New post coming soon

It has been a very busy couple of weeks and noticable by the absence of posts here.

The long weekend and the last few days have been taking care of kidlets who have been down with a horrific noro-type bug that seems to spread faster than the spin from BC Liberal digital influencers- I caught it too and this is the first I’ve been upright in 36 hours.

However, I’ve also been working on an updated version of the 1oo Reasons the BC Liberals Need to Go, which is a tremendous project in itself. Old links need to be updated and there is an extensive new list that is growing weekly. If you have any reasons to add, please list them at the original link in the comments and I’ll add them in- I just ask that you include a documented link to the reason. As much as you might like to say you just don’t like Christy Clark and crew, you need to have an actual event,policy or scandal to attach to that. And please, keep it civil and clean.

There is so much to catch up on. The arrogance being displayed by ministers in BC in many stories I’ve been reading,has reached alarming levels.The deliberate circumvention of regulatory process in another story, disturbing.

This government needs to go.And I’ll be back very soon with more stories you need to know.


13 Comments on “New post coming soon

    • Haha! All I need is a gif of someone rubbing their hands together mischievously….

  1. Ok, sorry to hear of your ills. Noro just screamed through an elderly care facility in Marpole. Ran in one door, hit everyone, left and circled back…twice.

    Glad to hear the rest is good. Was just concerned…illness…nother hack?
    Buckets of patience here.

    • Good grief. Twice? Knock on wood we barely survived this one round.

      Funny enough, someone did try and send two emails last week laden with malicious code but thankfully the peeps who helped me get back online gave me a great education and set me up with ways to detect very sneaky items now. Thanks for your concern, I appreciate it.I feel the same way about all of you when I don’t see someone post for a while. 🙂

    • Good thing 🙂 And I love that you knew exactly I would worry about you my friend.

  2. So I think that we need to know exactly how many days she has sat in the house, that in itself should be a scandal. Also, who are all the dirty underlings doing what dirty jobs?

  3. do take it easy and get well.

    100 reasons to get rid of the B.C. Lieberals, an updated version? You’re going to need more room.

    be well and we can all wait until you and the kids are well again. In the meantime if people are bored they could take one of your old 100 reasons and write a letter to the editor and then complain to the MLA.

    • Much better now thank you, but a wicked wicked virus that put many into hospital. But a good suggestion for people to write their local editors and complain to MLA!!

  4. yeah tha flu bug is making the rounds. I had a slight brush with it a week or so back. No fun.

    I just thought you were working on another major story that the local news media would pointedly ignore.
    Rest Grasshopper. The liberals and the seemingly endless “targets of opportunity” will still be there tomorrow.
    AND its supposed to pour rain ALL WEEKEND. Perfect excuse to stay home

    • I’m working on a couple stories still alongside too,neither covered in media and both alarming as hell. But sometimes even I have to have the patience to sit on a story until the right info comes in. 😉

      Yeah, pouring this am. Just looked outside and the garden is so lush it looks like Eden. 🙂 Green strawberries waiting to be kissed with sun,ladybugs everywhere. Heaven. I love warm rain. Its the cold December ones that keep me in.

    • Some local businesses and community members in Newton have been discussing the return of a casino there, combined with a theatre hotel etc. Personally I dont think its a great method of revitalization and the community fought hard to stop it from entering one of the lowest income areas.