The Commonsense Canadian gets to the heart of the matter on Site C approval.

There’s really not much I could add to this, Damien Gillis has wrapped this up so well – I highly recommend reading this fine post. Here are some excerpts:

” …the Liberal Government excluded the public’s independent energy watchdog, the BC Utilities Commission, from reviewing the project. The regulator was built precisely for this purpose: to examine proposed energy projects and plans based on their need and value to taxpayers and ratepayers. ”

“… the Liberal government set the rules for the review process, then broke them as soon as they became inconvenient.”

“At first, Site C was to power BC’s homes, but when we became a solid net exporter of power in recent years – according to BC Stats – the rationale morphed into powering energy-intensive LNG projects. But BC Hydro undermined that statement during the JRP hearings, saying it was instead to export excess power to California – likely a money-losing proposition for BC.

Then, just last week, Christy Clark went back on her LNG argument, admitting that Site C was notin fact required for that industry. ”

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My only addition would be to ask these two questions that I put forth yesterday, online:

Why is it that the province has the money for a project toppling the $8 billion mark, when mayors have been forced to propose an increase in the provincial sales tax in order to fund transit improvements?   ( meanwhile seismic upgrades to schools haven’t been completed, it was pointed out) 


Considering it has been accepted that temporary foreign workers would need to be used in part to build any LNG projects in the province, who exactly is going to be filling the alleged 10,000 jobs the premier has promoted this project would provide? 

10 thoughts on “The Commonsense Canadian gets to the heart of the matter on Site C approval.

  1. The BC Liberal government and the Conservative federal government just do not care about anything beyond their own needs. Harper and Clark ever do anything for the citizens of this country – not yet. They just keep on taking because they can and their is nothing to stop them – yet.
    I see that the FN people are all ready to battle with their pending court challenges. It will be interesting to see what happens and whether or not, Harper can dictate what the court decides – and if the courts decide that the FN people have just cause, will Harper obey the laws of Canada.
    2015 will bring about a lot more challenges for the Cons no doubt.


  2. last time I checked there were a lot more of us than ther are of them, we should recall the lot of them, useless, wasteful money spending morons. And they had the nerve to tell people we needed to fear the NDP! hahaha, what a joke this Province is turning into. 9 billion for hydro and 7.5 billion for Translink? Before they annoh ce the costs they should check the expcted cost and the real overrun at BC Place, Convention center, Port Mann, sea to sky. they finished double the estimates.


  3. Have we still got a ‘balanced budget’ Chrispy? (By the way, thanks for the Christmas card. Did anyone else get one?) Re card: I’m beginning to think someone pulled a fast one on me. There was a postage stamp on it, and Christie doesn’t have to pay postage!
    Anyway, back to Site C. By the time this issue wends its way through the courts an alternative, renewable source will have been developed; and we won’t have any money to take advantage of it.
    Just think how many hungry children could be fed, how many hospitals could be built, how many schools could get seismic upgrades etc, etc with the money spent advertising and defending Site C, LNG and pipeline expansions.


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