10 thoughts on “Last weeks column for 24Hrs Vancouver: ‘Hump’ clear cut could be tipping point

  1. e.a.f.

    The people of White Rock either vote for this group or failed to vote, either way, its their own fault they are stuck with these people for the next 4 years.

    What to do about getting them to “communicate” or listen to the taxpaying voters? there is nothing they can do if the council and mayor don’t feel like it. Its as simple as that. Unless taxpaying citizens come out in mass to protest they won’t even be paid attention to.

    What would be suggested is “follow the money”. Who benefited from stripping garbage collection from mult-family housing? Did any of the companies who obtained new contracts “donate” to any of the candidates? Did any of these companies “socialize’ with council members? Do they play golf with them? these are questions people may want to ask. it may be the council just came up with the idea, but it has been my experience politicians rarely come up with ideas in a vacumn. usually some one benefits and that someone donates to their “party”.

  2. YES – e.a.f.- is right!! Protest Protest Protest… and go out to every council meeting – take turns – take video – put up blogs – make comments in the paper and on facebook – send letters, join twitter and tweet to your officials. Our small community (with Laila’s help) stopped the BC Liberals from putting a prison in our small village. Yes we did and you can stop your council from imposing outrageous projects onto your small town. Buy a battery operated bull horn or portable mike and amp – make a big noise – challenge the trolls and stand together – hold community coffee parties and discuss the situation – sort out big issues from small ones – make a plan and go for it. Organize for Accountability. Make a theme – write a song – do some street theatre – hold a music event – put up posters – be polite. Let them know you are not going to take it. Change requires local community co-operation – hard work – determination – (and Laila’s help)…. So, Rock on White Rock!!

    1. Laila

      Oh Priscilla, you’re very kind but I really did nothing.Moral support on the phone and some inspiration to believe in the power you all held in your voices.

      Imagine if everyone could overcome the social conventions of endlessly worrying what other people think of them, that often holds people back.

      It’s your life,and no one is going to change it but you. If I can continue to motivate people to get engaged and involved in their communities and futures, I’ll be happy.

  3. Scotty on Denman

    What does Citizens’ Initiative legislation have to say about municipalities? Sounds like these jokers need to be recalled. I suppose the Minister responsible might do, but…

  4. Jean

    What White Rock needs is Ross Buchanan. Baldwin is backed by big corps like Bose and does sneaky things to say the least like painting the original fencing black and now the 6 foot chain link fence is black and looks likely to be topped off with barbed wire, all without consulting with the people who live there and then following it up with his stupid ‘perhaps we could have handled this better’. He has made the beach look like a FEMA camp. The hump as they call it was also done without anyone knowing about it and he has left it unstable, saying he has only removed the weedy plants which is not true, he has removed everything except the eagle tree and I’ll bet not long before he removes that too, claiming it’s unstable. His dealings with a duly elected excellent councilor David Chesney is deplorable. He too would make an excellent mayor. Baldwin, the worst mayor WR ever had.

  5. misallocationofcapital

    Sounds familiar…the decisions have already been made prior to whatever kind of “public consultation” is on offer. And are you willing to bet that a council which does not seem to listen to dissent in the form of a “significant – and loud- public backlash” will take direction from perfunctory public forums?

    It’s pretty obvious that the existence of the council in its present form, and with its present arbitrary and enormous powers and funding (from YOU) is the central problem…it’s not merely “making them listen”.

    And you now have to wait nearly four years before you can remove them. Eat that.

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