Things that make you go “Hmmmmm…”; Or who is gauging support for former premier Gordon Campbell in Vancouver telephone polling?

It’s interesting what pops up out of the blue sometimes.

For example,Thursday morning I posted a story about Harper visiting Annacis  Island to facebook. That post prompted the memory of a friend living in Vancouver, who left a comment that she had just received a call from a company conducting polling. (It’s been a hectic week so I’m just catching up now)

The poll was political in nature,initially asking what she thought of the Stephen Harper government, which isn’t surprising considering some are speculating an early federal election is in the offing.

However,what was more interesting is that she was also asked to respond to a list of names- this is paraphrased from her memory:

I will name 5 people, and you are to tell me if you find them trustworthy” 
Campbell takes oath

Most of the names she did not recognize, but one definitely stood out : former BC premier,Gordon Campbell.

She said that she did not find him trustworthy,and it left a bad taste in her mouth.

The call came from 604-681-0381, which belongs to NRG Research Group, which of course, has done work with the federal government, and the Prime Ministers office:


Which of course led to much speculation,and horror by some online that we may indeed see his return to the political scene back home here in Canada, instead of racking up the bills in London… as Canada’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Is a senate appointment in the offing? Perhaps a run for MP?

If you’ve received a similar call, I’d be very curious to see what other names are being tossed out there, so drop me a line via the contact page! And a good tip is to keep a pad of paper and a pen by your phone to jot down the questions you are being asked.

37 thoughts on “Things that make you go “Hmmmmm…”; Or who is gauging support for former premier Gordon Campbell in Vancouver telephone polling?

  1. I would spend what few dollars I have and work 24- 7 to keep the proven liar from ever holding public office again. Everything in my power. I can honestly say there are few people I detest completely, Campbell is the top of the list. I think there’s a few hundred reasons somewhere on the internet why he and his ilk have to be shown the exit.

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    1. I feel as Bill (above) does. Maybe a bit stronger. Campbell is detestable. But, then again, so is Harper. So is Christy. So was Bush. So are so many of our so-called ‘leaders’. The human being is extremely flawed and, it seems, the more flawed they are, the more attention they seek. In other words, maybe all who seek office are essentially too messed up to ever do the job right? And, even if some poli-hero is OK (Elizabeth May?), the system seems designed for them to be rendered ineffective. We only pick these doofuses (and it is a limited and elitist group from which we can pick) because that is the system that we have inherited. I think Bill (and all of us) should spend “….a few dollars and work 24-7″… change the whole bloody thing.

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    1. It could very well be, although some speculate he might run as an MP. And from the looks of his past bills in London, he’s been training well for the position!!! 🙂

      Les, if the Fed Cons are doing the polling, its a federal position,not provincial.

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    2. Harper’s judgment is questionable at best on most things and his appointments highlight that. Neufeld, Duffy, Wallin et al. All woefully unqualified for anything like what the senate should require.


  2. Campbell got helicoptered out to British empire.?
    Glen Clark got helicoptered out to Pattison empire.?
    Christie to 2017 CKNW empire.?
    are Glen and Christy related?


    1. Glen Clark helicoptered to Pattison? Jimmy strikes you as a guy who advanced Glen to the highest position in his business empire as a favour? Mr. “devil take the hindmost” saw that Glen would be as good as he proved to be. Very different from the insider pool and good old boys/girls club rewards offered to the sell outs, Campbell and Clark.

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    1. Yes, it would be very interesting to know the other names on the list. I’m guessing here, but it seems there must be a purpose to counterposing the well-known infamy (excuse the half-redundancy) of Gordo with a bunch of unrecognizable names. That Campbell’s reputation is bad is a given—I don’t think it’s about testing the water regards old Gordo. It must be something to do with measuring the relative popularity of each respective other name to Gordo’s benchmark notoriety.

      One always has to wonder about the motives of survey designers; they’re supposed to be trying to eliminate bias but, after the BC, Albetar, Ontario and Vancouver elections (admitting here I’m unfamiliar with other big city election polling), I don’t believe it.

      Let’s face it: the political right pretty much owns the MSM employers of major polling outfits, and all of the above, save one, showed how campaign polling suggested neck-and-neck races between right and left candidates when, in reality, the right-wing candidates’ numbers were greatly inflated, as the election outcomes proved. The theory is they needed to create a sense of urgency by suggesting a tighter race than really existed to preclude procrastination about voting because, as reliable as the right’s base is reputed to be, they’re internal polls showed it still wasn’t enough. In BC it was different because exaggerating the NDP’s lead (which was initially real) could, in addition to creating urgency among soft BC Liberal voters, enhance an existing sense of complacency among soft NDP supporters who incorrectly presumed—partly on the basis of manipulated polling—that the race was a forgone conclusion which didn’t need their votes. I’m sure the BC Liberals were pleasantly surprised that Dix also foolishly contributed to their victory by running an absolutely lame campaign; he may have been duped by those same manipulated polls, especially since the NDP’s in-house polling was relatively imprecise (the BC Liberal team was probably aware of that, too.)

      Sometimes, as in this case, it’s easy to tell the pollsters are cookin’ up something.



    Did We Contact You?

    Our staff may have contacted you as part of a research survey. As a market research company, exempt by the Canadian National Do Not Call List, we are not selling a product and we do not provide your name or contact information to any other parties. Your phone number was likely called using Random Digit Dialing (RDD) which can result in calls to unlisted, listed and even business numbers. We also conduct many customer and member satisfaction studies for clients who provide contact information based on the project requirements.
    If you do not wish to be contacted again, you can register to be on NRG’s national Do Not Call list.
    * Please allow up to 30 days for your Do No Call entry to take effect.


  4. perhaps testing the waters to see if the “rehabilitation by time lapsed” is working. Perhaps it is time for el gordo to return home and they need to know where to dump him. I’m sure his spending in London is more than the con base would like. Of course is he “pine-ing” for the west coast,I mean how much fun can it be living with the wife in England, even if you have a butler?

    Perhaps they are testing the waters to have him run for office in B.C. Perhaps they are testing the waters to have him replace Christy. What ever perhaps they have, they could have added the Hell’s Angels to the list and I would have said I found them more trustworthy than Gordon Campbell. They could have listed every con in B.C. jails and I would have considered them more trustworthy than Gordon Campbell. The man repeatedly lied to the voters of this province. Organized the largest mass firing of women workers in the history of Canada, and he might be coming back? Send him to Syria. Harper wants Canadians in the middle east, let him send Gordon Campbell. We have enough people who lie in Canadian politics. Oh, I know, let him go to Nigeria, he might find he has a lot in common with the “hustlers” there. yes, let harper appoint him to a position in Nigeria.

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    1. Would that be the Nancy wife or the Lara wife?
      You’re right: How much fun can it being tied down with either? Would definitely put a crimp on one’s wheeling and socializing lifestyle.


      1. Don’t let yourself get sidetracked by concerns over his personal life. Quite frankly it’s the thought of him continuing on the public dime in some capacity for many more years that turns my stomach. In particular since this province is still feeling and dealing with a decade of cuts and closures of services, after he slashed personal income taxes and created a giant hole in provincial revenues with no new source of funds to replace the lost revenue.

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        1. You’re absolutely right Laila. It was e.a.f. that brought it up, and its the public dime that is supporting whichever.
          My apologies.


        2. John, nice going, blame poor old me, even if I was the one who brought it up.

          Laila, I have thought how some one handles their marriage reflects on how they conduct themselves in other areas. If you cheat on your spousal unit, you’ll cheat in other areas of your life also. If you aren’t happy in a marriage you do the honourable thing and get a divorce.


  5. That vile snake in the grass Campbell, is Harper’s favorite henchman. Campbell sold everything out of BC, he got his dirty hands on. Nor, do we forget Harper’s part in dismantling BC either.

    Campbell twice lied to win his elections, just as his good buddy Harper did. Campbell’s election lies, the BCR wasn’t for sale and the HST wasn’t on his radar either. Campbell thieved and sold our rivers, drowning BC Hydro into debt. Campbell’s stupid smart meters haven’t been forgotten about either. Christy Clark was Campbell’s Deputy Minister, as he was selling our BCR. Cristy Clark election lie? 100,000 LNG jobs for BC people.e.

    BC people have very, very long memories and still want Campbell tried for, his sale of our BCR. The ruddy gall, asking BC citizens if they trust Campbell? Not on your Nelly, are they insane?


  6. you gotta wonder, what el gordo has on stevie slime, stevie can’t be that stupid, well perhaps, but appointing Gordon Campbell to the Senate, hold it, it makes perfect sense now, look at the other appointments Harper has made to the senate. Look at what a waste of time and money a lot of the senators are, yes old gordo will fit right in with the rest of them.

    Gordon Campbell started this province on the road to having the highest rate of child poverty in Canada. It has continued until this day. Not one nickel of our tax dollars ought to be given to that s.o.b.. He’ll collect enough in pensions.


  7. thank you for posting this information. with it I wrote a letter to my con M.P. John Duncan asking why they were conducting the poll and suggested if it was to appoint to the senate they for get it. I then c.c.ed the local newspaper, with a letter to the editor, which was printed. It is just another way of getting information out there. Had you not written your post I would never have known. thank you again.


    1. Writing Duncan? That self-serving lickspittle of slime and lies? OMG! Wear a cross and carry silver bullets when in a ten mile radius of him or you’ll be bloodless in a nano-second.


  8. Laila, I came by that too. It never ends. And a quote from the piece “It is also increasingly clear to me that the high commission intends effectively to take the foundation over and use its funds for the promotion of Canada’s interests as defined by it.” Canada’s interests? Really? He and his friends have been using “our funds” (taxes) to pay buddies and do as they please. Provincially, one only has to look at translink, ICBC, hydro, health authorities and the list goes on. All a mess by the way. And his pal Steve, well, I’ll leave that for now.


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