This weeks edition of Political Intel on the Jon McComb show

This week Martyn and I  joined Jon to talk about George Gretes and the triple delete scandal, LNG, Vancouver real estate and more. Had a bit of technical difficulty midway but managed to get back on and we finished strong: You can listen in here:

I’ll have a blog for you tomorrow on a few items of interest this week so check back then.


5 thoughts on “This weeks edition of Political Intel on the Jon McComb show

  1. That was a good show.
    In case you missed it, the three minutes your phone was dead, starting at 16:54 is worth a listen.
    Mr. Brown was talking about Christybelles ability to “pretend we didn’t say that.”

    Say what you like about Mr. Brown, he has street and political smarts.
    He also seems to have painted a large target on Lady Photo Op.


    1. Thanks Hawgwash-turns out work in the area interrupted service and it was out for less than a half hour, but what horrible timing!! The producer pulled up my cell number and called me on that.

      I just listened. Martyn does have a wealth of info and insight. And he calls it as he see’s it when it comes to most things 😉


  2. Amazing how the woman that was reported to the police by the NDP member who constituency office was being defrauded by a worker, knocked the triple delete scandal out of the headlines, Hmmm coincidence?? or just being sat on by the MSM until something the BC Libs need to be knocked out of the headlines.


    1. Could be.But it’s a story regardless and its really bothersome how so many NDP supporters are upset its being told.As we both spoke to, the manner in which the money allotted to constituency offices and accounted for, is frankly ridiculous regardless of what party one belongs to. This is 2016,not 1971. Many have been pushing for greater accountability when it comes to MLA’s,their expenses and how the accounting is done ( like Martyn mentioned, no receipts needed for housing)

      George Gretes story isn’t over yet. And keep in mind it is the silly summer season of news too. Most people aren’t paying attention to anything right now,are on summer vacation or playing with the kids. When September arrives and people are back to their schedules, we’ll be here to let them know what happened over summer


  3. It is totally ridiculous that MLAs receive $12K per year, with no requirement for receipts, for housing. The Legislature sits for only a few months per year. Some live in the area. But regardless they receive the $12K per year. Nice perk while the disabled receive $908 per month to survive on. So what it comes to, is M.L.A.s receive more in housing allowances per year than the disabled get in a whole year to live on.

    If an M.L.A. is anti poverty, they might want to stand up and say so and donate their “housing allowance” to a shelter or affordable housing group. They could campaign to change the rules around this. To date we haven’t seen this happen. M.L.A.s are free to use the money to purchase R.V.s, boats, take trips, etc.

    An amount needs to be set for M.L.A.s to receive as a per deium, which is raised each year or not, depending upon the increase of costs of living away from home. When they aren’t in Victoria working in the legislature, they don’t need to receive the money. Those who have full time residences in Victoria, don’t need the money at all. We have working men and women who travel from Abbotsford to Vancouver every day and pay tolls. People travel from the Comox Valley every day to go to Nanaimo for work and from Duncan to Victoria. If its good enough for the taxpayers, it ought to be good enough for the M.L.A.s It will keep them in touch with the realities of life.

    Whether its money the M.L.A.s are spending on themselves or triple deleting e-mails our politicians need to be held accountable. In the case of the worker who was convicted today, where was his boss, i.e. the Minister Responsible. When workers are triple deleting, they aren’t making those decisions on their own. But that will be another scandal for another day. The question needs to be asked and answered: where was the minister responsible on all of this. If they say they don’t know, they ought to resign.


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