would seem to make investment in a newbie market here in BC redundant.


    2. Remember, we need value added to our exports… I’ve been saying for years we should be offering incentives to retro-fit BC mills to allow them to cut and create specialty wood products for export.We have an incredible commodity here that in many cases we are giving away. Keep the jobs here.


  2. No surprise in this neck of the woods. Christy’s campaigning of 100,000 LNG jobs for the people of BC, was laughable. Same with her lie of needing hundreds, for her BC mine plans. And, six figure wages to boot. Everyone wants one of those jobs. Even funnier? Christy chided Jason Kenny and Harper, for the change in their TFW program. Christy said she needs thousands of foreigners, for all of her resource projects.

    Christy is just another Campbell wearing a skirt. Christy too works for Harper and is merely Harper’s mouthpiece. Harper does the exact same thing, gives our resources and resource jobs to foreigners. Harper’s sell-out of Canada began way back, in Gordon Campbell’s reign of terror.

    Campbell twice lied and cheated to win his elections, the BCR wasn’t for sale and the HST wasn’t on his radar either. Harper lied and cheated to win, with his robo-call election fraud and reneged on everything he said. Christy Clark lied and cheated by her, 100,000 LNG jobs for BC.

    Christy, Campbell and Harper are certainly A-1 liars and that is their, one and only accomplishment.


  3. I cannot reason why the Preem continues to give away money we need and cause more hardship for taxpayers and families… “Families First” = immediately increased med premiums, “Debt Free BC” on the side of her campaign bus while we wallow in increasing govt debt- from 39 bill (NDP) to our now 65 billion debt. We pay about 9 million a day in just service charges… are there ANY liberals out there that can think? Thought not.


  4. The BC Govt is standing in a long lineup of govts that have “sold their souls” to the almighty oil/gas mantra.
    Im not surprised in the least.
    What I want to know is…..who gets to “eat” the deficit when all this excess LNG drives the price to less than the water used to extract it?
    The taxpayer?
    Im guessin the taxpayer is gonna take it up the waazoo about 5-10 years from now.
    And Christy Clark will be earning 1 million a year as a “consultant”for….Petronas?
    No conflict there.


    1. siluria technologies 1 dollar a gallon gasoline syn gas from CNG.
      not allowed in BC to run cng genetator plant but if you export its ok .what hypocrites?


  5. “Oh, and did I call it this morning or what?”
    You are one smart cookie! Not to outdo you, but I sold ALL my energy stocks ten weeks ago. Guess who’s praying for a green Christmas?

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    1. HO! HO! HO!
      I’m betting that enough people are coming to their senses and thinking green; renewables.
      And it that happens there won’t be any rebuying.
      Let’s hope Chrispy’s Plan B is better than Plan LNG. Doesn’t she read the newspapers? Or know someone that can read them to her?
      The best thing that can happen to this province is to use it’s own resource (NG) to further our own economy with the profits the foreign oil bandits intended to take. Save on the compressor stations, pipelines and save the economy. Save the Environment! Create a shipping, manufacturing economy with locally produced energy!


  6. poor old Christy chrunch, 100K jobs and a trillion dollars………… I don’t know what that woman smokes but we ought to try finding it out and selling it.

    With oil prices dropping and OPEC suggesting they will go to $60 a barrel, LNG prices will also tank. The LNG companies are going to fold up and go home. Christy is going to have to figure out what happened.
    Whatever deals Christy made, it won’t matter. None of Christy’s pipe dreams are going to come true and its going to be a very difficult time in B.C. All that spending the Lieberals did, has to be paid for. People will not be paying tolls. they won’t be buying. Family debt is high.
    Once the lay offs in the oil patch get up to speed, all those unemployed workers will be returning to B.C. and no jobs. This will not be a pretty sight. Many towns in B.C. rely on the workers who commute to Alberta/Sask. E.I. is minimal and the unemployed will be applying for welfare. If it weren’t for the impending increase in poverty, it might be entertaining to watch the B.C. lieberals try to figure out where it all went wrong.

    On the upside, the environment will get a break.


  7. This disingenuous video actually makes it sound like tax cuts, royalty cuts, public sector cuts and lower government spending are somehow WRONG…!

    Would that they gave us ALL such cuts!


  8. An even bigger though more insidious giveaway that has been going on during Christy Clark’s reign of error is the ideological (but not cerebral) pursuit of P3 infrastructure. Ontario’s Auditor General has done some good work in adding up the cost to Ontario tax payers and it comes in at $8B (http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/private-partnerships-cost-ontario-taxpayers-8-billion-auditor-general/article22012009/).

    Time for BC Auditor General to go back and audit the infrastructure projects while the Liberals have been in power and see whether we have received good (or bad) value for money from the Public-Private-Partnership approach. I would think that we have not.


  9. its raining money over at BCLC?
    how many went to paragon?

    BC students seen at BC foodbanks
    What BC Liberals fear the most.?
    Loss of the narrative.?

    Promote Virk to IT cabinet position
    and all is not well.

    Revelstoke site 6 ,for 420 million dollars, to make 500 mw electricity would make too much sense.

    Hold on
    We just bought some IPP energy hit the BC Hydro dam bypass switch!


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