Dear Lord, you can’t make this stuff up. Seriously.

Want to know the definition of irony?

Peter Fassbender, minister of everything under the kitchen sink,  a man who, in his own word, is  “one who believes strongly in democracy and people’s right to be engaged” using his concern over free speech and democratic rights to defend the reason he will not ban or limit corporate or union donations in civic elections. 

The proposed legislation from Peter Fassbender’s office does set limits on campaign expenses, based on a city’s population, and on third-party advertising.

But it sets no limits on campaign donations, no bans on corporate or union donations, no requirement to disclose donations before the election and no requirement to report donations in years outside the election year.

That goes against what the province’s union of municipalities, with Vancouver council leading the way, has asked for since 2013 because of concerns about multimillion-dollar elections or campaigns in which one donor appears to have too much influence.

But the minister said there are problems with setting tight limits on donations and who can donate.

“I’m one who believes strongly in democracy and people’s right to be engaged,” said Mr. Fassbender, a former mayor of the City of Langley. “If there is too tight a box [around campaign donations], people will say it affects free speech and democracy.”

And by that, as one person commented when I posted this online, he means ” Could effect my chances for re-election.”

The irony?

That this sudden champion for democracy and the people’s right to be engaged, remains silent in the face of ongoing scandals involving his own governments efforts to circumvent democracy.

Sorry Fassbender but I’d have to give you a ‘D’ for effort on this one. Elections unfettered by monetary influence, free from large corporate, personal or unions donations are essential for democracy.  The only ‘people’ who are going to complain about limits, are the ones handing out the cash.

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  1. I’m sure a lot of British Columbins would agree. We can’t wait for the next provincial election.
    Clark’s outfit.

  2. Isn’t he the one who rigorously defends the right to beg for food and sleep under bridges for everyone rich or poor?

  3. That would be the same Peter Fassbender who killed the free and open source tool being created by caring teachers in Saanich so he could spend countless millions on a closed source proprietary software blob that is at this very moment stymieing students, teachers and families across the province today?

  4. Like Harper, the Con-hiding-as-liberals Clark gov’t and her co-horts always say 100% opposite of whatever they actually mean.
    As an addition, found this recently. I’d already figured out the way our right-wing owned media had done a kind of vote suppression in 2013 in essence saying: it’s a given, the NDP have won, so the lazy voters figured they didn’t have to again. But this was insider info very few could have known:
    TOPP SECRET Posted on April 18, 2014 by admin /By Walt McGinnis
    Was the 2013 Election in British Columbia Rigged?

    • My intuition as well – big injection of $$ or rumoured so? at the last min.? – dirty tricks? a la her Con friends? She lost her SEAT!! FSS!!

  5. Sooooo, essentially Fassbender thinks that unregulated lobbying is A-OK.
    This “enlightened” view of the democratic election funding process spewed forth by another BC Liberal surprises whom?

    Lobbying is, without a doubt, the main reason for the ever louder demands for a rewriting of election rules before the last vestiges of democracy slink towards the exit..
    When money, can and does, buy the ruling, elected party’s ear….. democracy takes second fiddle to the wishes of either corporations or unions.
    Neither of which , ultimately has the best interests of the average taxpayer at heart.
    Lets face it . Its OUR money these people urinate against the wall with total impunity time and time again.
    And if there are any questions asked…..or Freedom of Info requests put forth……shredding, redacted, or deleted seems to be the status quo.

    If this isnt illegal it should be.
    But then again, the judges and the crown council were usually appointed by the self same govts we are talking about… conflict there….

    Lobbying is the scourge of democracy and the sooner it is identified, auditted, regulated, or completely banned…..the better for all.

    The judicial and democratic process in the new millenia……riiiiiiiiiight.

  6. What Fassbender has said makes perfect sense, to him and his. We have all known for a very long time that the Socreds and B.C. Lieberal farm teams were the municipal parties and politicans. If they were restricted how could those politicians develop and become good little B.C. Lieberals. Being influenced by money and political supporters is important when you plan on becoming a B.C. Lieberal. deleting e-mails would be another. Letting children die in care is another.

    The most direct policies which make a great deal of money for provincial supporters of the B.C. Lieberals is at the local level. i.e. developers. When the developers are happy, they donate to the B.C. Lieberals in provincial elections, so really, this does make sense.

    In my opinion, this isn’t about democracy. This is about ensuring the free flow of money to the B.C. Lieberals and municipal buddies in politics. With so much provincial attention given to foreign owned LNG corporations, there has to be something for the small fish in the province. Letting them play lets buy an election locally is a good way to go.

    When it comes to B.C. politics, there is nothing which surprises me, especially if it concerns the current government.

  7. A+ x 2 from me.

    One for the post. One for noncon’s comment.

    Outstanding times…2015.

  8. Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau had the compassion and sensibility to respond yesterday to the Tofino tragedy and try to provide comfort to the families of the victims, the survivors and the rescuers..

    You can envisage the Christy conversation: Damn, Trudeau beat me to the punch. Get me to Tofino as quickly as possible and bring lots of cameras.

    Clark and her trainers are so busy screwing the people of B.C. that they are clueless about reality and will use tragedy (Amanda Todd, for example) to try to score political points. Despicable.

    She will not answer legitimate questions about the mountain of scandals caused by her government, but it’s “News conference, News conference” shouted out to all media outlets today. Sickening.

  9. yes Christy was there for another deMille moment. can’t show up for any interviews regarding all those dead children in the care of her government, but 5 tourists from over seas, she can get all over that in a flash bulb second. on the other hand it doesn’t say much about b.c. we the citizens voted her into office and are keeping her and her mlas in office.