Sometimes, there are happy endings.

Great news to share with all of you: both eagles we found earlier this spring,fully recovered from their injuries and were released today at the OWL annual open house!

Full details and video of the releases, here :

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, there are happy endings.

  1. I’m delighted! Ever since I was a little boy, fishing on Howe Sound with my Mom and Dad i’ve been a tiny bit frightened, in a good way, and fascinated by these magnicent birds. We nearly lost them to DDT but didn’t thanks to Rachel Carson, who is my hero and I pray we don’t lose them for good to the rapine machinations of Sukanto Tanoto, Christy and Justin.


    1. After this adventure,I am too a bit frightened in a good way- these boys had talons that could rip your arm to shreds and in fact talking to Colin today, he was saying that the eagle he was carrying was trying to scratch and peck him when he went was taking him out of his enclosure for release. Magnificent birds,both of them. Such a memorable experience,one that really will last a lifetime.

      I just hope these boys don’t run into each other and start fighting again…lol


  2. Laila since the night your blog was hijacked the first thing that came to mind were these Eagles. You know how I feel about the connections between wildlife & humans. These Eagles brought you a message even if you didn’t know it at the time. Your blog was pulled when you spoke of the other Eagles nests in danger.. Coincidence? or did these beautiful creatures lead you to their message.. 😉 Everything happens for a reason.


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