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“Good morning Laila, My name is Derek and I’m a very rare man.” or ” How left and right politics are fabricated.”

As a writer, I get a lot of interesting emails. In fact, I sometimes imagine putting together a book one day of the  amusing and sometimes, downright odd ones that people send me. Don’t get me wrong – 98% are great tips and comments and I love getting them-it’s the 2% that raise my eyebrows!)

So, when I first checked my emails today,I quickly scanned one that said:

"Good morning Laila, 

My name is Derek and I’m a very rare man.
I’m utilizing my uniqueness to raise an equally uncommon message...."

I’ll be honest. At that point my eyes were rolling back in my head so far my chair nearly fell backwards and I had a bit of fun with this opener on Facebook.

But after meeting the deadline for this weeks column, I went back to read it again and found something that actually really mattered.

I’ve written a lot about why I think partisanship –  in particular blind and extreme partisanship – turns people off politics. and as a result, voting.

You can find those posts HERE..

…and over HERE:

…and even right HERE:

For me, it’s always been about trying to engage people and bring them back into the process. I’ve tried to make that direct connection between what happens in and around their personal lives, to the need to pay attention and get involved at some level of engagement. On many issues, it’s no longer enough to just sit and watch the news and go ” That’s terrible!” Or ” That shouldn’t happen!

So when I watched Derek’s video, I saw something that resonated deeply with what I have written in the past and what I intend to keep trying to do in the future: Get people engaged and get them to vote.

And yes some of my deeply partisan friends will once again sigh deeply as they silently curse my efforts, but oh well. It won’t be the first time and certainly not the last, I promise.

So Derek, good snag in that email. You caught my attention, hook, line and sinker. Health and humour, Laila 🙂


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Guy said it. I am a liberal, conservative greenie who won’t join any group that wants me (and my membership fees). But I am not a Liberal or Conservative either because those are just ‘brands’. They are names – not philosophies. And the NDP are too old to be new. But, this time, I’d vote for Derek. He’s right….or left…I don’t know which…..

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  2. Voting in an election should be about selecting the candidate who will best serve their constituents, the people they represent, not a party.
    The party thing has little to do with truth. Elizabeth May is likely the party leader who gets closest to dealing with issues truthfully. As for the rest, Trudeau and Mulcair are repeatedly issuing the party talking points and Harper, well how is a person who denies debate in parliament, bars the scientific community and others from revealing their findings to the public, signs secret trade agreements that are severely detrimental to Canada (and the list goes on), dealing in any way with truth? (Wonder what Nixon would think of the handling of Duffygate?)
    But the sheep follow and at times come out with outrageous, vulgar tirades such as the one that spewed out of the mouth of that Conservative who attacked reporters on Tuesday. They will swallow the “party” line unquestioningly and add very little, if anything, to the discussion.
    As we realize over and over again, most after the damage is done, the only opportunity to effect change is up to and on voting day. After that, as we are seeing in BC and federally, it is too late.
    The task given those fortunate to be able to vote is to get out and ask the candidates for their thoughts on the matters you want addressed. Then you can formulate your decision based on what they had to say. Ask the tough questions. Accept no BS or non-answers.

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  3. “For Once I Would Like to Vote for the Greater of Two Goods instead of the Lesser of. ..” Are there any two people in this country that agree on what is the most important issue? Transit in Surrey means nothing to Regina. Political Parties have to represent all Canadians. An issue that is important to you may never be discussed regardless of how your elected officials answer questions. Which Party will remember Alberta is not the western boundary of Canada and Ontario is not the center of the Universe? That would be the best way to elect a candidate in BC. Mr. Harper you were an entry level PM. so dunp the Old folks and Soccer Mom ads already! Please Vote! When you don’t you give up the right to complain!

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  4. Great video, Laila! He was VERY well-planned to get all those cross-country shots in — all in the same shirt!

    I’ll be passing this around, especially to my hard-core Harper friends.

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