Coming soon to a blog near you…

Settled into September and I’ll finally be back to regular postings with new stories, updates and some commentary on this election. Get ready for a wild ride my friends… 😉





11 thoughts on “Coming soon to a blog near you…

  1. I have SO missed you lately Laila. I hope you are well rested, and ready to take on one of the most important fights this country has ever seen. I know you are focused on local skullduggery – and it’s BC so that’s a full time job – but HARPER must be stopped.
    What good we try to do at the local level will be next to impossible until we get this thug out of Ottawa and influencing policy across Canada.
    I will try to keep calm!
    But the time has come to expose the thousand treasons that Harper has systematically instigated, and has allowed to happen.
    I hope you pepper your excellent reporting of local political crimes, with a few tales of federal election propaganda – and the truth behind the spin.
    Our positive future as Canadians depends on regime change.


  2. Welcome back Laila! What happened to the Sea to Sky story and the tidbit on Port Mann? Did I miss a posting?
    The fish are biting like crazy!


  3. You tell us to keep calm , but you return. How can we keep calm when you, one of the most exciting persons in the world returns. Let’s jump for joy and be excited!


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