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“If your vote doesn’t make a difference, why are millionaires,corporations & unions spending so much to influence it? “

After weeks of on and off..but mostly on…winter weather here on the nearly north coast of Van Isle, I never thought I would be happy to see the rain and wind again, but I am.

Ready for change…again. 

Standing outside last night in the rain waiting for my beast to do his business, was refreshing like when rain first falls after a long, hot dry spell. I relished the feel of drops on my face, didn’t mind that it was squelching over the edges of my flip-flops and enjoyed the smell of wet soil from the nearby garden beds. And the scent of thawed soil made my fingers itchy as it only does to those who love to plant seeds,nurture and grow flowers,crops and things that feed you or just add beauty to the world around us.

This morning the snow had all disappeared, replaced by massive pools of water and the raindrops were even more refreshing after a long night tending to the fiery fever of one of my children who has been hit hard by the flu. I’m writing this in between tending them both…cool wet towel, cool liquids,frozen berries and a hug and kiss back to sleep. And it works. There is no deadline on this blog thankfully 🙂

I want to talk about a conversation I had early yesterday with a person who knew every detail of the train wreck called Trump, who is very concerned for Americans and clearly knew all the issues many are facing. Yet they had no idea that we are having an election here in BC this year, nor could they remember our premiers goes without saying they had no idea who the official opposition leader is.

Yet at the same time I see so many people online already calling it a win for the NDP in the next election, happily sharing links and stories. And that’s great. But I see the same kind of assumptions being made that led to complacency in the last election. Assumptions like no one in their right mind would vote for Clark and crew… yet they do again and again and…

Time to wake up

The conversation I had should serve as a reality check 101 for many.

Why? Take that one person, multiply by tens of thousands and you have a very large part of the voting public in British Columbia. Or anywhere for that matter.

The truth is if you stood on the corner in any BC city and asked random people when the next election is in BC, most probably would have no idea they go to the polls in a matter of months. The first clue for many might happen when election signs start popping up in multitudes along boulevards and roads.

And that’s a problem. It’s always been a problem. Because tens of thousands of people in BC are never going to see or read anything beyond what is on the nightly news or their local free paper…if that. 

As someone who has written & provided media commentary through a couple of  BC elections already, I’ve seen it happen time and time again: the assumption that the Liberals are just so bad and so terrible that no one could vote for them. But voters inevitably do and frankly the NDP backroom peeps seem to keep making the same old mistakes behind the scenes year after year … and yes, I see some of those mistakes unfolding already behind the scenes.

But I don’t want to talk about the NDP or the Liberals. I want to talk about you.

The Great Divide is still there 

I want to talk to, and about , the people I have written about so many times in the 4 years since the last election. The people who never join a political party. The people who are more concerned making ends meet and putting food on the table then following what politicians are doing. The people who are so turned off by the hypocritical finger pointing and endless scandals that they just end up tuning it all out. Because those are the people who have the most power to change it all.

They can completely change the political landscape if we can reach them and inspire to vote… but elections for the past decade show no party has been able to reach them.

Which is why there have been two posts in particular I have written since the past election that resonated so strongly with many… and resulted in many of those people finally recognizing their own responsibility to inform themselves.


British Columbia is a pretty interesting place when it comes to politics. With a lot of traditionally left leaning big labour,union back industry, one would think an NDP government would always win provincial elections, but they don’t. Many union members will vote for the Liberals despite leaders saying they should vote NDP – happens up north all the time, and many non-party voters afraid of change will vote Liberal too.

In fact we’ve had a Liberal government for over a decade, much to the frustration of the BC NDP, who’ve changed leaders/strategists/faces/clothes and still can’t pull in the votes. Why?

It’s my opinion that the majority of people in this province, and this country, really spend most of their lives residing in the space created by the Great Divide between left and right political parties. They don’t care to join a political party, they might not follow politics at all unless it’s the morning of voting day, or perhaps they limit it to paper headlines and coffetime chats.

If you were to ask them where they stand on various issues politicians like to use as emotional tools during elections (crime,taxes,jobs and education) you would likely find they lean left on some issues and right on others. To them, it’s the issue and how that issue is addressed that matters, not the political ideology behind the party trying to get that vote. Whatever  party happens to hit that nerve for them will likely get their vote.

It’s what makes the space between Left and Right, the sweet spot to aim for in politics. So far, the left hasn’t been able to conquer the great divide in BC and it’s because they can’t get those non-party,slightly conservative centrist votes no matter what they do. And when I use the word conservative here,I don’t mean the political party kind of conservative,I mean cautious – likely to err on the side of being careful.


Not interested in politics? It’s definitely interested in you!

And then seeing growing despair among friends and community minded people experiencing difficulties as a direct result of poor government policy and planning at every level… wrote this just a month later: :

I worry that our governments continue to make short-sighted decisions and policies that have implications so serious that people’s lives and livelihoods are lost. Veterans left behind, front line workers suffering from PTSD abandoned. Mt.Polley, sawmill explosions – the list is long and sadly, often preventable.

I worry that politicians are so out of touch with how most of us live, that they think spending $150,000 to close a bridge for an event that would have only made a yoga wear corporate sponsor money from a photo-op, is a good thing.

But most of all, I worry that so many good,decent people have become so de-sensitized to the never-ending onslaught of news that even the latest outrageous news of the health firing scandal that caused one man to take his life will soon be forgotten with a few sunny days and the next scandal sure to come.

I’m here to tell you,that’s just not going to cut it anymore. It’s not enough to just be a good person and tsk-tsk at the morning news. That makes you part of the problem.

No, really, it does. You might not want to hear this but I’m so tired of hearing people say politics bores them, or politics has nothing to do with them. Look around you! Look at what is going on in your city, your town or your own neighbourhood.

Pissed off over potholes? Who’s in charge of that? Whats your local mayor and council doing if it’s an ongoing issue?

Guess what? That’s politics. That is how politics impact you. It doesn’t have to be an oil spill or tailings pond collapse, it can be something as minor as never-ending potholes.

Tired of overcrowded schools? How did that happen? Well, mayor and council have to approve all those developments and if they do without thought to the local schools, your kids are the ones who feel it.

That’s politics.

The  provincial government policy that prevents a new school from being built until the current ones are busting kids at the seams? That’s political.

Sitting in a waiting room in the understaffed hospital in ER for hours on end only to end up on a stretcher in the hallway because there isn’t a room for you? That’s political.

Bullets flying in your neighbourhood? That too is political. Who makes the decisions for funding and hiring more police? Who is choosing to fund scholarships for overseas students rather than programs to help at-risk kids here avoid gang life? Who is passing laws that allow offenders back out within hours of being arrested and charged?

The people who run your city, your province and this country are elected by you.

They direct the policy making, they decide where and how the money is spent and they can either do a very good job at it, or not. And I think they like it when people don’t pay attention because it makes their job even easier.

You might not be into politics, but make no bones about it, politics is very interested in you….


And yet, I see even more discontent among people now, much of directly linked to the policies and direction the current government has taken. But without inspiring leaders to show how they can do things differently or how they would do them differently…we may see the same government in power again come May. The Liberals are counting on it. Those lost votes in the middle work in their favour, increasingly so because so many have lost faith in the NDP.
And if you find yourself reading this and thinking: ” This is exactly how I feel.” , know this.

Why Election 2017 is more important than ever. 

More than ever before, I feel like our future as a province is at a crossroads.

I know where I stand. I will do everything I can to inform voters of our current governments record. When I read things like this, a story about an FOI that shows how far a government and crown corporation will go to combat the truth.. I am alarmed on many levels.

But your vote is yours and I won’t presume to tell you how to use it. It doesn’t belong to anyone other than you and I urge every single one of you to exercise this vote in an informed manner.  But do not be bullied by those saying it will be your fault if the Liberals win a majority again if you vote indie or green or communist or any other party out there- that is the fastest way to push an undecided voter away if you ask me. There are better ways to get your point across that don’t alienate that voter. If a party or candidate wants your vote, they need to earn it…not assume it.

Because we’ve hit a point,B.C., where each of us needs to decide what kind of a province we want to be. And you’ve got less than 5 months before you cast one very important vote. Would millionaires be spending so much money trying to influence your vote if it wasn’t valuable? 

Own your vote.


“This is what you shall do; Love the earth and sun and the animals, despise riches, give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy, devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, have patience and indulgence toward the people, take off your hat to nothing known or unknown or to any man or number of men, go freely with powerful uneducated persons and with the young and with the mothers of families, read these leaves in the open air every season of every year of your life, re-examine all you have been told at school or church or in any book, dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body.”
― Walt Whitman



  1. I believe this column does catch a popular and logical mood, even the weather change in what we call Central Island! But especially so regarding provincial politics and the looming election.
    Did you notice there’s a new party? The Vancouver Island Party! They want to make the island a separate province…. Interesting. Its margin could swing a few ridings.
    Yes parties should earn votes, not get them by default, but yes everyone should vote with and for their own reasons.
    Yes this coming bcpoli election IS pivotal perhaps moreso than usual. Have you seen the Bob Mackin piece in the Tyee about old conflicts of interests coming anew to the fore?
    Only 16 weeks to voting day May 9.


    • I did notice the New Van Isle party along with a few others and while I admire the efforts I don’t see much interest in them. It is very hard to start a new party without a big recognizable name to attract and draw people. Which is why it is so rarely done.

      I think Bob, myself, Norm, Rafe and others will be doing as much as we possibly can to engage,inform and remind everyone of the last 4 years… and the last decade. There is enough ammunition for the taking. And more coming. Yet very lacklustre performance by all so far.

      And that is it the point of this post. One can’t assume that because the Clark govt policies are a bit of a Trump train wreck… seriously the disability bus pass debacle alone is evidence of this… that people won’t feel safer voting for them again than for change.
      One can hope the desire for change is enough to tip the scales as in Alberta. But I don’t see that right now. I do see a lot of complacency.


  2. I truly believe 1 of the major reasons Christy fooled the pollsters in the last election, was because it was a foregone conclusion that she wasn’t going to get elected. People assumed she would be so overwhelmingly defeated, they didn’t bother voting.So for the NDP this time I think getting the voter to the polls is equally as important as the issues. Whilst I have my reservations about the NDP, could they be any worse?


    • Agreed. Everyone assumed she would lose. I still remember the moment I knew the NDP were going to lose and it was in the debate. And I saw the same ” take it for granted” attitude then as many have now.

      I’m not voting Liberal.And I certainly hope people examine the issues and see that more of the same has not helped a large number of British Columbians. But I just heard from a friend who is NDP, and volunteering and she said” Laila I love your new post but can’t sahre it as it is too critical.”

      Facepalm. Bangs head on desk.

      People, regardless of how we get there, we need to work in a post partisan manner to get people out to vote. Period.

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  3. This could be one of those rare elections – 1952 was the last in BC – where the winner isn’t nearly as important as the loser. The Liberals, especially both premiers and senior ministers have been disgracefully inept both in social ministries about which they have shown no interest from the get-go and the fiscal ones where they claim inherent superiority. What’s worse, they have claimed fiscal success as they have bankrupt BC Hydro and more than doubled the provincial debt – they plainly lied through their teeth and do it as if iit comes naturally to them, as it obviously does. Clark alone, not yet at the 4 year mark, has increased the debt by $68 Billion while doing an interview, on YouTube, piously telling us how it’s wrong for parents to leave debts for their kids (her responsible parents didn’t) IT WAS ALSO JUST AS REPRENSIBLE FOR GOVERNMENTS TO LEAVE DEBTS FOR OTHER GENERATIONS! Clark then admits on CKNW that all leaders lie, Clark’s fundraising has gone beyond scandalous such that far from reporting well on BC, the world’s #1 newspaper, the NY TIMES tells the world what political poltroons and fiscal fools are running this province. IN MY OPINION, ANYONE VOTING LIBERAL NEEDS THEIR OWN PERSONAL ETHICS COMMISSIONER,
    Now, if John Horgan would just get off his ass ..,!

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    • I hear you Rafe, loud and clear. And yes Horgan needs to get off his ass. But even if he does will those crafting their narrative be able to convey the message needed to reach the voters?
      One can hope. I won’t be voting Liberal and I do hope people inform themselves or at the very least ask if they don’t know. We are all here to assist in finding the info needed.

      There very few acceptable excuses for not voting, or for voting with no information.

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    • Not to worry Rafe.
      I agree that nothing could hold a candle to the inept, corrupt swine that are gorging themselves at the trough these days

      Thus…..I wont be voting Liberal.
      If the NDP need my vote . So be it.
      ANYTHING is better than the corruptable cabal currently infesting Govt.

      Now if Horgan would just get off his ass and start talking to the media like David Eby seems to do on a regular basis we might have a gnats farts chance in a wind storm of affecting change.


  4. Laila’s NDP friend, along with mine, are afraid of the light where their heads are.

    Good mid forties friend who only became interested in politics about 5 years ago when family was introduced to our hospital system and at the same time, were having no luck with preschool placement.

    Same lad will not vote NDP because according to his highly respected father in-law the NDP was a disaster when they were in power. Said father in-law is not eligible to vote and arrived in BC long after the NDP reign.

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    • My experience is the same. Have enjoyed seeing several women I know become active politically and have enjoyed watching the learning process.

      You hit the nail on the head. For many people they do not wake up until something happens that impacts them personally. Whether that is the inability to keep a home where the value has exceeded their ability to pay taxes on it. Or they have a child unable to access addiction services. Or an uncle who can’t pay for the drugs they need because its not covered. Or the thousands of people on disability choosing to eat pay heat or have a bus pass.

      That is when people wake up. But even then some people don’t relate the government policy to the impact on their lives.

      Thats what irks me about Site C. I think if it continues we will see a final cost near twenty million. All financed as debt since Hydro has no cash… its still borrowing to pay the dividends the government has insisted on taking from profits that do not exist.
      What do you think the impact of all that debt is going to be on our hydro rates? Or how that will impact the provinces credit rating if the province has to jump in? Or we end up needing a bail out like Muskrat Falls?

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      • Twenty BILLION. Million is liberal pocket change now…

        I so hope the site C dies once and for all. If ever there is a totally unnecessary construction project, this has to be the topper.

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  5. It is so frustrating,I have family members who only listen to the 6 o’clock news,tune everything else out,then vote the same way they have for all their lives .They see election night like a football game and cheer on their team,and then get the bragging rights the next day,when their team wins .Its all I hear is we won,but they have no clue what they won.The thing is there are lots of people close to that out there.

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    • If you rely on the 6 pm news you are missing most of what matters in BC. But there you have it.

      And as we have seen this year… and yesterday when RIch Coleman lied on CKNW about BC Hydro rates which resulted in Integrity BC and I taking him to task on twitter … People wouldn’t see or hear that either. Or the time Clark was shown to have lied in her press conference in Kelowna … or any of the other times she has been shown to be incorrect.

      People need to question everything they hear from this government. And they need to ask what others will do differently and how.

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  6. Norm Farrell has produced some very good charts and graphs showing debts, deficits, job numbers etc. Liberal vs NDP governments. Very informative. Now if he can drag them out again but in simple detail for those with short attention spans, we can all get it out there.

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  7. This is a comment from Cousin Bill in Vermont and, I think, speaks to the oft-mentioned (here) non-partisanship. That said, the first and only job in this upcoming election is to clean house.

    The Local and National Political Dialogues: a study in contrasts

    I missed the opening day of the legislature and the inauguration of our new Governor. But I caught much of it on radio and read more in the dailies.

    Contrasting events in Montpelier with those in our nation’s capital should make Vermonters proud. Although there’s significant turnover and we’ve elected a Republican Governor and a Democratic legislature, we’ve every reason to believe we’ll be governed by thoughtful, mutually respectful people focused on the needs and wishes of all Vermonters, despite different philosophical and economic viewpoints. They’ll talk together and exhibit comity in their decision-making, as they’ve already done on several issues, including the clean-up of Lake Champlain and economic development.

    Contrast this with the three-ring circus playing out in Washington where we’ve elected a Congress that suffers the statistical scorn of 87 per cent of us and a president elected by fewer than 90,000 of us by electoral college rules, and rejected by 2.9 million of us in the popular vote.

    The new Congress seems more determined to erase the accomplishments of the prior administration than to govern. They show little regard for what Americans in general want or believe in. The haunting paradox is that so many not only elected people for a Congress they claim to disdain, but they also bought the bread and circus electoral promises of someone whose emerging agenda may, in fact, run counter to their own best interests.

    Here at home, we’ve elected a Governor who listens to all Vermonters, and is comfortable working with people with whom he disagrees on policy. He resembles Republicans of old who put forward some remarkably progressive environmental and social safety net legislation, while remaining conservative on fiscal issues.

    The state-federal contrast is stunning… and scary.

    We can move Vermont forward precisely because we’re not led by single-minded ideologues focused only on the will of a disappearing base and undoing the work of a prior president they detested, even as he presided over the most sustained economic recovery since 1939.

    A formal ethical resource for governing is also needed to enhance Vermonter’s trust in government. We’ll need strategic planning as well. For too long, we’ve reacted to events, letting them set our agenda. It’s time we took control by looking to the future to determine how we might make our vigorous state stronger, healthier, and perhaps even wealthier.


    • Great comment. And a nice goal… I do believe we need to move to a post partisan or cross partisan state in the legislature where there is more cross partisan work to solutions rather than a you are wrong and I am right state of being.

      As for cleaning house that would be excellent. But I am not holding my breathe. There are so many excellent NDP MLA’s right now. Dave Eby,Melanie Mark- that woman has leader written all over her, Jodie Wickens, Selina Robinson, Nick Simons, Lana Popham… and more. But unless they can pull a rabbit out of the hat I don’t know if it will happen, time will tell. The Greens are gaining ground and have some excellent candidates. Kalen Harris. Sonia Furstenau for two. And a couple of Indy candidates already as well as some other small parties who have been fairly quiet so far but picking up online activity and some very qualified and presentable candidates.

      Going to be interesting.

      The same can be said for the Libs. A lot of career politicians putting in time and padding accounts.


      • The way I look at May 2017 electon is this if I vote Green and they get maybe 4 seats probably from NDP ridings then then we still have 4 more years of Liberal rule. So I have to vote with head and not my heart.Its the only way to change the channel.Keep up the good work.[sorry green supporters]


        • And if the NDP can’t land it again, then we still have four more years of Liberals regardless… like we have all the other years everyone said not to split the vote… at what point will the party apparatchiks realize they can only lay blame inside their own house?

          I put my faith in people,regardless of how few turn out to vote. I know we can get those people,even if it is one by one, to pay attention at some level. Look at what Bernie Sanders did. Worst mistake he made was going better together with Hillary.

          Why can’t we make that happen here in BC? At the very least perhaps the thought of some solid competition might make them up their game.


        • On that we agree. And to me a smart vote is an informed one. Its painful to see the NDP waste resources fighting the greens to hold onto what they have when the Liberals have a solid decade of documented ammunition to use. I would be happy with a solid mix of NDP greens and indies as an alternate method of holding to account. There have been times the NDP have voted with the Libs and no one wants to mention that when they are talking about the greens being in cahoots with the Liberals.Honestly we have had the Libs in power for so long counting on the NDP to get it done and they have never been able to.

          Me, I see people still suffering while ego’s battle it out for power. And I can’t in good faith tell people who to vote for. That vote belongs to them and it is long past due parties realize they need to work for it and not assume it already should belong to them.


  8. I feel my vote doesn’t make a difference. That doesn’t mean I haven’t paid attention, or wasted my time throwing my vote away every election cycle. I live in a stronghold riding, the BC Liberals win here, by a landslide. I have never voted for anyone who has won with the exception of a couple of city councillors. I’m sure some peoples votes do make a difference, but I don’t think I will be convinced that mine will.

    I’m surprised to hear that there are people already with the assumption that the NDP will win this time. Though I’m hoping I am wrong, I believe the BC Liberals will win again. They have won every election since I’ve been old enough to vote. Even with Premiere Mugshot in charge.

    Right now the BC Green Party and NDP are busy throwing stones at each other for some nonsensical reason. They should work together, a government made up of some greens, ndp, and independents working together would be way better then the BC Liberals. Where greens have a better chance against the Libs, then the NDP shouldn’t run a candidate, and vice versa… Of course that’s not going to happen.

    I don’t know, I’m not optimistic.


    • Your agruements make way too much sense for most politicians.
      A minority govt made up of the NDP, Greens and Independants would do a far better jiob than the juggernaut of overfed swine currently at the trough.

      Speaking of Liberals….
      Anyone see Christy run from questions after recieving an award ….on Thursday s 6pm news?
      She couldnt waddle out of there fast enough.


  9. You nailed it with the article Laila, and thanks for pulling it together with the two previous ones. If every one of those voters who have experienced frustration, anger or just plain disbelief in the arrogance and flat out lies of the current ruling party showed up and voted against them instead of thinking that their vote didn’t matter… Then at least we’d have 4 years of change with someone else at the helm to give it a shot and knock them off their self generated pedestal to regroup. It truly can’t get much worse. My family and I cannot afford the no tax increase rhetoric while getting nickel and dimed to death. We pay more for every “service” and yet it’s never paid for as that legacy of debt just keeps building.
    John and Andrew need to get off their collective behinds and start convincing people they are a viable alternative. Perhaps even a coalition in advance, put your heads together to get to #AnythingButLiberals. Think out of the box that they’ve put us in for the past 14 years. Earn my vote is right, but there’s no possible way for the Liberals to earn it any longer.


  10. The last Provincial election was the first in which we were eligible to vote having become Canadian citizens in 2011, not being able to vote before then, we came to Canada from England in 2006, was very frustrating and made us realise how important a privilege it is. But I could not bring myself to vote for Adrian Dix or Christy Clarke so for the first time in my life I spoiled my voting form in protest at the choice. This time I will vote NDP to get rid of the present lot, that’s a given. Surely they can’t be any worse can they?

    By the way….are you anywhere near to Campbell River Laila? We came here in 2011 from Winnipeg and love it here on the Island, the weather is more like England instead of the arctic!


  11. We basically have two problems as i see it. People who prefer to be ignorant and feel like their in on some kind of victory when the Neo-Liberal party of BC clutches to power with Trump sized lies like “Families First ” , Debt Free BC ” and 100 Billion prosperity funds. People that vote by rote and never even try to hold their so called leaders to account. And the media in our province that still hasn’t been shamed into action , unless outside press comes in ala The Globe on our housing crisis and The New York Times on our ethically challenged Neo-Liberal leaders in BC. My only hope is that these outside forces not already co-opted by the government with family payoffs … sorry jobs and future political patronage positions sense blood in the water and start asking real questions about BC Hydro debt , deleted emails, quick wins, fired health researchers and private plane trips to old Massett with taxpayer loot. I have no faith in anyone around here save maybe Jon McComb.


  12. Laila, you need to be very proud and satisfied with the work you are doing. So many hits, so quickly and so many new names.

    I know it must be a chore at times but you are valued. Tremendously!


  13. It was me who was on the radio and what a botched interview it was.

    Surrey’s wee LRT is now costing $100 million/km to build or about 3 to 4 times more than current light rail lines being built.

    The Broadway SkyTrain subway now costs about $3.2 billion and that is only to Arbutus.

    Both projects are so ill designed that hey will both emasculate TransLink financially and force more people off transit.

    As on transit expert back east told me, the Surrey LRT is not designed to best Canadian practice.

    I think the announcement was made to give photo-ops to TransLink and politicians involved and nothing more. Both Hepner and Robertson are growing more and more unpopular.

    I think that the problem with voting is that many people just do not like both the NDP and the BC Liberals and until this election, I at least had a viable alternative with Viki Huntington, but she is retiring, now it is a poser.

    Clark is a grifter, pure and simple and she is also taking graft and graft it is what the BC Liberals pay her.

    Horgan is lazy and surrounded by a doctrinaire cabal which rather lose an election than tweak their own personal beliefs. Leader of her majesty’s loyal opposition he aint.

    So the grifters, charlatans and other ne’er do wells, cheats, swindlers, drug lords have it all their own way.

    The Times sees it, why do not our local voters?

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  14. Good to see you again Mr. Johnson’s. Is there a Bombardier connection with LRT?

    You assessment of the players is, to me, very accurate. Always liked the word grifter.

    Stick around, your expertise is needed.


    • It’s not Bombardier we have to worry about (they own the technical patents for the proprietary ALRT/ART SkyTrain) it is SNC Lavalin, who own the engineering patents, who stand to make far greater profit from grossly over engineered transit projects.


      • As a former SNC lavalin employee I can assure you that they are ONLY concerned with profits.
        Nothing more.
        The environment, good citizenship, govt oversite?
        Not interested or concerned.
        Google SNC corruption and grab a bowl of popcorn…..Its a multi year, multi national eye opening read.


  15. “The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.” – Bertolt Brecht


  16. I became a little more encouraged the past couple of days, following the NYT story on political donations. Not so much because of the article, but the reaction to it, by that degenerate punk Rich Coleman.

    I have spoken with a number of people who, admitting they don’t really pay that much attention, were made aware of the NYT piece only after hearing of Coleman’s “laughable” comments. Some folks found his dismissiveness to be insulting. As a result they became a little more receptive to looking at some of the blogs. For how long, I don’t know, but it’s a start. Thanks Richie.

    Part two; bullying a reporter by Jessica MacDonald of BC Hydro also got people’s attention. Thanks Jessie, it’s been a productive week.

    Time to build a pink T-shirt with the mug of CC on it. Above the face; “DON’T BE A BULLY”. Below the face; “LIKE ME”


    • Yes, I saw Rich Coleman on Global grunt and shuffle and immediately try and deflect the New York Times accusations of Christy Clark PERSONALLY pocketing $50,000.00 PER YEAR from Liberal campaign fundraisers to the completely unrelated US election and the billions spent. by lobbyists

      Last time I checked, the US politicians that kept campaign money……went ….to…. jail.

      Optics. Baffle ’em with BS.

      How DOES Christy survive on her $197,000.00 PER YEAR salary plus expenses, drivers, security, free planes to her Kelowna riding, fully paid trade junkets to Asia, Europe, etc etc etc. without that $50,000.00 “mad money” ….It must be unbearably embarrasing when one cant afford coffee in a Staad Starbucks while checking ones Swiss bank account…….Davos….here she comes.
      The horror and stress of her prolific jetsetting lifestyle cant be imagined by us lesser folk.
      Expensive Private schooling for Junior( no grubby public schools for the light of her life) and one hopes he’ll be accepted to the Sorbonne some day just like Mom………..
      Lets just say….she deserves that $50,000.00 cash per year and all you grubby people out there that critisize her for it…….Just dont understand politics


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