“The two great movers of the human mind are the desire of good and the fear of evil.” ― Amit Abraham

It was October 30th when a friend who happens to also be a regular pundit as well, messaged me about the American election,told me how sick he was feeling of it all and that he hoped Clinton wrapped it up.

My response:

“I have a gross feeling that he is going to win…”

I could imagine his face while reading that, but his disbelief came through loud and clear in his response… “But his ground game is so terrible… prediction sites say his chances are low but still a chance…”

You see, when it comes to any election, I have never really paid attention to polls. They really and truly mean nothing to me. What I go on is two things: gut instinct and a knowledge of the kind of people in different areas and what they are saying without words. And I told him that… and then this:

“People are odd. He appeals to many people’s inner base. I see that even here…one friend was lost when he posted something about Trump and  proudly admitted he was pro-life. This from a progressive man…or so many had thought. But Trump made him feel safe in revealing that along with a few other tidbits.

 That…is humanity in a nutshell. He believes in women’s rights… except when it comes to this one aspect. And there are a lot of people who are worse. Many Clark supporters love Trump. Its alarming.
I hope I’m wrong.But look here in Canada how long Harper won. And Clark. People rarely vote for whats good for them… but for what makes them feel good.

And while he said he appreciated my perspective I know he didn’t think it was correct. Until I messaged him last night during what was a shocking result for many. And when I posted on facebook people still did not believe that it was possible… until it really was.

Shades of the last BC Election when everyone predicted the BC NDP were going to win… except a week before the race I joined Philip Till on his then morning show and said if they didn’t get their act together they could very well lose. And everyone said I was crazy. And then they lost, miserably.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about politics in BC specifically, but more so about the people in this province who vote. For a province known to be full of lefties, we generally vote right. And a lot of people couldnt figure out why.

It was on a trip home to PG that I really realized what it was all about. After listening to and talking with my readers from every corner of this province for so many years, one thing was clear. Voters here are very conservative even if they claim to be lefties, and I use the word to mean cautious. They would rather vote for the devil they know than the devil they don’t.  And when presented with an alternative that is generally less than inspiring… well you get more than a decade of BC Liberals in charge.

It’s human nature and that is what makes a pollsters job so hard. Because even here in BC, people may tell their friends they don’t know who they are going to vote for… or say they are going to vote NDP, but when they actually get to the voting booth its a big cross for the Liberal candidate.

Trump made it ok for every person who had been secretly harbouring some inner racist feelings, to express it. He said the words far too many wanted to say. It was more than just sticking it to the man, to the government machine, it was all about making people feel like they have been right all these years and God Bless America get the damn migrants out.

(The fact that those migrant workers are the glue that is keeping America together because they just want to have a better life and often do the jobs no one else wants to do is lost to Trump supporters. Scrubbing toilets, changing linens, dishwashing, deliveries, taxi drivers and yes it is new immigrants who are often raising other womens children while they work….and like here in Canada and yes British Columbias, migrant workers pick our berries and harvest the food we eat because most people here would not work for wages that low or in conditions that appalling. )
And the people who voted for Trump  didn’t likely think that through either. Nothing mattered except that he made them feel good, he made them feel right… he validated the things that so many would never reveal socially here.

When the results started coming in last night and it was clear Trump was going to be the next president, I took to social media:


There is really nothing I can do for the US. But there is plenty that I can do for BC. And that so many are so shocked that someone like Trump could become president speaks to how little so many actually understand voters… even voters here in BC.

What it has become reduced to now is this. We have the BC NDP lead by John Horgan who in my opinion, has far too many on board who are far too comfortable sitting in opposition. Why do I say that? Because of the back room antics going on in different ridings around BC and the strong smell of desperation that goes with it. The inability to take a firm stance on some issues. And the direction some of their organizers are taking on social media tells me that whoever is handling that aspect still has not, after all these years, schooled them on using social media effectively.

But the biggest problem I see for the NDP is their inability to look past the end of their nose to truly understand the voting public beyond and outside their base. I have written extensively on this over the last couple of years to no avail. The message some voters in this province who are undecided and reach out are getting is this: We know we can’t win your riding so we really don’t care about you. And you will never win that way. Ever.

Perhaps that is a truth some don’t want to hear and many will deny, but that’s fact. You want to win an election? Every single vote matters. And respect that their vote is theirs, and not for you to tell where to put it. Don’t tell voters that if they vote Green they are splitting the vote. It’s their vote remember? You are not entitled to it… you have to earn it.

And clearly my friends, the BC Liberals have been earning those votes regardless of what it takes to get them. Or regardless if those votes result in unfulfilled promises again and again. People do not always vote for what is good for them,they often vote for who makes them feel good. And with money flowing prior to an election, Ms. Clark does that very well.

That is my message for the NDP. You want to be bold? Stop listening to whoever is helping you lose more than a decades worth of elections. It’s not working for you. And it certainly isn’t working for the state of the province. To be successful you need to evolve as the world evolves and the NDP federally and provincially remain stuck in a bygone era with little appeal to most non party voters. And truly, it doesn’t have to be that way but when things stagnate…

For progressive voters in BC, let the lesson of Trump resonate long and loud. Clark uses the same tactics but to a lesser degree. Fear the party of NO. Fear the Forces of NO. Fear the nineties. We are gonna have a billion zillion jobs and make BC Grow. Gonna grow that economy. Get those jobs here for your kids in BC. To herd them all you’re gonna need a lot of cowboys one tweet read from someone at the Liberal convention last weekend. One paper even called her out for for talking about studies that didn’t even exist. You really do have to fact check everything. Just because an elected official says it, doesn’t make it true.

And like in the US, the voters here eat it up too.

So, while the US progressives mourn and point fingers instead of looking in the mirror for some self-reflection, you have some work to do.

Because it’s no longer enough to be a decent person. It’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news. True enlightened activism is the only thing that can save humanity from itself.”― Joss Whedon


10 Comments on ““The two great movers of the human mind are the desire of good and the fear of evil.” ― Amit Abraham

  1. clinton lost the election because of her lies, blaming everything on russia, if she had won she would have started world war III. clinton is definitely a war monger and i cannot think of anything more evil than a war, especially one created by lies. trump is far from perfect, however he is willing to communicate with putin, andwho knows, maybe even get some good trade deals between usa and russia. peace is good. i believe trump has selected a good vice president in pence,who hopefully will get the government on the right track. do you think clinton isnt’t racist. clinton does not care one bit about the lives of the brown people in the middle east she has destroyed, arming the rebels in syria, attacking iraq and so on. do the lives of the people in the middle east not matter to the west, it appears not. at least trump is transparent, whereby clinton is a phony and a liar and cares mainly about power and money. a change had to happen.

  2. Have you seen the TV commercial for job training for people on assistance and disability? It features a single mom who’s training to be a cook. The tag line is, “To see if you qualify, visit…” and gives a web address which I didn’t note.

    The times I’ve been on assistance, for some reason those training programs were very difficult to get into. How truthful is the ad?

  3. Yup.
    Christy has mastered the “BS of bafflegab” .
    She’s not as boorish and loutish as Donald Trump but she does BS witht the best of them and when she has a compliant media(unlike The Donald) there is no stopping her.
    Especially when the NDP has essentially disappeared off the face of the Earth.
    Prepare for endless photo ops with the Premier making new job announcements ie the Woodfibre LNG, the new Autism center in Richmond ( its world class!), The 1st new Salish Class BC ferry should arrive this winter, the Dam in the Peace…..and on and on and on.
    All while the NDP sit on their hands saying nothing about the lost jobs to foreign shipyards, the pollution , the costs and the rising taxes.
    For every Liberal announcement there should be an NDP counter point.

    I can dream cant I?

    • Better question for me, how hurtful was that ad.. when you advertise for training for ” PWD single Mom’s” but flash it on TV during dinner hour when kids of parents that can’t work, or find work that accommodates their disability.. what message was sent.. Ad states your child won’t have a better life if you don’t take training to better yourself.. really powerful message to give to a child .. just my opinion but it immediately caught my eye..

  4. I realized who Donald Trump reminded me of when his election win was announced.

    Rob Ford.

  5. A typical ‘lack of tactic’ by the NDP was displayed in the last BC election. Cariboo North electoral District ran 3 Candidates, a Liberal an NDP and an Independent (Simpson). Every one new that the Independent would win the election if he was only competing with the Liberal candidate. But no the NDP ran a candidate and split the vote and the Liberal won. No tactical sense displayed by the NDP. This forthcoming election, the Liberals are out there but where are the NDP and what are they standing for??? Good article Laila.

  6. Thank you, Laila –

    I really hope John Horgan and crew are reading, marking and inwardly digesting your observations and advice especially about the use of social media since they remain invisible (read blocked) on mainstream/corporate media which we all know is losing the battle for viewers/readers anyway.

  7. About a year from now, Bobbi-Sue and Billy-Bob will peek around the confederate flag they use as window curtains, and inspect their driveway as they’ve done every morning since the 2016 presidential election. They’ll again be disappointed that the new Chevy pickup with the note attached “From Donald” won’t be there.

    When they look down the street, they’ll notice there is a fairly new pickup in the driveway at the Ramirez residence. It’s the one Jorge uses to go to the two jobs Billy-Bob can’t seem to find. And Bobbi-Sue and Billy-Bob will grate at the fact that the Ramirez family aren’t in handcuffs on a boxcar headed for Tijuana as promised.

    Things will really get tense when Billy-Bob tries a medical claim for the arthritis in his trigger finger and finds out it isn’t covered under his new TrumpMed because it’s a pre-existing condition.

    One hopes that when these two and their peers realize they’ve been conned, they’ll take out their frustrations on the Conner-in-Chief, rather than the Ramirez family.

    I do hope I’m wrong and that Bobbi-Sue and Billy-Bob will be so enamored with their new pickup, boat, hot tub, and weapons arsenal they won’t have any frustrations except now that they have to work they’ll have little time to play with their toys. Just like Donald.

    But with the talent Donald Trump seems ready to surround himself with, and their stated objectives, I’m not optimistic. One of the many imminent Trump surprises will not be a united United States of America.

    Lessons for the BC Liberals or NDP here provincially? The bigger and more frequent the lies, the better chance they’ll be accepted. The BC Liberals don’t need the lesson. It’s been working for them for 16 years. In fact Trump may have learned it from them. The NDP have to put the New in New Democrats by either telling bigger lies than the BC Liberals (which would be almost impossible) or finding an innovative and effective way of convincing enough former BC Liberal voters they’ve been buying snake oil from con artists, but the NDP is bottling something independently certified as much better. I recommend the latter course of action. In a hurry.