“In every walk with nature,one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

Most of the time I write about politics: scandal, malfeasance, injustices and wrongs. I follow, research,live and breathe it…and for the most part, I’ve learned to wash that coating of cynicism behind with each day.

But sometimes,when I’m particularly troubled or disturbed by whatever story that’s bothering me, I need a bit more and as long time readers know, that means off to the woods, the mountains or the sea. For me as with many others, nothing quite restores the spirit, softens the heart and brings perspective and rejuvenation like nature.

Hal Borland once said: ” You can’t be suspicious of a tree, accuse a bird of subversion or challenge the ideology of a violet.” And while that makes me chuckle, it’s surely true.

I’ve been working on a post since Monday,wrapping more questionable actions of the BC government together with the ongoing deleted emails,non-responsive FOI’s and the health firings disaster. And all of it still really bothers me.This particular series of scandals and malfeasance really strikes a chord that goes beyond government wrongdoing… and the tragic human aspect of it,is what’s hard to put aside.

So this afternoon it was time to just enjoy the break between storms and reconnect with nature. And what a walk it turned out to be…. watching salmon spawning, seeing the very moment when a new generation is released and fertilized…alone with just the fish, the breeze and the sun… magical.

There is something sacred about the life cycle of the salmon, a poignant beauty to be found both in life and death, the struggle and overpowering instinct to return to the spot they were born. Nothing is more important than going home, and home is where they continue to nurture the forest even in death, their spent carcasses feeding the eagles, bear, coyotes and more.

Whatever is left, decomposes into the earth,sustaining the trees along the banks of the creeks and rivers, creating lush forests that provide shelter for other forest creatures.

There is not one bit of waste in nature.Every living thing provides for some other creature – even us – which is why the balance of what we see around us, is so incredibly important.

Because “Nature is not a place to visit… it is home.” ~ Gary Snyder. And it feeds not only our bodies, but our spirits as well.

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  • I’ll be back to that post tomorrow,so watch for it before Friday.

6 thoughts on ““In every walk with nature,one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

  1. Went to the remembrance day service in Calgary @ military museum. Your positive regards to the day must have been carried far on the breeze . Wonderful and large respectful crowd. All ages


    1. Lovely to hear! I’ve never been to the military museum there,but went often to the privately run Chilliwack one before they were evicted from their location next to the CBSA/RCMP training grounds.I’m hoping they relocate to Cloverdale.

      The celebrations were wonderful here this morning,sunny and clear and well attended. The afternoon walk seeing the cycle of life was a fitting end to a special day.


  2. worst return of sockeye to the adams river since 1938,and not a peep,yup we sure are looking after them good….getting less than one to one back for spawners to the whole Fraser system spells extinction to me


    1. I saw that – so tragic! Some runs have been flush,others decimated this year. There are several runs on this tributary, waiting for the coho’s to come apparently any time now.


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