7 thoughts on “A look back at 2014 through my lens.

  1. Mike

    Happy New Year Laila.

    I wish the very best for you and yours in 2015.

    Your many followers look forward to your thoughtful reporting of things that matter.

    Thank you so much.



    1. Laila

      And to you… sorry, there is a caption option, but I was rushed for time. In these photos you’ll find different areas of Boundary Bay and Mud Bay, Hope, Othello tunnels,Squamish,Whistler and Ladner, at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary. All easy drives from metro Vancouver and all free or affordable to access.


  2. G. Barry Stewart

    I’m pretty sure I saw “Schoolhouse Rock” on the Coquihalla River at Othello. A great swimming hole in the summer! Was the military hat shot (just before it) at a museum in Chilliwack?

    All the best for 2015, Laila. Keep digging!


  3. John's Aghast

    Those are wonderful! Glad to see you don’t stay cooped up in your house all day long. Let’s hope those vicious Lieberals don’t take the beauty you’ve captured away from us.
    Re the military hat shot – what is that distraction in the upper right? Rich Coleman in drag?


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