World Vision offers Feed a Hungry Family in Canada gift option.

In July Canada made it back into the  UN’s top ten list of developed countries, but looking at the World Vision gift site, you might think we were a third world country. While this might shock some, the response to my recent posts on the Loblaws chains decision to pull back the 50% discount on nearly expired product in favour of a 30% discount indicates there are a lot of hurting families, seniors and singles out there.

World Vision is most well known for supporting children,families and communities in third world countries. That they are now offering the option to help feed a Canadian family isn’t something we, as a nation, should be proud of.



14 thoughts on “World Vision offers Feed a Hungry Family in Canada gift option.

  1. When I was a kid, we lived in a condemned house (surrounded by bright red tape under which we sneaked past) and then, when we eventually moved, received a CARE package at Xmas. My father was a totally disabled war vet. That was Canada in the 50’s. Today, the rich are even richer. The poor are even poorer. But, at least the poor now have drugs. Other than that, not much has changed except the environment is now getting spoiled. Canadian leadership has a lot to answer for.

  2. Mr. Harper was right. “You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it.”

    This is definitely not the Canada I grew up in. It is heartbreaking knowing that my generation and the generations before me worked so hard to build a Canada we could be proud of.

    Amazing what one man can do isn’t it?

    Thank you, Laila!

    1. We are a trusting Nation in Shock. Still not wanting to believe. He has moved fast, passed these Omnibus bills,signed our country away – in ways I still can’t comprehend and most others don’t have a CLUE about. People are struggling to make ends meet,put food on the table with their shrinking budgets – It is very difficult to think in survival mode. You are right-I was SURE that someone/somewhere was doing something before the agreement with China was finalized….then more were signed 😦
      Now He is keeping track of agitators with our tax dollars (public servants)

    2. He may not survive the next election. Oil is what he is all about and that carpet has been pulled. But his legacy will not be easily erased. We are NOT the welcome Canadians around the world we used to be. We have been revealed as mini-imperialists and we have hurt our own people and the planet for political and financial gain. There is an ugly Canadian and he is typified by Harper and his ilk. And they won the last two elections! Can’t ignore that.

  3. workforfun

    Yes, it is amazing what a few years will do under the Conservative governments of Canada and British Columbia.
    I like to think that their time has come and 2015 will be Cons. free !

  4. e.a.f.

    People have continued to vote for harper so its working for some. Christy Clark got elected and we all know what the B.C. lieberals had already done, with B.C. having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada for over 10 yrs. Until it happens to YOU, people think its a problem of being lazy, or your own fault, etc.

    Social programs have not kept up with the increase in income inequity. Min. wages have not kept up with expenses and it is only getting worse. What will be interesting to see is how the country reacts when the full impact of falling oil prices hit and all those workers in Alberta go back to their home provinces, unemployed.

    But as they used to say, in tough times, you can get half the working class to kill the other half.

  5. katharina heitzmann

    on what basis does world vision decide Canada needs help. Canada has clean water, free health care, free education for everyone. no photos of malnourished children. compare this to 3rd world countries where children have none of this and desperately need help.

    1. You want photos? Is that your point?! No pictures! Take your smart phone and drive north, KH.
      You think we have free health care? The bulk of our ‘free’ is a 5-minute interview with a disinterested professional who issues a prescription for expensive drugs. Go get an MRI. Get your teeth fixed. Buy those prescriptions just to discover that 2 of three are partly covered and the third costs a grand a month! Better yet, go have a baby in Hawaii.
      Education? FREE!? Put your kid in UBC (probably can’t get in because the seats have been sold). Can’t? That’s OK, they can student-loan themselves into slavery.
      Been anywhere else, have you? Better, cheaper medical care in Thailand. Better education in Germany. C’mon, KH. LEARN something, don’t just listen to the propaganda.

    2. e.a.f.

      children can be malnourished without having distended stomachs. if children aren’t getting adequate meals, and all their food groups, they are malnourished. If you haven’t seen the line ups at the food banks, you are out of touch. If it weren’t for the food banks, many would be in real trouble. Yes Canada has clean water, but only in metropolitian areas. You most likely have never been to a Northern reserve, where clean water is hard to find. Mind you the Comox Valley is once again under a boii water advisory, they second in the past few months.

      health care isn’t free. In B.C. you have to pay premiums. Other provinces, not so. But once you have seen the dr., and you need prescriptions or glasses, etc you are on your own. Parents who can’t afford that for their children, there is no help, so health care is not free.

      As to free education, you obviously haven’t seen the lists the kids come home from school with on the first day of school,. you have fees to pay and all sorts of books and supplies to purchase. B.C. is especially bad for that.

      You are out of touch with the reality in this country. B.C. has the highest rate of child poverty in Canada and has had for most of the past 13 yrs. Right now, one in 6 in Canada is “poor”. Not a pretty picture. Go to any school and ask the teachers about the children living in poverty. They will be able to tell you which kids are coming to school without proper nutrition and without proper winter cloths and those who live in homes which are over crowded and without proper heat.

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