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Musings from the #notrealworld

Sometimes…it takes just one little thing after so many big things to finally push people over the cliff.And maybe it is the time of the year or the stress of the seasonal holiday rush but honestly, I think we all have our limits.

Earlier this week Premier Clark joined Lynda Steele on CKNW for an interview on a variety of topics. Lynda played a few comments from people criticizing the first time home buyers down payment loan program that the premier had earlier announced with rosy cheeks and a Cheshire cat smile of satisfaction.

Clark listened to the peoples comments. Her response? “Most of those people don’t live in the real world…” And she said it with such a complete tone of disbelief that said loudly she thought those critics were crazy!

It’s alarming enough she doesn’t seem to understand why nearly every economist and finance critic has completely panned her plan, but her comment really told me how out of touch she was with many people in BC struggling and worried about making ends meet.

By yesterday morning, that feeling hadn’t faded. In fact I was a bit more peeved at hera arrogance. Not living in the real world? Hey we aren’t the ones leasing a nice place for several thousand dollars every month while renting out her own home, flying back and forth to a riding in the interior she doesn’t even live in on chartered flights.

We are the ones trying to make ends meet in a time when every trip to the grocery store results in higher bills for the same food. Where some have to decide which bill to pay this month because they are all going up. Where heating your home or buying food is a real choice thousands have to make every day. And where breakfast programs for children who go to school with no breakfast are sponsored by groups and businesses because 1 in 5 kids live in poverty in this province and schools are already short of funding.

So I took to twitter yesterday morning and after a few tries with hashtags that didn’t seem quite right came up with one that worked. And I hoped maybe a few people would catch on and tweet some examples…

But what happened yesterday – and continues today – was phenomenal.

#notrealworld struck a chord with people across every walk of life: seniors, teens, millenials, professionals, blue collar workers, moms and everyone in between.

Everyone is using it: regular people who don’t belong to any party, conservatives, formerly liberal voters, ndp and greens. It was even  trending in Canada most of yesterday in the top 10 and often first on the sidebar list! And it was trending again when I woke up this morning. With our combined reach people back east were watching too.

The #notrealworld hashtag is here to stay and has lasting power which we will engage and expand on in the new year. You can follow here even without a twitter account but I strongly suggest you make the leap and start an account if you haven’t. It is a highly effective tool for sharing info quickly.

Here are just a few of the tweets you’ll find as people expressed their disdain, their disappointment, their outrage and in many cases, sadness. And every single one matters.

And on it goes.  Some are very sad as Peter’s tweet shown here. Sometimes policy has very real and irreversible impacts. But this is real life in BC . This is what is happening.

Some are snarky. Most are very factual and include links or screenshots. And most are from average people just trying to make a life who find the premiers comments more like a smack in the face than a comment on some well deserved criticism. And as the day went on and evening brought an entirely new wave of tweeters and tweets, something became clear…

People felt empowered, and dare I say hopeful to see a flood of reality showing them they were not alone in their feelings. It was a collective shift in opinion and one that I think energized people in a way they haven’t felt in a while. And while this may be shown on social media now… I know that energy can be cultivated and engaged and translated into real world action on a grassroots level. Shine those lights. Let them attract others.Own your vote. Own the power your vote has. They spend hundreds of thousands to get that vote so they can stay in power…make them earn it.

So keep following that hashtag #notrealworld… and another I saw someone from UBC started #cantaffordChristy. Use them often and use them well. No rude or crude tweets please, there is enough factual info out there we really don’t need it and it’s just not cool.

Because in my #notreal world….this matters.And I think it does in yours too. Watch for my annual Christmas post soon!

*** I joined Drex who is filling in for Jon McComb today, to talk about the #notrealworld hashtag and you can listen to that here:


  1. If any one is not living in the real world it would be Christy Clark. Maybe her big mouth and sense of entitlement has finally be her undoing.I live in hope.


  2. Those of us peasant folk who actually live in the real world, not in a privileged political bubble, will show her what we think of her next year in the Provincial election. That should wipe the self satisfied smile off her face.


  3. I used to live in Hope, Bruce — but now I’m in Chilliwack, LOL!

    This movement may finally get me involved in the Twitterverse, if it is a more effective way for me to help affect change.


  4. A blockbuster research paper by Canadian Dr. Evelyn Forget “The Town With No Poverty” 38 pgs #mincome

    Decades later, Forget started digging for the data. She unearthed 1,800 dusty cardboard boxes — with information on each family receiving MINCOME — at Canada’s National Archives. Forget digitized the materials and matched MINCOME records with those in the database of Canada’s universal health insurance program, which was introduced around the same time. That allowed her to compare the health of those receiving MINCOME to the health of similar people who didn’t. It resulted in a blockbuster research paper, decades in the making: “The Town With No Poverty,” published in 2011.

    38 pages

    Click to access forget-cea%20%282%29.pdf



  5. What a mutt.
    That comment, right out of the Trump playbook, is the reason her handlers try to control her every move.
    Those contemptuous few words could be a bigger anvil around her neck than Site C, MSP, ICBC, Hydro, fired healthcare workers, PWD bus passes, pay for play and little Bobbie Rennie combined.

    I’m surprised no one has brought up the fact that Linda Steele could not get the May Queen on the show all year but as soon as Drex takes off, there she is.

    Gee, do you suppose they were afraid of MILF part deux?
    Or that Drex might thank her on air for getting him a job at NW?


  6. What does Site C, Fracking for Petronas and the George Massey Tunnel replacement have in common with one another? They’re not from the real world. They’re from Christy’s “Corporate top-up World.”


  7. Something that gets overlooked a lot also is that natural gas royalties and land sales have bottomed out right in the midst of her gigantic promise of $trillion in the prosperity fund due to her LNG dream. Instead the only money in there either came from MSP premiums or BCHydro dividends that the company was forced to borrow to pay. The real,world will be a bitter pill to swallow for her next May.


    • Not too mention that the Mining Companies have donated more to the Liberal Party than they have paid the people in Royalties. This type of behavior hast to stop.Time for Christy Clark to go.
      I was wondering if there was any interest with either parties to add a couple a couple of new lanes from Langley to Chilliwack on the #1 highway? Its getting busy in that stretch of Road,


  8. Love what you created! Some one isn’t living in the real world and I’d suggest its Christy Clark and her b.c. lieberals. Isn’t she the one who can’t live on the Premier’s salary over $130K a year and needs to skim $50K off of the pay to play soirees? Can’t make ends meet on over $130K a yr. How about disabled people having to live on $908 plus $21 if they have a bus pass or $908 plus $77 but no bus pass. the woman is a certified first class bitch who is totally out of touch with life in B.C. that’s what you get when you spend a lot of time fly in private jets, living in first class hotels, ordering rooms service with a breakfast bill of $700 or so while in China. ah, yes, the woman who really lives a real B.C. Life

    I don’t use twitter, but if I did………..not of the real world, can’t make ends meet on over $130K a yr. but forces children to live below the poverty line. –feel free to use it.


  9. Laila, a couple of items jumped out of your excellent interview with Drex on CKNW this morning.

    The first is Drex’s statement that he’s learned Christy Clark will never appear on ‘NW if Drex is involved. This no doubt is a carry over from her appearance with him on Courtenay radio station 98.9FM Dec 19, 2012. It was controversial, with many objecting to Drex’s line of questioning, and others to her inappropriate response. In any case, he apologized in writing, she responded by calling him and wishing him well in his new job and expressing displeasure at the fact he was fired from his previous position as a result of the controversy.

    It now appears her call was disingenuous. She’s either holding a grudge or doesn’t trust herself to handle his tough questions. Both traits are unseemly for a sitting Premier.

    It should be noted here that she has denied Andrew MacLeod of the Tyee a year-end interview this year, and he says he can’t find anyone else in the Legislative Press Gallery who has been similarly denied. One could be forgiven for suspecting his tough questions and some of her resulting high-profile bloopers (i.e. her $50,000 salary top-up is like a car allowance) are behind his exclusion. But here’s the thing. In both cases, it’s her capability to provide appropriate answers that’s really in question.

    The second is the news that the government is revamping its public advertising around LNG because of a complaint to the Advertising Standards Council rather than attempting to justify the ads before the Council. One might ask why the BC Liberals are spending our money on the ads (among many others) in the first place, since those ads are clearly not in the public interest. And the public might also ask whether the tawdry professionalism demonstrated through these partisan ads are the result of installing Premier Christy Clark’s long time friend and campaign worker, a former Enbridge lobbyist, as head of the B.C. government’s communications branch.

    “Everything you see or hear or experience in any way at all is specific to you. You create a universe by perceiving it, so everything in the universe you perceive is specific to you.” – Douglas Adams

    Christy spends a lot of time and a lot of our money trying to ensure our perceptions of reality match hers. That’s not what she was elected to do. She was elected to deliver on the realities she promised. My perception is that she’s failed on both counts


  10. laila.
    I heard about your “notrealworld” twitter “taking off on its own” on CBC radoi the other day and smiled.
    Well done.
    I’m sure the Preem’s handlers will be working overtime to ensure her “mouth before brain” utterances dont happen in the next 5 months.
    May I suggest they use a remote controlled taser attached somewhere on her backside?


  11. So again no comments allowed.

    Bus passes, poverty increasing for kids and every day people, jobs (hundred of thousands??) this government speaks of are mostly part time, lack of seniors care, healthcare worse than ever, more people on the street, school closures, Port Mann debacle (and how much did that bridge cost) taxes/fees/levies up on everything except a decent wage increase for many, and the list goes on.

    It’s time we put this government to rest once and for all. Looing forward to your updated list in 2017.


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