Monday Morning Musings from the island: “I don’t need to make jokes. I just watch the government & report the facts.”

It was a gorgeous weekend here in my bit of island paradise and the pic above is just a wee inkling of how nice it was. And after some bizarre politics last week it was nice to just chill at the shoreline, watch the bald eagles gorging and just enjoy  big skies and a calm sea.

A wise person once said Money can’t buy happiness…which may or may not be true depending on your perspective…but it sure as hell can buy votes. And the BC Liberals know it so they went on a vote-buying spree just prior to the budget to put out as many feel good moments and photos as they could. Because they truly, deeply…and suddenly care about y’all right before this election!

*Pardon the affectation. I’m trying to channel my inner Clark, the one she uses when she visits rural areas in her checked shirts and talks all down home to the locals like she’s a good old girl like one of them.( Except for when she’s Filipina… ) Did it work for you?*

I digress. Back to the vote-buying… So imagine that moment when an MLA so eloquently announces a million dollars in funding for a youth  safe house…that closed two years ago due to lack of funding!

This is the original story of the announcement :

This is the follow-up:

“There won’t be million dollars going to the Iron Horse youth house.

That’s because there is no such thing anymore.

Friday’s announcement on homelessness by local MLAs Doug Bing and Marc Dalton said $1 million will go to the Iron Horse Youth Safe House as part of an affordable housing initiative.

However, the safe house, where kids could stay on an emergency basis, closed two years ago, after federal funding ran out.

Instead, the money will go to some other housing project involving youth, although details are unknown.

“When we announced it, we didn’t have all the details,” said Dalton.

“I know the money is committed – how it will play – I don’t have those details yet.”

Bing on Thursday he still hadn’t heard any more about the project.

Tony Cotroneo, community services manager with the City of Maple Ridge, also wanted to clarify, that there will be no emergency shelter for youth.

“We’re not getting a safe house where we can refer local youth to. That’s not what it is.”

He said he wanted to make sure that youth understand that.

Mayor Nicole Read also hasn’t been told.

“Nobody has talked to us to clarify what services are being offered there.”

The emergency shelter part of the Iron Horse Youth Safe House closed in February 2015 after a lack of federal funding, followed by the day program’s closure in April 2016.

Christian Cowley, with the CEED Centre, notes there is no youth shelter of any kind in Maple Ridge or Pitt Meadows.

“We need at least three shelters to temporarily house the 16 youth between ages 13 and 17 currently on our streets,” Cowley said in a letter “

Ahh… sorry Marc, but what the heck is going on here? In December 2014 you said you were going to advocate for funding to prevent its closure…

Two years after that closure you announce a million dollars for its operation? Are you so disconnected from your riding you forgot it closed? Or just a mindless drone that just reads whats on the paper  they stuck in front of you without actually comprehending what it says?  Either way, you lose bud….

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 12.19.30 PM.png

Onto cracks. There are all kinds of cracks in this world: cracks in the veneer of Kim Kardashians make up, low pants cracks (shudder), and then there are the cracks in the bank of Site C that just keep coming back and getting bigger. Now,  after a year of reporting on cracks,slides and more slides, a 4oo metre ( 1,312 ft)  crack has formed and it can’t be ignored like all the other smaller cracks and landslides have been by some major media outlets.


A 400-metre crack has formed along a haul road on the Site C dam construction site, leading BC Hydro to reassign 30 workers while the area is assessed.

BC Hydro released details on the issue Feb. 24.

“During the construction of a haul road to support this excavation work, a tension crack has appeared” on the north bank of the dam site, a release reads. While such cracks are not unexpected in the area, “this particular crack requires attention due to its significant 400-metre length,” BC Hydro says.

In an interview, Site C spokesperson David Conway said work was continuing on the rest of the site and that the issue would not affect the overall construction schedule.

It is the first time a news release has been issued about a geotechnical issue on the dam project since construction began in summer 2015.

BC Hydro says the crack is being monitored by slope stability experts.

Indeed it’s being monitored. The issue is… why are they even building a dam along a river valley with slopes so unstable that a government commissioned report stated:
“Valley slopes throughout the region are subject to slope failure and colluviation, and the development of these sites should be minimized.”

Ironically, one week before this giant crack appeared, Norm Farrell posted pics at his sight of other cracks on slopes above the site.

And I’ve been reporting on the troubles for the last year. I’ve said it before and I will say it again… the Site C dam debacle is going to make the Fast Ferries look like pocket change. 

I hate to say…I told you so. But I did. As did others. No consolation when friends are losing their homes, their traditional lands and we as a province are losing an area the BC government even deemed as a Heritage river.

I have work to do but before I go, two more things.

First, I thought you might want to read a current look at raw log exports, something that’s been an ongoing issue through several elections and yet… our current government does absolutely nothing to stem the flow of wood and jobs overseas.   Long time readers know we have been talking about this as far back as 2011. 

Second, someone leaked to me ( oh god did the NDP hack the computers again?) the Liberals internal motivational badge for this election. Thought you might like a peek:

Screenshot 2017-02-27 at 1.02.24 PM.png

Talk soon!

46 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings from the island: “I don’t need to make jokes. I just watch the government & report the facts.”

  1. That’s Trump’s modus operandi, too. BS baffles brains. But is everyone SOOOOO bloody ignorant that bald-faced lying suffices as well? How is it that any doofus on the street can tell you Kim Kardashians bust size and who she’s married to but they don’t seem to ‘understand’ climate change, the economy, government incursion and the size of the president’s inaugural crowd? How can CC simply lie about all things and then blatantly BRIBE just before an election and get away with it all? Did she attend Trump University? God knows she was a cheerleader somewhere!

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  2. Par for the course.
    I believe that the only hope in THIS election, is to forget all the independents, forget the third party voting, and do like me and vote NDP.
    I don’t care what they promise, what they say, because the NDP is the only viable party to replace CC and the Liberal government.
    And we MUST replace them. AT ANY COST. (Which will be less than keeping the Liberals)
    I’m not pay attention anymore, I’m only waiting for the chance to vote.

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  3. I believe there was an appropriate quote in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Something about crazier and crazier. This whole thing is beyond ridiculous (Which: the dam, the logs, the bridge….?) Is there no end?
    Apparently they’ve been addressing the ‘Tension crack’ thingy for 19 months. At what cost? Where does the tension relieving soil go? Upstream, to fill the reservoir, or downstream to silt the river? I wouldn’t build a HOUSE on that kind of terrain, never mind a dam! Its a good thing we don’t require the power, because there won’t be any! There’ll sure be a mess when it wipes out the downstream benefits and population though.
    Good Grief! Is there no end to this insanity?
    For those that are concerned about the loss of jobs: Chrispy’s much vaunted last election proposal to four lane the Trans Canada from Kamloops to the Alberta border is still waiting.
    And if you need further prove of this insanity, check out for the future of energy.

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  4. Voters should change the government every 4 years.Thats the only way to keep them from getting so corruptly entrenched.look at the BC Liberals after 12 years. Just more of the same old Socred politics and corruption.


  5. The following should be a footnote on every piece of NDP literature and campaign sign;

    ““When we announced it, we didn’t have all the details,”
    Marc Dalton, 2 term Liberal MLA.

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    1. “Unh, we screwed up on the details….” Like Trump said about the immigration plan (or should have). Rafe said it best, “Beware the experts!” People in power are automatically given credence ’cause they got there. “Well, he must be good, he’s rich!” But that is like acknowledging the rat or the cockroach as a success.

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  6. I honestly think the NDP has no clue to what they are doing. Hopefully they dissolve after this upcoming election and let a new fresh party with fresh people take over. Or some merger with the BC Greens , otherwise we will have fake liberals forever. As Greens keep going up and will continue to split the vote. people want change but have no faith in NDP to be the ones to do it. But knowing the NDP they will linger around and not do the right thing..They lost four in a row and five popular votes in a row…


  7. Emily – can you please tell me what authority gives you permission to speak for the voting public – As you know, we are all entitled to our opinion as well as to express it – however, I highly doubt that your opinion reflects the viewpoint of the BC majority!

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    1. “The whole legislature needs a cleanse.”
      I completely agree and here is just one reason why:

      Typical BC coast by air and land where the Liberals do it and the NDP watch.


    2. Sorry Jdc but a lost vote for the Greens is a lost vote.
      We MUST get the LIEbrals out….even if it means 4 years of the NDP….I seriously cant handle another 4 years of Clark.
      Ive cancelled my cable TV so that I dont put my fist through it every time that lieing sack of dung smirks and babbles incessantly in circles…..saying lots but saying nothing.

      NDP 4 me.
      (my new bumpersticker)



      1. Despite living in E May’s constituency and her claims of representing constituents as job one, she blows smoke when it comes to the real causes of climate change like those polluting planes.. when she even bothers to respond to emails on this matter. You might get a chuckle from her various maneuverings.
        Didn’t you once write an article about how the BC Government removed the protections we had from this type of experimentation in our airshed?


        1. Don’t follow what shes up to or not up to in her riding. Yes I reported on how the BC govt removed regulations and oversight on weather modification and took a look at where it is used and why, and whose oversight it falls under. Sadly the conspiracy peeps convinced govt is spraying biological agents on us hijack threads and make any factual discussion impossible.


  8. Andrew Weaver, leader of the BC Green Party, AKALiberal-Lite, said private power installations feeding BC Hydro with electricity at about $100 million a month above market price, were like water wheels dipping harmlessly into rivers. There are two choices here: either he is woefully ignorant or he cares nothing about corporations destroying BC’s wilderness for financial gain.

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    1. I agree. I am, by inclination and default, a GREENIE but the truth is the truth and the GREENs are not hitting any political home runs either. NOT even a bunt-single. And face it: the environmental political pitches being lobbed are so big and slow (Kinder Morgan, LNG, Site C, tree exports, Shawnigan Lake, Mt. Polley Run-of-River, land give-aways), even I could have hit a few out of the park. If Horgan has been all but invisible, Weaver must have died some years ago and no one noticed. I don’t think the ‘oppositions’ fully understand their role in these matters. For evil to be done, good people need only do nothing – and that is exactly what the opposition has been doing.

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      1. JDC, I agree with both you and Norm, but I do see the Greens advancing in spite of themselves. People who are fed up with CC and disappointed in JH are voters not sitters and as such will just move their votes this time. I would not be surprised to see a Green Indie combination of 6.

        The above photo of the ravaged landscape was taken last August in Spiller Channel, just north of Bella Bella. The farther of the beaten path the worse it gets. Logs are boomed out of there to the south coast, including Howe Sound and the Fraser at a pace greater than 30 years ago.

        See here…voters are unaware, politypes don’t care.
        …watch for part two.


        1. I know. I live off the grid. I see it. There is a growing feeling out here that ‘they’ want all rural people jammed into the cities so that rapacious exploitation of our natural resources can go on without witnesses. And there are already less-than-subtle forces in place to make that happen. Is it a conspiracy? I doubt it. I think it is just the consequence of elevating the almighty buck over everything else including morality, ethics and doing the right thing. No one cares about the right thing anymore. They measure politics by ‘good-paying jobs’ and they measure politicians by ‘how much is in my wallet’. We are the architects of our own demise…but, in so doing, we are the architects of the planet’s demise as well.

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        2. People within “Metro” (gad I hate that word) are so busy trying to stay afloat they are oblivious to all that goes on beyond their hive. People outside are forced to go against their morals, beliefs and upbringing to survive. Long time inhabitants of Port Alberni, which was once the highest wage/quality of living community in Canada, are now anxiety ridden, loading raw logs for the Orient because it is the only game in town. Same thing is repeated all over rural BC.

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        3. Again, I agree. A money-based society is an easily controlled one but, like most people, I can’t envision a better way (except support local as much s possible). Old fashioned values ain’t gonna get you an ATV/Hawaiian vacation and a 52″TV. And so we all sell out. In fact, most of us believe in the myth of ‘getting rich’ and ‘getting ahead’ by taking on huge mortgage debt and then hoping we don’t get laid off. It is hard to imagine anything stupider, really. Only thing stupider is an addict getting high ‘one more time’ and then promising to quit. Or voting in a system that simply does NOT work.

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  9. Well, this is most disappointing. I used to come to this site often, and enjoyed reading the interesting comments herein. I’ve been rather busy lately and haven’t had a chance to visit Laila’s excellent blog for a few months.

    What I find is very alarming. We have people on this site who don’t even know how long we’ve had to endure the lies, deceit and corruption of the BC Liberals……..SIXTEEN PLUS YEARS, folks!

    Now, I’m not a member of any political party, never have been, but I’ve been a ‘political nerd’ (according to my kids) for more years than I care to admit. I read, listen to, and watch the MSM; I have all the independent news publications and bloggers bookmarked;and do everything except tweet and whatever one does on Facebook.

    Last October, we saw the result of ‘strategic voting’. We got rid of the Harper CRAP, but ended up with another dictatorship. I don’t think that democracy is supposed to work like this. But…… we really, really, REALLY need to rid our province of this terminal cancer called the BC Liberals, and I feel we owe it to ourselves to take a course called ‘New Democratic Party 101′.

    I see some very uninformed (or perhaps misinformed) comments here about the BC NDP, likely learned from years of BC Liberal propaganda. You’ll notice if you’ve ever watched Question Period in the BC Legislature that whenever a BC Liberal cabinet minister is cornered by a well- researched question by the NDP, he or she reverts to “Oh, but the NDP in the nineties………!”

    So, do whatever you must do on May 9 to make sure that those bleepin’ BC Liberals do NOT get another four years to completely destroy our Province, OKAY?

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    1. Actually Lasnomadas, most of these people have been here a very long time and just frankly had enough waiting for the NDP to win even one election in over a decade. I don’t even believe they can do it. And while one can blame it one the Libs… it is true they have crafted a narrative that the general public tends to believe… the NDP have never been able to hire a strategist or campaign head that knows how to counter the Libs narrative.
      All bets are off on this one. I would love to see them go. But I dont see where the NDP can gain seats and stand to lose some. So I am hoping for enough greens and indies to cut the difference and hold some votes of their own.


      1. Yeah, what the lady said.
        Lasnomadas, I was going to really dig in here but, since I am already in a bad mood and prone to be a tad nasty, I will exercise restraint and try to be nice.

        Criticising people based on a single visit after “a few months” of non-participation, is hardly fair to the commenters or the host.

        A course called ‘New Democratic Party 101′ would be taught just where? I’ve not seen such a course put on by the NDP or the MSM. In reality the only teachers are a half dozen bloggers, such as Messrs Farrell, Mackin, Mair and the lovely Ms Yuile.

        Those folks, sadly, are the real tutors but, unfortunately only do night classes because they have lives.

        And why does it have to be NDP? Just because you say so?
        Really, Harley or Honda don’t matter so much, just so long as long as you ride.

        So, where you been and what do you have to offer besides bricks? Huh?


      2. Yeah, what the lady said.

        Lasnomadas, I was going to really dig in here but, since I am already in a bad mood and prone to be a tad ornery, I will exercise restraint and try to be nice.

        Criticising people based on a single visit after “a few months” of non-participation, is hardly fair to the commenters or the host. We been engaged. Some’s even change a tune or two.

        A course called ‘New Democratic Party 101′ would be taught where?
        I’ve not seen such a course put on by the NDP or the MSM.
        In reality the only teachers are a half dozen bloggers, the likes of Messrs Farrell, Mackin, Mair and the lovely Ms Yuile.

        Those folks, sadly, are the real tutors but, unfortunately only do volunteer night classes because they have lives.

        And why does it have to be NDP? Just because that’s your bent?
        Really, Harley or Honda don’t matter much, just so long as you ride.

        So, where you been and what do you have to offer besides bricks? Huh?

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  10. Well then Laila, I guess we’re stuck with the BC Liberals for another four years. I’ve watched the disillusioned and disgruntled B.C. electorate do the exact same thing four times in a row, even though they should know better. Such is the sad state of affairs when we have two high-profile parties and a couple of fringe parties. It happens at the federal level with the Liberals and Conservatives as well, but they vascillate between the two every couple of elections, usually.
    Here in B.C. we’ve been stuck with a corrupt party for almost 17 years with no end in sight.

    As much as I’d like to see the Greens get several more seats, I’m afraid if they do it won’t be at the expense of the BC Liberals. I live in the Okanagan Valley, and Christy Clark’s riding is right next to mine. The candidate the Greens have chosen to run against her this time is the same guy who ran for them in the 2015 federal election. He came in fourth. That tells me that the Green Party doesn’t seem to be able to field enough good candidates to be a contender, and if we want to rid ourselves of Christy’s fat-cat clowns, we’d better elect the NDP this time. How much damage can they do in four years? Certainly not 1/10th as much as the BC Liberals have done since Campbell hi-jacked the BC Liberal party and dragged all the old washed-up Socreds into his recycled party of Con, Lib, Reform, and Alliance rejects.

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    1. Hey I get you loud and clear. I just dont see the ndp running campaigns to compete and they have never gotten their message across to voters. Telling people they better vote ndp or else has never worked either so unless someone has another solution I see a potential minority govt as the only way to mitigate damages. Greens are fielding some exceptional candidates in many ridings this year and quite a few who are very well known and liked in their communities. Whoever resonates with voters in May will have it. And that depends entirely on who conveys the best message and has very little to do with you or I.


      1. Since my fantasy of sacking the whole damn lot of them isn’t going to happen, I like the idea of at least spanking a bunch of them and having a minority. Preferably an NDP one.

        Be a fine time to make some significant adjustments and showcase some new indie talent.
        Yard this thing outta the ditch.
        Cannot do any worse than now.

        Speaking of talent, isn’t it about time we seriously cut back the film handouts?
        Maybe not all together, but at least a sliding scale with a ceiling.
        Cheap dollar plus tax relief is a bit much and the big studios are still trying to grind the local talent.

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  11. Okay, I tried, and that’s all one can do, right? I didn’t tell anyone ‘they better vote NDP or else’, just that from my perspective, the BC electorate is going down the same path that has left us with a lying, greedy, corrupt loud-mouth for six years, and a cruel, crooked scumbag for many years before that, and I think we deserve better.

    At the end of the day, it has everything to do with you and I. Of course we should vote for whichever candidate we consider to be best for our riding and province, but if memory serves, more often than not, the Green and Indie votes are not votes that are taken from the BC Liberals, and we end up in the same boat we’ve been in for the better part of two decades, watching a inept, corrupt government with the majority of seats in the legislature steal billions of our tax dollars from ICBC and BC Hydro every year just so they can brag about a ‘balanced budget’. And don’t get me started on the rest of it: Sea to Sky hwy, Port Mann bridge, stadium roof, Site C dam, Massey Tunnel replacement, KM pipeline expansion, etc, etc.

    But what do I know? I’ve only lived in B.C. for 70 years and have suffered through BC Liberal rule for 17 of those years. I’ve never left this province except for vacations, so I think I have just as much right to my opinion as the rest of you. However, I can take a hint, so goodbye and good luck to everyone. May you be happy with the choices you make on May 9.


  12. Now lasnomadas, don’t go running away, you’re smarter than that, your opinion (and passion) is as legit as the next guys and you should feel ok to contribute.

    Besides, if everyone ran off because they were criticized, there would have been a mass exudus the other day when you fired a few rounds. Learning to dodge the horse buns is as important as tossing them.

    The blogosphere is chockablock with people, just like you, who are oh, I don’t know, lefties? People, who have supported the NDP to some degree for a long, long, time. I’m one of them and I am your age to boot. Also many who just lean this way or that. More though, people who are just flat out fed up with the shenanigans of the Liberals.

    The NDP missing grad for so many years is not the fault of the uninformed or even the well-read voter. No, Laila is right; the NDP does not know how to reach the relatively small number of voters it takes to win. The Liberals and the Socreds before them, figured it out. Trump did, Trudeau did. Hah, even “follow John” did.

    The NDP not having made it to the big side of the house for so long is the fault of the NDP and no one else. Neutered and ineffective they are.

    You were admittedly too busy to keep up here. Same for lots of folks; too busy.
    But, a huge block of voters are plugged in, are sick of Christy’s gang of thieves but, after losing a sure bet in 2013, they’re gun shy about another wasted NDP vote, so are willing to try anything. Even the idea of a minority is looking better than the long shot of putting all the chips on the orange squares.

    Now my inbox will fill up with angry stuff from all my dipper friends and that’s another NDP problem; too entrenched.

    So, no, don’t go away.
    You know you can’t do it anyway.
    This place is like Laila’s coffee.
    Can’t give it up


  13. Gee, if I’d known all I had to do was ruffle a few feathers to get back on Laila’s mailing list, I would have done so long ago! 😉 I was going to wait until May 10 to come back here to see what was going on but, since I can’t ignore my e-mail, here I am.

    First of all, Hawgwash, I do wish you wouldn’t use that term ‘dipper’ or ‘leftie’. I find it almost as offensive as ‘ecoterrorist’ or ‘environut’. You see, I’m proud to call myself an environmentalist, but that doesn’t mean I’m a card-carrying NDP member. When I go to the polling booth, I go armed with all the info I’ve managed to garner from the debates, news stories, and if possible, a one-on-one meeting with my candidates. However, I don’t even bother vetting the BC Liberal candidate that my riding has had forever because I’ve known since Campbell’s sale of BC Rail and Christy Clark’s involvement with that and the destruction of our education system that this was a party I could never support.

    So, I know what I must do on May 9, but I wouldn’t dream of telling you or anyone else what to do. I just hope things will turn out differently this time, but I’m not betting on it.


      1. “Hawgwash; a leftie dipper”…….how great it is to get a belly-laugh to ease the tension of the moment! I wasn’t laughing however, when I read your ink, especially after reading the Globe and Mail article by Kathy Tomlinson yesterday, then tuning in to QP last night to see if the NDP side was going to ride that horse for the duration. They didn’t, of course. They dropped it after only two questions from Horgan. I’ll be watching again this morning to see what transpires.

        Here’s the thing: If the NDP doesn’t pursue this and keep it on the front burner all the way to May 9, is it because it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Or do they think, like Clark and Coleman, that British Columbians ‘don’t give a damn about stuff like that’?

        Since I live in the Okanagan Valley, I tend to read the online news site ‘Castanet’ often. It not only allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of the voters here, but more importantly, to remind all the old dyed-in-the-wool Socred/BC Liberal supporters of every dirty trick that’s been foisted upon us by both Campbell and Clark over the past 17 years. I’m not foolish enough to believe that my words will change the overall mindset here, but if I can convince at least some voters to do some political research before blindly entering the polling booth this time, my time and effort will not be wasted.

        I checked the electoral districts again the other day and noted with dismay that candidates have still not been appointed in many ridings. In my own riding, there are only two candidates to choose from, BC Lib and NDP. In Christy’s riding, as I mentioned earlier, there’s just her and a Green Party candidate who failed miserably when he ran in the last federal election. What’s a voter to do?

        Well, it’s time for QP, so I’ll continue my rant later.


  14. Yeah, hang in there las baby. You pretty much echo my sentiments, but I feel there is more that I can do. I will post a note in the local rag offering to pick up and return any voter to the polling station on the 9th. And if need be I’ll offer a little ‘advice’ to the undecided. (Is that permitted?) I keep hoping John H. is keeping his powder dry, but as the critical day looms I wonder if he’s got any to keep dry. I still haven’t got over my disappointment from the last go around. Not sure I can handle a double dose.


  15. It must be too late to make another comment on this. My last comment was not posted. Just in case it wasn’t posted for some other reason, I’d just like to inform ‘Hawgwash; leftie dipper’ (LOL) that I did indeed read that link and heartily agree with everything Martyn Brown wrote.

    BTW, I watched QP this morning and am convinced that the Legislature is in dire need of a non-partisan Speaker. Agreed?


      1. Never mind, Laila. It’s up there now. Don’t know why it took so long. I looked for it before I sent the last one, and it wasn’t there then. Maybe it’s because I sent it as a reply to Hawgwash’s comment on the 5th?


  16. Wow.
    The nuggets we find.

    I was rummaging around on a quest for some Prince George history when I came across this article. The timing is quite apropos and Laila in particular will relate on several fronts; the north, womens issues and the fight to stop raw log exports to the US. In 1948 for crying out loud.

    The man was a pioneer and a British Columbian who must surely be rolling over in his grave today:

    “He spoke out on issues advocating for women’s suffrage and for workers to have their workdays reduced to eight hours and to receive holidays with pay – long before those ideas gained acceptance…(and)…he spoke out in the provincial legislature in 1948 calling for an end to exporting raw logs to the United States.”


  17. Totally off subject.
    Nice new look to the blog Laila.
    Keep taking photos of the landscape.
    Us poor southern city dwellers need our “au natural” fix :)-


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