Keep calm and carry on- I will return to blogging soon.

There’s something more than a little ironic about having tennis elbow when you don’t even play tennis.

For a while it’s been quite bothersome to sit,write and research for any extended amount of time, as my left elbow and forearm developed carpal tunnel like symptoms.It comes and goes,but after spending an inordinate amount of time over the past months researching several Ministry of Transportation stories that are related,it’s clear a break was needed from sitting at this desk if it’s going to get better.

This has reduced the postings here significantly, limiting my online activity to my weekly column for 24Hrs Vancouver and social media interactions on facebook and twitter done with my phone. Rest, followed by a change in how I sit and type at my desk should remedy this-it’s nothing terribly serious,just terribly irritating  when I have things piling up here to write about!

The Ministry of Transportation stories are longer features and I think you’ll find them interesting, in particular as we get closer to any more discussion on the Massey Bridge.

While this sector has been under examination in other provinces, British Columbia has still largely escaped intense scrutiny, and that’s a shame. Sometimes the most important stories, are the ones that have yet to be told.

Be well, spend some time reading the Best Of page and I’ll be back soon.

16 thoughts on “Keep calm and carry on- I will return to blogging soon.

  1. Thanks for the note, Laila. I was thinking it was perhaps a bad string of childhood diseases in your family. Take care.


  2. Hi Laila,

    I hope that your injury is quickly behind you and that you recover quickly with no ongoing ailments. My trip has been confirmed by the University, and I am looking to establish times that will work with people’s timetable while I am in Vancouver. I will be in Vancouver from the Evening of April 15 through to April 22nd, I hope that you are available to meet during this period.

    Thank you for your time, looking forward to your blog being active once again.





  3. Speedy recovery, if that is possible. If not a complete healing I totally agree with victoria b that voice dictation is the way to go. It won’t cut out all of your keyboard activity but should reduce it considerably, aiding in the reduction of that pain.
    Definitely looking forward to your writings on the MOT.


  4. I suffered from tennis elbow once, so I know how you feel, Laila. It wasn’t until I discovered a physiotherapist who specialized in sports injuries that I was relieved of it.

    It was like magic……..he performed one treatment, gave me some exercises to do at home, then saw me a week later. One more treatment and I was cured.

    Don’t suffer another day, Laila……get thee to a ‘sports doctor’!


  5. I have had it twice, tried cortisone injection which only helped for a few months, later found laser therapy to fix it up. Check it out!!!
    Good luck


  6. I’m not a shill, but sierrasil has given me a lot of relief on my 58 year old badly battered body. I had a bout with tendonitis in my right arm, ignored it and eventually tore my third distal tendon off of the bone. Not fun, but the only thing that helped was surgery and the sierrasil. I hope you try it and it helps you like it did me.


    1. I appreciate all the recommendations and advice- thank you! It’s good to hear what has worked for others because like you,I really ignored it for the most part until I couldn’t. Even yesterday I nearly dropped a bag of veggies from the store after carrying them for only a few moments- and I am not a weak person,but my arm just screamed ‘Enough’!

      I’m experimenting with how I sit and type as well,since this seems to have been prompted by that particular repetitive activity and I discovered I really don’t like the voice dictation thing- for me the act of typing out my thoughts seems to be an integral part of the process.:)


      1. As someone said previously, “take care of yourself, politicians come and go”.
        I’d rather wait 6 months for a good Laila news story than no more news stories.
        Sport physio therapist worked for my work related knee, back and neck injuries. (Im a train wreck)
        And when you’re there to recieve physio ask them what you SHOULDNT do to aggravate the injury.


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