This weeks column for 24Hours Vancouver: BC keeps Richmond in the dark on Massey

With all the pet projects, contentious developments and questionable spending happening in cities across Metro Vancouver, it’s a rare day I find myself feeling sympathetic for local mayors and councils.

However, when it comes to how the provincial and federal governments seemingly steamroll local governments with their own projects and, at times, leave them out of the loop on critical issues that impact their communities — they have my full sympathy.

One case in point is the George Massey Tunnel Replacement project. Anyone who has driven that stretch of Highway 99 during morning or afternoon rush hour can attest the congestion is a nightmare and it’s not limited to the highway. Steveston Highway and all feeder routes are clogged as well, as drivers try to save a few minutes and dodge the bulk of the congestion.

It’s a critical issue not only for the city of Richmond and its residents, but for the region as well. So it only makes sense for the province to get it right and work closely with city officials to ensure the best result is achieved. That, however, doesn’t seem to be happening.

Recently, Richmond asked the province, once again, for more details on the project that have yet to be divulged to them, or the public.

City hall is still in the dark when it comes to how the bridge will be funded — whether there will be tolls or not — nor have they received the project definition report.

Why is the city most impacted by the province’s decision to build this bridge being left in the dark? In particular, since Richmond council would like to keep the tunnel — which has many more years of life left — to utilize for another purpose.

Between the Surrey Fraser Docks plan to ship U.S. coal directly from their facility, and the Tilbury Island LNG plant expansion, this project is more about accommodating tankers up the Fraser River than it is alleviating congestion in Richmond and Delta…

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3 thoughts on “This weeks column for 24Hours Vancouver: BC keeps Richmond in the dark on Massey

  1. Absolutely agree, Laila. Doing it for the tankers. How much ALR land is to be lost to this project? One can only imagine. Greed, greed, and more greed. Washington state already said No to coal shipment. But the BC liar government caters only to those with deep pockets. That leaves out the ordinary taxpayer. And with the Federal election around the corner, if the Cons get in, lord help us.


  2. One can be sure no matter what happens.
    SNC Lavalin will have their hands all over it.
    a la the Translink construction and multi year maintenance contract….breakdowns anyone?
    Or the maintenance contract for BC Hydro sites. A disaster . Apparently BC Hydro employees aint too happy with the dreadful level of service but their stuck with SNC.
    Come hell or high water. Ya gotta luv multi year contracts no matter how incompetant you are.
    Gee, an SNC directors job in the furture for Christy par chance?


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