Just because it touched me deeply.

A moment caught by a Surrey resident on sky train recently is making its way around Facebook. The humanity & courage of the moment,is incredibly touching.




4 Comments on “Just because it touched me deeply.

  1. A touching story. It shows us that there are often better ways to deal with tense situations, than take-downs, tasers and guns.

    • It’s also very sad, but I am still deeply touched that she did this when so many would just turn the other way.

    • Touching, Mr. Beer N. Hockey, is exactly the word.
      That’s exactly what happened. A mother didn’t allow personal fear (a true definition of a hero) to stop her from feeling compassion and empathy for that man.
      She reached out and touched him, both physically and emotionally. She did alone what 12 cops, yelling and fear and eventually a potential shooting could never have done, and that’s save a soul.
      My eyes well with tears when I think about what it was like for that woman.. and why it’s so hard for others to show that same compassion, above and beyond their personal fears.
      So much pain, misery, the kind that just drives people mad as it’s a very stacked system when you’re at the bottom, not a lot of hope.
      And hope, imho, is what community is about, and humanity should be about.