Inaugural edition of ‘Political Intel’ on the Jon McComb show

It was a fun start to our inaugural segment on the Jon McComb show this morning, and Jon extended the segment beyond the 9-9:30 slot,nearly to the 10 am news to take listener calls and emails!

We talked about the affordable housing issue, foreign investment, real estate report and oversight and how to address it.

You can listen in here online, no matter where you are:

As well, I made mention of the Panda Bonds issued by the BC government in China earlier this year- here is the link to an earlier post on that for listeners/readers who were not aware:

I’m working on a couple of stories- one that’s really interesting when it comes to regulators- for next week, but will be enjoying the Canada Day long weekend break here at home, so watch for a post to celebrate how amazing this country is, on Friday!

Until then, enjoy the sun, peruse some of the articles here on the site or check out the Best of page!


2 thoughts on “Inaugural edition of ‘Political Intel’ on the Jon McComb show

  1. Enjoyed the show. Yes, I did something I haven’t done since the 1970’s, turned on the radio at home!

    Will be listening next week again. Thank you to you, M. Brown, John McComb, CKNW, and Save on Foods for sponsoring it, including the commercial by the cute Darryl,

    You and Brown put the issues out there this morning.

    The B.C. Lieberals must be feeling some heat because they did announce the changes for real estate agents, but what they are in my opinion doing, is simply blaming real estate agents for the high cost of housing. (yes there are ones with problematic ethical practises, but that on its own doesn’t raise the cost of housing the way its gone up.) Its not the fault of the real estate agents, its the fault of the government for not dealing with the issues of foreign ownership.

    thanks again for doing the show and to all those who made it happen.

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  2. I wish you nothing but success with the new venue- I visit here often, comment very little. However, I still can’t get past the stench of Gordon Campbell that comes off of Martyn Brown. I sincerely hope he’s a changed man with a new moral compass, but my skepticism is still pretty strong. Anyhow – the best of luck with the new show!


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