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A moment of LNG levity

Tonight this politically charged gem comes to you from Gerry Hummel of Kitimat BC. He just whipped up this little cartoon about the BC governments LNG debacle and sent it on over – I think you’ll find it ‘bang on’. 🙂

12771836_10154111734427203_7447275010237187623_o (2)

Like Gerry’s work? Contact Gerry at : for commissions of caricatures,cartoons, or just to tell him how talented he is 🙂

( and if you haven’t, head back to the home page,scroll down and read about some interesting points made in BC Hydro’s statements to the court Monday)


    • No website, he said just give him an email – I’ve seen many over the years and as Rafe states, he’s done work for them over at Commonsense Canadian. His ability to capture such accurate likeness of his subjects is amazing!


  1. Gerry is fantastic and has done great work for several years for Damien Gillis at Common Sense Canadian ( where – don’t let this put you off, now! – i can be found every week.

    Gerry is not only a great cartoonist, he’s a great guy too!


  2. Very timely cartoon as I just read in the Terrace Standard that Altagas has shelved their Northwestern BC LNG project which I thought had the greatest chance to be completed as they have an existing underused natural gas pipeline to Kitimat.


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