BC Government releases Chief Inspectors 2013 Annual Report on New Years Eve, to Lego Movie soundtrack hit “Everything is Awesome!”

Yes it is true, the annual report was released at 12:01 pm, on December 31st, 2014. ( No they didn’t actually release it to the Lego movie soundtrack, but since everything is awesome it’s rather fitting )


The full report is here: http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Mining/HealthandSafety/CI/Documents/2013_CI_Rpt.pdf

But here is a very brief synopsis of his 2013 findings:

Oh… and if you were wondering about Mt. Polley…

“…Because this report covers results from 2013, the information contained herein will not address the tailings dam failure that occurred at the Mount Polley mine on August 4, 2014. As of December 2014, three separate investigations into this incident are ongoing;once they are available, the results of these investigations will be released to the public. The incident will also be addressed in the next edition of the Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines, which will cover 2014 activities.”

You may now resume your regularly scheduled programming… until perhaps December 31st, 2015 which is when one may assume the next report will be released. What I find really remarkable is that in spite of 14 inspections being performed in 2013, that the Mt.Polley breach still happened in early 2014. 14 inspections. More than double than some operations. And yet still the unthinkable happened. Wrap your head around that for a bit, why don’t you? ( A tip of the hat to R., a regular commenter who is keeping a close eye on these items!)

13 thoughts on “BC Government releases Chief Inspectors 2013 Annual Report on New Years Eve, to Lego Movie soundtrack hit “Everything is Awesome!”

  1. No great harm has been done because the date was incorrect Laila, an easy fix. As to Al Hoffman, Chief Inspector’s reporting … Looking at other reports from the same Chief Inspector’s desk, particularly the Document Properties of each… Mr. Hoffman is not the author of each document….. this time, YES. He’s managed to find, and pull on his hip waders, casting aside his street shoes to write the report in person. Is it a reaction to the Mount Polley Imperial Dam Busters Tailings Pond breach?

    Index for all of the previous Reports are at: http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Mining/HealthandSafety/CI/Pages/default.aspx Hoffman has given his latest report the proper title: Annual Report of the Chief Inspector of Mines 2013 which is contained with the Properties document, previously it was just listed as ‘2001’ for every year. There are 14 Reports, examples:

    2011 author “Bose, Sara EMPR:EX”

    Click to access 2011_CI_AnnualRpt.pdf

    2009 author “Bose, Sara EMPR:EX” created and published in February 2012

    2006 author PCHEETHA created and published in March of 2008, and then modified in April

    Click to access 2006_CI_Annual_Rpt.pdf

    2004 author PCHEETHA, created and published in May of 2007

    Click to access 2004_CI_Annual_Rpt.pdf


  2. What a waste of gigabytes! I got as far as ‘each of us has to make a major decision…’. (wrt Site C?) Well, I just did! Cancel it) And two minutes into Blustering Bill he reaffirmed twice that we have the third lowest residential rates in North America (We would have the lowest if the Corporate world paid cost). That was enough to hit delete.
    Thanks Laila, for keeping us up to date. Perhaps I’ll venture back here next year to see if they’ve done anything about Mt. Polley.


  3. Weird and strange Asian-style anime’ theme in the Chief Inspector’s report titled Awesome – which it was NOT. Must have been some kind of way to get funds into the hands of some Liberal crony by paying their kids to play with Lego. $100,000? $250,000 of taxpayer’s dollars?
    I appreciate a bit of humour anywhere so long as it is funny and not stupid-as-hell. This was the latter.
    What next? A speech from the throne with Liberal-funded Bollywood dancers and music in the background? Hmmmm….now that COULD be funny………..


    1. Ooops…just read the piece again and it clearly stated that the AWESOME LEGO part was NOT part of the release. Just added for fun. Sorry. I still like the Bollywood idea, tho.


  4. News of Mt. Polley ‘investigations’ on Dec 31, 2015?


    Me, I’m putting my money on June 30th, 2017 (i.e. after the next election and right before the longest media deadzone of summer).



    1. I rather doubt it simply because if Coleman bent over beyond say twenty degrees, he would keep on bending as he would find it difficult not to meet the floor coming up. This would be different to bending for corporations – no /


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