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Newton Spooktacular a testament to the power of community.

I spent the afternoon at a fabulous community event in the heart of Newton today, that brought the first hint of how incredible the future of Newton is going to be.

Planned and presented by the Newton BIA, the underground parking of the Newton Save On Foods was turned into a spooktacular Halloween party venue – completely free. Goblins bopped to the beat of a live DJ while a zombie dance troupe thrilled the crowd with a performance to Thriller. The air was filled with the aroma of freshly popped corn,grilled chicken skewers and fresh corn on the cob, while the biggest pumpkin patch Newton has ever seen also helped support for the Surrey Food Bank by accepting donations.

A petting zoo thrilled everyone in one corner while others made their way through all the free venues of crafts, face painting, artist portraits, a movie theatre and train ride around the block. And all our favourite merchants on 137 st opened their doors and hearts with offerings of candy for kids trick or treating and coffee for the parents.

Standing in line for the train, I was speaking with a lovely young couple with their little ones.

“This is so amazing!” the young woman said: “You have no idea, Newton has been through so much. But there are some people here who are changing things though, these people who do these events. We need more of them here. It makes it feel more like a community.”

I smiled,but didn’t tell her I know all about what Newton has been through.And she is right. I talked to a lot of  really happy people today and the common line was: ” We need more of this in Newton.”  We need more happiness, more community events, and we will. There are people here who are changing things. They do their work quietly and without much fanfare, but it shows in the hundreds of people who attended today’s event, that there is a hunger for change and for community building. Newton is a cultural rainbow and today, it shone through the foggy skies, a beacon of hope for the future to come.

Huge props to Philip Aguirre, director of the Newton BIA( and owner of The Old Surrey Restaurant and Bistro 72), David Dalley, and his group of community members who were up early today setting up hay bales, decorating, and making sure this was a first class event. And a big thank you to Save On Foods in Newton, for the venue, DeSerre’s for the crafts and all the other merchants and  volunteers  who made this possible. You’ve all made Newton so proud!

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    • Yes, they were amazing. I hope more people go into Newton and support the shops and businesses along 137 st- there is even free parking now! A new art gallery, great shops and shop-owners.

      We hear so often the bad that happens, and so we should. But we need to celebrate and share the good as well. And this, was amazing. 😀


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