When good things happen to awesome people.

The best part of writing this blog has always been the incredible people it’s brought into my life. From diplomats to farmers, loggers to ceo’s and everything in between, the diversity of my audience has lead to long lasting friendships and camaraderie that surpasses the distances between us.

One such long time reader and friend is David Cox, who has written a book that is attracting the attention of many in BC, including the media. Those of us who’ve known him for some time will recognize his blog from the sidebar to the right:  http://offthegridhomes.org/


“It’s a fantasy for many on the West Coast: give up your office job for a life on a quiet island communing with nature.

David Cox lived that fantasy, and he wrote the book on it. Our Life Off the Grid: An Urban Couple Goes Feral will soon be available on paperback — it’s currently available as an e-book.

Cox used to live what he calls “the cul-de-sac existence.” He lived in the suburbs with two kids and a variety of jobs, trying everything from running a medical clinic, to professional motorcycle racing to a stint as a banker.

“I was bored,” said Cox. “I thought the routine of driving in traffic and living to work was unsatisfying.”

David Cox’s book will soon be available on paperback

David and his wife Sally set off for Read Island, B.C., a remote island that has no roads, no stores and no power.”

Read the rest of this great story and listen to his interview here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/our-life-off-the-grid-couple-moves-from-suburbs-to-remote-island-1.2920131?cmp=rss

And take a few moments to watch this video,which is in essence, a trailer for the book:

If you like what you see and hear, and would like to purchase his book, you can do so at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Our-Life-Off-Grid-Couple/dp/0994014503

Congratulations David and Sally- you are living the dream of many. May you continue to reap the rewards of taking that leap!

17 thoughts on “When good things happen to awesome people.

  1. OMG! You are too kind! Thanks for the promo.
    To the readers: the story is great, the writing so-so. Maybe not even that good. You’ll get the message from the video. Save your money and get it from the library.
    Sheesh………..thanks, LY.


    1. Sheesh is right…lol..please don’t tell people to get it from the library!! It’s hard enough to sit and start to write a book, let alone finish one – you deserve the recognition.

      I’m so happy for you both to see this come out. This video is incredible and the perfect choice of a song to go along with it. I think it would have made a great show!


      1. Actually an Author, Illustrator, Publisher, etc. should mention the ‘library’ here in Canada. One book in the library is borrowed by many patrons therefore there is a Federal program called the Public Lending Right. The more times the book is ‘borrowed’ the higher the cheque. I’ve been a recipient for the past fourteen years, but, Harper has ordained that there is to be a $50 threshold on cheques being authorized as of February 1, 2015.



        1. I did not know this….. wow! Of course Harper would put a limit on it.. sigh. Good grief.I’m surprised he hasnt closed the damn libraries completely, lest we all discover the good work of many scientists his government has tried to shut down.

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        2. Even worse: self-published are not eligible for Public Lending Right receipts. But, honestly, one does not get rich or even buy food off of the income from a book. OK, Atwood eats and drives but the rest of the authors starve. Do it for fun!


  2. I’ve been following David’s blog for six months or so. Very impressed. I’m trying to do the same, but I don’t have a Sally and I’m 10 years older. But I’m not writing a book either. Kudos to you both. I’d like to know how you get property on Read Island (NO, I’m not thinking of moving.)
    Can you just move in and set up?


  3. Aha!! David, you’ve been so secretive all this time about the whereabouts of your little hideaway, and now you decide to ‘tell all’! Read Island is hardly what I would call remote, though. ‘Remote’ doesn’t even begin until you go beyond Kelsey Bay (IMO).

    However, I’m really looking forward to reading your book. Congratulations on your hew-found success! Thanks for the heads up, Laila.


  4. Haha! So happy to see my emails this morning. JDC, you may not realize it yet, but I’m pretty sure your book and this very emotional video is going to be the catalyst for some big changes in peoples lives.

    It is, so very inspiring. And you make it seem real, and achievable. Like David, I suggest those considering such a move keep a blog of your thoughts and days. Even if you never publish it remains a wonderful tribute of your life for your family and friends.


    1. Thanks to all of you for your kind support. Really. Much appreciated. And it is a lifestyle I strongly recommend. We are ‘remote’ (given access to things) but I admit that we are just beyond the cusp by a few hours, just off the grid, just a really deep moat away really. We are remote but NOT that distant. Like Lasqueti. Or Thormanby. Gini’s comment that truly remote starts at Kelsey Bay is a good one. But we at least have a remote state of mind. Plus – to a guy who grew up in the city – Nanaimo used to feel remote.


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