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Om the Bridge cancelled, Premier is going to Namastay home, but don’t fret – official UN International Day of Yoga events were already planned elsewhere.


It’s over, done, kaput. The disaster that started as #Omthebridge has been cancelled after all three sponsors pulled out this morning. If you ask me, it was the tweet above that she issued yesterday that signaled the point of no return on this debacle, because this was never about yoga.

It was a  silly tweet and really angered people who were upset over the closure of the bridge /that this event was on National Aboriginal day and she has said nothing/ that it was corporate driven event that even the premier billed as a photo-op.

Now it’s time to move on to more important things – this event provided more than enough cover for a variety of government related news items.

There have been a few tweets about how now a great city like Vancouver will be the only one not celebrating a UN International Day event, which just isn’t true.

In fact, there are several events around Metro Vancouver hosted by the IDY Canada, and in Vancouver, the committee has been working hard on a great event at Plaza of Nations. I’m still not sure why the premier simply didn’t offer to partner with these organizers, who are endorsed by the Consulate of India.

So, head on over to one of these events if  you want to truly celebrate the spirit and tradition of yoga, and check out a number of events for National Aboriginal Day-There is a big event at Trout Lake, and another at Canada Place on the 20th( Saturday)

idy events











And if you want to find out what you missed while Yoga-gate unfolded, simply click on any of the links below:

BC Govt diverts funds meant for Legal Aid :

Om the bridge covers for Health Firings Scandal:

Govt removes penalties for mishandling of information and documents :

Whistleblower says Govt deletes emails regualrly, fails to document:


    • The everyone who tried to make it political is her-but she would never admit this. Quite extraordinary this has had such legs. Her big mouth and dumb tweet sank the event.. That said, CBC noon talk show had people from all over the province raking her over the coals. Could this be a flashpoint for all of the cynical lies and cover ups, secrecy, passing the buck on the health frings scandal and many more issues? Are voters across the province saying they have had enough? Too much to ask for?


      • I think you have a good point Judi. I think the tweet came off as arrogant and in your face, rather than funny, which is what pushed it over the edge. It was totally off the mark and if it was done for a deflection, it certainly worked.

        However that kind of arrogance can backfire really fast. Talk to Jim Prentice about that one. 😉

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        • Totally get it Laila.I read with considerable interest Keith Baldrey’s latest column in the New Westminster paper and others who carry his weekly piece, I was surprised, and pleased for a change, with the tenor and content that took Libs to task for their arrogance, secrecy, lies, on so many issues. I think the firing of health care workers may well be a flash point. Please oh please let voters wake up to the damage she has done to our province and please don’t let the NDP mess up on this!


  1. Once AGAIN Christy suffers from “foot in mouth” disease.
    What ever her handlers are being paid……’s too much when she can get tweets like that past them.
    I curse the day when she actually won her mandate to govern.
    What a buffoon, what an embarrassment.
    2.5 more years of her insufferable blithering?
    An eternity.


  2. I think the yoga people who thought this would be a good way of honouring the practice of yoga had good intentions. I mean, from what I understand, they were going to do this on a Sunday from 4-11 PM so probably the least busy time of the week. In any case, like so many things, it had to become political and people were only to willing to make it sound like anyone interested in doing yoga on a bridge had to be out to lunch. I am glad the yoga community backed out and decided not to enter into something so controversial. They showed class.


  3. Care free with the tax payers money it was her idea for the 4 or 5 million dollar referendum re Translink,reminds me of Campbell and the H.S.T flyers in the wharehouse 40,OOO DOLLARS worth that was later destroyed they throw our money around and dont care.But screw the kids and teachers

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  4. She should stick to smiling. Being a cheerleader is all she ever had going and even that is very ‘washed out’ and has no legs any more. It’s a wonder it got her this far and for so long. Her handlers are right – ‘disappear’ her. Keep her quiet. Keep her on the rubber chicken circuit raising money from corporate bag-men. Publicly, she is a void in the space time continuum (a vacuum). But the real problem is NOT CC. It is the lack of viable alternatives. It is the lack of expectations on the part of the electorate. We are getting what we asked for from the universe – emptiness. Hair, smiles, cliches and platitudes – and nothing else. Please, let someone worthy step up. Just once.

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  5. Good News Christy strikes again. I sure would like to be a fly on the wall in the premiers’ office to see which idiot in there got a dressing down for even remotely coming up with this harebrained idea. Anyone notice how Hepner managed to disappear into the woodwork on this one, still trying to catch the logic of Surrey supporting an event in Vancouver. BC’s 3 stooges, Clark, Hepner and Robertson, never a dull moment with the rah, rah crowd.


    • It doesn’t seem that anyone is into giving Christy a dressing-down for anything. I believe this bridge yoga thing was totally her idea.

      It’s hard to believe that she’s in charge of the ship. Like, ya know… what power does she hold over everybody: that they’re even less competent?


      • With so many substantive, even urgent, issues screaming for attention in BC, Christy’s strange investment into OM I GOD (!?) does seem telling. If indeed she supplies a distraction with stuff like OM ME WORRY (!?) whilst virulent social ills fester unattended, it’d be a wonder if whoever’s really in charge of the ship isn’t doing something of which citizens would disapprove. Otherwise, whoever’s in charge would have—and could have if they weren’t mysteriously preoccupied— changed the channel to any of dozens of substantial policy problems, child-poverty, housing, forestry, education—anything but OM THE BRIDGE, which is goofy enough all by itself, but which nevertheless managed to emphasize how beggared our province has become under the BC Liberals. That’s why I tend to agree with GBS: this fiasco carried all the high-stepping fatuousness of a prancing majorette—and of Christy’s alone.


  6. Does this shameless mountebank write her own material??? Word of advise to premier: Give up the schtick. You’re just not that funny!


    • Precisely: hoisted by her own political petard is the comedic equivalent of the joke that falls flat. Anyone who was seriously in charge would never have condoned it—which means there’s a palpable misunderstanding between caucus and the Premier’s Office about who captains the ship, and where the ship is going. It showed when nobody threw Christy a lifeline when she started getting into trouble with this gimmick. You can almost hear the “Nya-nya Nya-ya-nah!” in her groaner of a tweet (Tai Chi-“haters”)—it was only in part directed to her critics in the press and the public.


  7. WTF is “yoga” anyway? Nothing going on out here on Vancouver Island…must be another urban craze…

    Hint: Do you need special branded clothing to do it?


  8. Hmmmmmm.
    Speaking of politicians. saw this on the Sunday 6pm News.
    Whats the deal with Surrey By-Law Enforcement putting the “squeeze” on another property owner letting the moblie food bank set up on his property.
    Same old ByLaw reasons, ” garbage , health concerns, blah blah blah”
    No one at ByLaw would go on camera or answer questions over the phone.
    But the “New” mayor ( same as the old mayor) is meeting with the RCMP to discuss 2 more driveby shootings.
    Maybe we should find out where the driveby guys live and hand out free food on their property. Seems no one wants to bother them…………..


  9. Over at Harvey O’s site, he’s alleging that it was the threat of a First Nations drum demonstration that made Christy cave in. It may have been one of the body blows but I wouldn’t say it was the only one that hit the mark.

    Christy took a lot of heat on this one… all well-earned.


    • I’m inclined to believe that Christy doesn’t really mind what parade she gets in front of, long’s she gets some OM LOOKIT ME! LOOKIT ME!

      I agree, the threat of FN protest drums looked to steal Christy’s show, and just might have been the proverbial straw: many others preceded it. She’s consistently, supremely self-confident. One has to wonder what it might have been like trying to convince this brat to hang it up—and that would have definitely meant she wouldn’t be expected to clean any of this mess up. The “Warrior” is a princess all the way!


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