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LNG might be a dead duck, but someone found the Golden Goose!

Spent the morning listening in on opening statements from BC Hydro’s lawyer at Supreme Court and will post a bit on that later. But I ran into a friend in government on the skytrain home who told me Gordon Wilsons appointment to LNG advocate, had once again, been renewed by the Clark government:


And what you might want to notice is that they have appointed him until… get this… 2018!!!

I guess that ensures he has a job regardless of whether the Liberals win or lose the next election, but since Judi Tyabji is writing Clark’s bio, that works quite well for them both,doesn’t it?

Considering oil and gas revenues are dropping faster then flies in a hot tent and LNG is never going to be what Clark promised, how does government justify this kind of position?  LNG has become – as Gordon Wilson once wrote- a dead duck.

Shortly after he first received this position,Wilson made his blog private. However thanks to the wonders of the internet, archived versions remain:


***Click on each photo, which will open in a new link – click on that photo for a full size version




So there you have it. While BC LNG does seem to be turning out to be a dead duck, Wilson surely found the Golden Goose regardless..




  1. Looks like another by the seat of your pants investment in gobbly gook by the BC Liberals. they should have no authority to appoint someone beyond their mandate unless there is a no severence clause.


  2. Laila, I have no comments regarding this or the previous topic on Site C.
    I must though say, over the past several months you have really come into your own and these last 2 posts are proof of your ability to cut right to the chase. Your well laid out pieces, links, quotes etc. make it a pleasure to read, effortless to follow and most of all, easy to pass on.

    You are right up there with the best of them now and you should be proud of what you are doing.

    So much better than “it is too; it is not” squabbles in 24.

    Keep it up , your work has tons of value.


  3. Judi Tyabji political story

    Last installment of the Trilogy:
    “This is the third time in my life where I have felt compelled to tell a political story from a perspective that is a little different,” she said

    Authored publications

    In 1994, she and Gordon Wilson co-authored a book Political Affairs.
    In 2002, she authored a book Daggers Unsheathed
    In 2016, she authored a book __________________Christy Clark!


  4. At least we know where all those riches are going from LNG ! lol

    Check it out, according to this week’s budget:

    The Ministry of Natural Gas Development is on track to spend $2.58 billion (2013/14 to 2018/19). Natural gas royalties are on track to bring in $1.65 billion over the same period.

    Prosperity B.C. is just around the bend. We are only gonna about a Billion in the hole! But Gordo got his piece! Not bad for standing up mere hours before the election and endorsing Christy and the Liberals.


  5. I can’t help but wonder why the BC electorate didn’t read Wilson’s blog. If they had, surely this corrupt government we’ve had for 15 long years wouldn’t have been elected a fourth time.


    • You lose when you say No to everything as the NDP leader Adrian Dix did during the election campaign. You also lose when a political leader panders to a specific lobby group as Dix also did. In short, you can thank Dix for, who ran one of the poorest election campaigns in BC history for Cristy Clark and the Liberal’s win once gain.


  6. From within the link to the WayBackMachine is anther one…

    Enough of is it is, or is it ain’t balanced – talk about YOUR policies and how you will pay for them.
    Posted by gordonfdwilson on April 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

    In the live CKNW radio debate Christy Clark again said the budget was balanced. Adrian Dix said the only person in BC who thinks the budget is balanced is Christy Clark. Wow! Please no more. This is a straw man and neither of you are making any sense. snip


  7. it isn’t the work Wilson does for her that gets him the salary, its to keep people around her to tell her how great she is, she has to pay them, just like Pammy. Now she has hired a bunch of Harper’s left overs/rejects. No wonder the new remind me so much of Harper’s old ads. lets hope it works as well for Christy as they did for stevie.

    Wilson is what I would refer to as a political whore. He goes where the money is. and Christy is dumb enough to believe he knows what he is doing, ,or she is trying to buy his silence


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