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Powerful and compelling words from Treaty 8 Elders at Rocky Mountain Fort Camp,but is anyone in government listening?

In reading some of the reports on the Treaty 8 campers and their supporters at Rocky Mountain Fort heritage site, one is left wondering who these people are, and why are they there?

In the following video an elder who is in camp, shares in his own words, compelling reasons and feelings about what is going on,what will be lost and what it means to him. ( video may take a minute to load. Be patient! 🙂  )



1) BC Hydro issues eviction notice under cover of  New Years Eve

2) A litmus test for ‘Real Change’ : where is Justin Trudeau on Site C? Why isn’t new federal government investigating why Harper invoked cabinet secrecy on Site C decison?

3) ( photos of demonstration here)  Separate demonstration at Site C BC Hydro gates results in three arrests, including Arthur Hadland- long time former Peace River politician

4)  UBCIC issues press release one day after Treaty 8 does, asking BC Hydro to stand down.

5) Debunking Energy Minister Bill Bennetts misleading statment on Global BC

**The most telling comments from Bennett came in this Globe and Mail article from a while back. The last two paragraphs, are alarming.


  1. It is completely astonishing that a $9 or $10 billion project is proceeding in the face of substantial and mounting evidence that it is not in the public interest, and the cabinet minister supposedly in charge says he is not confident in the project. According to the article, he has marching orders from one person to see that the project is built and he sees his role solely as “trying” to make sure it gets built for what “they” tell him its going to cost. And he’s miffed that anyone would suggest independent experts might be able to help him with his confidence level.

    With a guy like that running the ministry, what could possibly go wrong?


      • BC Hydro was paying big dividends to the province in the time of the NDP government, but that was before it owed $multi-billions for IPP power contracts. Most IPPs came after 2002.


    • In that article, says Bill Bennett: “Hydro’s OK, they aren’t broke or anything, or in the red or anything like that.”

      I don’t know about that, Bill. The BC Liberal contracts that force high-cost power from IPP run-of river operations have them losing money on every unit they buy, as no one wants to pay that much for it.

      Buy high, sell low — when they could be buying it from Washington State on the cheap, or producing it at their own legacy dams.

      How long can such a losing proposition continue before Hydro goes broke… or forces us all to pay even higher rates, to fund the friends of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, who build and operate the IPP sites?


  2. this project will go ahead, regardless of who protests, who says what. with the Canadian dollar sinking, logging companies are most likely lining up to purchase the logs. IF the logs are going to the U.S.A. logging companies will make almost double their usual amounts because they’re being paid in American dollars.

    Nothing is going to stop Christy Clark and her B.C. Lieberals. Even with an election, there is no assurances that the NDP will win, because they haven’t been doing their spade work.


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