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“O Canada, O Canada, who stands watch from sea to sea? Who for a lost democracy? Who for the true north strong and free? If not you then let it be me”

Singing the national anthem at any event – even at home during hockey games – is always a moment that stirs tremendous pride within me. I am Canadian and thank you William Shatner because every time I say that now, I think of you….

Canada is one of the best places on earth, in my opinion. I love it and could never make another country my home. Yet Canada has  indeed,changed and maybe it’s time for a pause to reflect on where we are going.

In 2012, Priscilla Judd wrote this edgy alternative anthem. I think it says more than I ever could here in words. Agree or not, take what you like and leave the rest.

Where ever you are, I hope you stand up and sing the traditional anthem and honour our country… and if you like it, sing this one too. Happy Canada Day!


  1. This not the Canada I grew up with as a child. It’s awful what we have allowed our politicians to get away with. Greed and corruption abound now. I’m not saying it didn’t exist when I was a child. The difference now is it’s so blatant and obvious it turns my stomach my stomach to hear our PM and BC Premier speak. It makes me angry that our citizens, now called consumers, (like we’re a garbage can that you just open the lid and throw crap and and we swallow it) just take is lying down. We should be, like the Rolling Stones lyrics, “fighting in the street” to stop this corporate anarchy. Where is our backbone?


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