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BC Election 2017 wrap-up : Just Vote please. Just damn well vote.

With the election upon us tomorrow, I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to BC politics, I am still a hopeful cynic. Hopeful because I know change is possible,even if the BC Libs retain power tomorrow.  Cynical because despite that, I also know that a lot  lof what goes on in BC politics will never change either. More on this later.

Unlike last elections, I haven’t spent much time at all blogging during this one, spending the majority of time sharing info and thoughts on twitter. Why? To be honest as big as the audience is here, my reach is exponentially higher there -particularly among younger voters and undecided voters – both groups I personally want to see get out voting.

My goal even before the writ was dropped was merely to increase voter turnout,something I think is key to making any kind of political change happen in this province where voter apathy is just as big of an issue as our current corrupt government. In fact voter apathy is partly how this current government stays elected, in my opinion. They count on voters staying home. They count on the poor,disabled, marginalized and young voters – three segments most impacted by poor government policy – staying home.

We tried the movement #FreeRideToVote, asking Translink and BC Transit to offer free transit during voting hours on May 9th. BC Transit had done so before and was happy to consider again and several cities served by them in BC are offering free transit this election, including my new home in the Comox Valley. ( Yay Comox Valley!)

Translink cited costs as the reason why they couldn’t consider it, which is a bit of a lame excuse when you consider how much the premier spent on photography alone last year, and how much the Liberals spent on partisan ads before the writ drop, paid for out of tax dollars no less. So, we’ll never know if it would have helped get out the vote or not.. but I think it would.

It’s up to BC voters now, but I hope I have done my part in getting people engaged and interested in issues enough to at least inspire some to vote who perhaps didn’t vote before. Get mad at me for playing devils advocate, or for being critical of your party where and when it merits, but at least perhaps some will get fired up enough to vote.

One thing I have noticed in this election is that a lot of people who have never really followed politics before,  have been getting engaged because of one issue or another in their community that spurred them to action.

And while that’s just incredible to see, it’s  also important to keep in mind that vast thousands more never do that and probably never will until an issue hits home for them. Most I have spoken to were shocked to discover how long this has been going on.

This gets to the heart on how many people vote. They vote on issues. Whatever issue is most important to them, they will likely vote for the party that hits home on addressing it best. While it may not be the best way to consider a vote, the truth is very few people from what I can see, actually do look at the entire platforms.

What is more worrying to me, is that many people still have zero history of whats been going on in the legislature or BC politics for the past 4 years since the last election( let alone the last 16)  and are making wrong assumptions or simply lack the knowledge or context of current events. When it comes down to what they see and are bombarded with in the 4 weeks after the writ is dropped, and before the actual election date, it’s often too overwhelming to make sense of who is right or wrong, whats a lie or truth. And in this election I have seen Premier Clark deliberately mislead or lie with a big smile on her face while pointing fingers. All I can do is shake my head, thinking of the people at home who may not know better.

Also concerning to me is that the vast divide in politics I have written about often, has definitely been driven deeper as people looked to Greens and other parties or candidates as an alternative to the NDP who have been unable to get  significantly  beyond a base vote for 16 years.

16 years.  That should have woken their executive up years before this election writ because with all this ammo a slam dunk of the Libs should be a sure thing. It’s as if whoever crafted the campaign never even saw how the Libs campaign or why their campaigns work, but here we are the night before the vote and its so close that very few are calling it with confidence. You can’t be invisible in ridings for 4 years and expect to suddenly win everyone over in 4 weeks.

I have been very clear here that the BC Liberals need to go.

I have covered this government for a decade, documented misdeeds and know full well how the BC Liberals operated under Campbell and now Clark. Clark has been behind the impetus of  Campbell era BC Libs who are more Conservative, who are now stumping for the NDP. But mark my words , I suspect they will be going right back to the BC Libs if and when Clark is no longer leader, which is why I put zero credence in their support. In essence they are trying to get some time to rebuild the corrupt brand that Clarks misbehavior has attached to the name.

That’s why many are saying to vote strategically. But that also comes with a very big obstacle that many NDP members refuse to acknowledge. Hard green voters will never vote for the NDP, just as hard NDP voters will never vote green…even in a riding the Greens are most likely to win to defeat a Liberal. And I am so terribly tired of that hypocrisy. And so are many voters, I believe.

As a non partisan voter, and someone who is still very much appreciative of Indies like Vicky Huntington, I voted NDP for a couple of reasons despite leaning more to the Greens  initially this year.

1. Despite a very lackluster performance in every debate, the NDP candidate is  still the best chance to beat the Liberal candidate in my riding, who really concerns me with some of the things he has said in debates and on his facebook page.
2. I cannot support a party whose leader is willing to work with the Liberal government or even hypothetically accept a cabinet post if offered.

Why? Because there is not one cabinet minister or Liberal MLA not tainted completely by the hundreds of egregious and unethical scandals and actions under the Clark or Campbell government. Not one Liberal MLA stood up when Rod MacIsaac killed himself after their party misled not only the fired researchers, but the rest of government, the public and the RCMP. They misled the RCMP.  They allowed a man to continue to believe his career was over and name was ruined even after they knew they were wrong…

And all stayed silent.

Who does this? Who does this?? This government lost its moral authority to govern on this alone.  This cannot be disputed. There is a line one does not cross in life or in work or in politics and they all crossed it. And to this day there has been no accountability for any of the actions of the staff involved.

Not one Liberal MLA stood up to ban big money the 6 times they were given the chance to in the legislature and this is one of the biggest issues corrupting not only political process and policy in the legislature,  but the very heart of our democratic process. I have been calling for our own corruption inquiry in BC for years, and its needed now more-so than ever.

There is zero integrity  and even fewer ethics in the Liberal cabinet, and I frankly don’t care if one can sit down and have a nice conversation with Clark and disagree, because she is dishonest and has no integrity. So what good is that conversation worth?

I can’t even imagine saying that, but that’s just me. How can you work with someone who will, with a smile, lie to not only the public, but reporters? On live TV? In a debate? For me, that’s a deal-breaker. Her character was revealed in this election for all to see, and I can’t unsee it. Neither should Andrew Weaver.

That the Green leader even said this, was a tremendous disservice to the wide array of competent and exceptional candidates who stepped up to run under the Green banner…and there are many, any of which I would be proud to have as an MLA had they been in my riding.

I cannot support that. The proper thing to do for the future of BC here is for the Greens and NDP to work together to defeat Clark. But I don’t think either will.  The free for all handing out of money in the weeks leading up to the writ drop was the most attention paid to British Columbians in the last 4 years. Trying to change minds is a waste of time. Understanding why people aren’t voting for you in the first place is something that should have been taking place over the last 4 years.

Tomorrow the rest of BC votes and we will see the direction we are headed. I am hoping to see continued higher turnout. But the state of apathy is still high in the province and Clarks campaigning on fear of Trump is resonating. The irony of this is fierce considering she and many of her supporters have been acting more Trumpish as the campaign evolved. But fear is a powerful motivator and used with skill, can turn votes quickly. At this point all anyone can do is get out as many people as possible to vote and hope they do so with this in mind.

I won’t tell you who to vote for but I hope you vote for anyone but a Clark government. There is so much at stake here and I do fear the complete and utter arrogance with which this government will rule should they be elected again.

You think the last 4 years were rough? Just wait.

I suspect a Liberal government will be in power again Wednesday morning…unless enough people get out to vote with sense and integrity and the future of our province in mind tomorrow.  You may not always get what you want when you vote, but in doing so you are showing your intention to work for our collective future. I get that sometimes it feels like choosing the lesser of the evils, but right now it’s all we’ve got. And maybe it’s time to start building something new over the next 4 years.

With that in mind, just please vote. Vote for our collective future. Because if you don’t choose your future, someone else will do it for you.



  1. Strange. My blog echoes your’s somewhat. I call it the Trump Effect. It is the sense of disillusionment he and his kind of supporter generates. It’s very depressing. Trump-ist success creates more apathy NOT less. And, if CC wins that, too, will serve to erode voter turnout in the following election. The bastards seem to thrive on despair (like JK Rowling’s dementors). This is ONE HELLUVA dull election and it should be absolutely the opposite. There should a be a groundswell for change even amongst Liberals. Maybe we have had all hope beaten out of us.


    • I don’t think so. I think for me this election just resolved the point that we desperately need to build something new and work hard to change the political process so its people based and not government dictated.


        • questions? No question that the NDP propaganda machine claimed outright that Weaver said preferred a Clark minority in exchange for a cabinet seat, and implied he would not support an NDP one and continued to ramp up that lie in the last days of the campaign.

          Greens are educated voters and know the NDP is full of b.s. when they rant about the hateful Greens and field conspiracy theories right and left.

          How they continue to claim Green voters should vote for them instead at the same time as calling them dupes or even closet Liberals or “conbots”….sheesh.

          No question that the NDP have been lying through their sharpened fangs … no question at all, the proof is right in the sources they use to riff off of and claim they mean something else…. that nobody can think right if they don’t think like the NDP…and that green politics is exclusively “leftist” and belongs to them alone….

          anyone who thinks the NDP will live up to their promises of PR (i.e. of a REFERENDUM on PR, not implementing PR) has forgotten the NDP have shot down PR twice before – very explicitly to exclude Greens from the House; just like they continue to try to do, fielding lies and twisted fantasies and character assassination and saying “we’ll let you have some seats in 2021”. “Let you”? Hell, with a referendum that’s more likely to be in 2025…. if they even DO hold a referendum, carefully worded to produce an NDP-favourable result of course….

          25% of British Columbians deserve some Green seats NOW, not when the NDP decides it’s OK…..if the NDP were serious about their PR promises, they would step aside in certain ridings where Greens may beat a Liberal (and the NDP can’t) and “let” there be some Greens; there’s going to be some Greens anyway and so what if they were NDP ridings in the past; clearly those NDP MLAs weren’t serving their ridings properly or they never would have lost voters; and in North Saanich & The Islands, it’s a Liberal member that’s set up to lose that one, and of the 2013 results it’s well-known that most of the Green votes were former Liberal votes and completely new voters, of the former NDP voters in that riding even if they HAD switched back to the NDP there still weren’t enough votes to change the result. But they sell it as an example of Greens “splitting the vote”…….. wasn’t it THEM who was splitting the vote??

          Greens and NDP cooperating? The Greens have been willing, the NDP have been building walls and getting histrionic and hateful in response to the idea….did horgan ever respond to Weaver’s challenge as to whether he could/would be able to work with a Green balance-of-power caucus? No, but his troops upped the volume on their lie about Weaver saying (which he did NOT) he would support a Clark minority in exchange for a cabinet seat….

          And Laila, it’s a given that a third party be willing to work with either “minority victor”….. if it’s a hung parliament and they don’t support a minority government from either side (and Weaver HAS said he would prefer an NDP minority over a Liberal one) then it’s back to the hustings right away, since without Green support neither Big Party will be able to form a government…barring defections from one big party to another to “make it so”

          The polls are all fake, but more and more I hear people who have been on one side or the other in the past saying that they’re going to vote Green as they’re fed up with the two-party monkey show.


      • I am glad that your response is constructive. I am just being honest when I admit that I, for one, find this election to be more depressing than ever because all the facts and all the information revealed to the voting public seems for nought. That the Premier bald-faced lies is unbelievable to me. That every failed promise is forgotten, that every scandal sputtered dead, that each slimy Bennet/Coleman/ et al lie goes unchallenged and that the best we can seemingly muster in response is Horgan and the limp Dix is just overwhelmingly defeating. Sorry…maybe it is just low blood sugar….BUT GOD ALMIGHTY, we deserve better than this!

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  2. Very interesting reading on all fronts but it all comes down to one thing – People are not satisfied with those that think all morals, scruples and integrity are for sale and therefore the one with the most money wins! I think it is time for intelligence to be more important. A nice smile and a decent hair-do just doesn’t cut it! Let’s dig deeply and vote with our brains!

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  3. Tomorrow will be a pleasant surprise. The green vote will collapse for the most part and I can’t see the good Dr. Ego-eccentric from the Faculty of Sophistry making any gains after the performance in the past week or so. Especially the interview that happened with two BCTF teachers that is all over FB, with the good doctor attempting to run a distraction to change the narrative.

    The 20% support for the greens is a false claim made up by pollsters which is BC have lost all credibility in my view.

    So the only thing to watch is how that 20% turns.


    • so…. climate science is “sophistry”??

      “The 20% support for the greens is a false claim made up by pollsters which is BC have lost all credibility in my view.” – yet another NDP conspiracy theory.

      I guess the 40%+ NDP favouring polls were false claims made up by pollsters too huh?


    • my you’re optimistic huh? NDP sill lead in the popular vote…..

      25 Greens? Thanks for the high estimate; you may be right; and if the NDP then don’t want to form a coalition or seek Green support to back a minority government (totally 52 seats) that’s their problem and their doing…… 25 Green seats would be taking seats from the Liberals too, notably on the Mainland; though the NDP pretend that those ridings won by the Greens should be rightfully theirs. No, they belong to the voters….

      I hope the results tonight DO have an even larger Green showing than 5-7 as I’m expecting and keep both major parties to minority status…. looking forward to the poker game and the butt-kissing……..

      breaking the two-party system is a major step forward; a humbling of both major parties is what’s called for….

      and Clark can still be taken down by criminal investigations and the foreign-money issue;


  4. We all downgrade the Trump era but I suggest that he got elected on the hope for change in the governing process and not on his personality or platform. In a review of the Trump process since elected, I see no real change except for the disrespect of media which they fully deserve. I agree with your apprehension that change will take place, due partly to a poor discrediting of the current Liberal government by the NDP and CC’s continuous bald-faced lying. Yes, time for something else to work and vote for.


    • I agree. Many of the Trump nuts were merely voting for radical change but were afflicted with cynicism, anger, blinding ignorance and an affinity for the vulgar. Sadly, we have those aspects in our own people, too. The results may be much the same. There’s a trend……jus’ sayin’….


  5. “Not one Liberal MLA stood up when Rod MacIsaac killed himself after their party misled not only the fired researchers, but the rest of government, the public and the RCMP. They misled the RCMP.  They allowed a man to continue to believe his career was over and name was ruined even after they knew they were wrong…
    And all stayed silent. Who does this? Who does this?? ”

    Absofrigginglutely even if there were not any other issues in the mix THIS ALONE tells us all we need to know about the BC Liberals honesty, morality and fitness to govern.
    This outrage should haunt them for many years to come if their is any justice in this world. Unforgivable……..RIP Mr MacIsaac you will never be forgotten by the people in this province.


  6. I don’t know if there are still any fence-sitters reading here. If so: if you won’t vote for change after the stream of BC Liberal misdeeds BC’s bloggers (and some media) have been showing you for the past four-or-more years… what will it take?

    We need a change. We need a re-set at BC Hydro; on our infrastructure spending; in our schools; with the homeless and disabled; with children under ministry care; … with simple INTEGRITY in our government.

    Please vote — and if you have friends or family who lean away from the BC Liberals, take them along, too.

    Those who have voted for change already: thank you!


  7. Not only will the scandals and corruption continue if the liberals are elected again, but we can kiss goodbye any hope for changes to party financing or any electoral reform. The process now in place gives the Liberals a huge advantage, and they like it that way.


  8. Since WAC took over the Socreds the NDP has only won the popular vote twice. In 96 they ‘won’ re election but not popular vote.

    The NDP can only seem to win when the right is split and even though the Greens are a right wing party the media has brainwashed people into believing they are left…

    With no right wing split and greens going to split the NDP vote, especially on the Island, then throw in so many uninformed uninterested voters, plus cons only running what 5 candidates yet at 7% in polling and that vote in ridings where the cons are not running is not going to go to the NDP , i can safely predict unfortunately another Liberal majority.

    With the scandals, corruption, shenanigans etc by the Libs over the last 16 years this should be a shoe in for the NDP yet the NDP has really never risen to the challenge.

    It is also disgusting how the media in BC like good little lemmings all seem to back Clark and the libs despite all the crap they have done.

    I was and still am a pro rep voting system supporter and want FPTP dumped but the draw back of that in BC is the Weaver Greens holding the balance of power and their cosiness with the re branded Socreds has given me pause on that.


    • “With no right wing split and greens going to split the NDP vote, especially on the Island, ” – NDP spew and nothing more than false facts.

      It’s well known that Green voters are more often than not former Liberals voters than NDP voters…. “centre” voters repelled by the extremism of the NDP and the corruption of the Liberals.

      Votes cannot be “split”, you only get one vote; and the Greens are neither left nor right – their appeal is much wider; which is why the conservative/BC business party yak about them being “leftist” and the NDP yabberboxes like your complain about them being not leftist enough or even “closet Liberals”

      Could it be that they’re just “closet British Columbian voters” who are fed up with both major parties??


  9. Laila, I’ve read every one of your amazing tweets and excellent synopsis here, nobody has said it better. Excellent work. The main question in BC is what is it going to take to get rid of this filth that Clark has created? Unfortunately, that would be an economic collapse and those who think critically know full well that Clark’s policies have very little to do with the thriving economy she likes to spout off about. It’s all really a house of cards waiting to collapse, and it will collapse. With no plan B, she will be caught like a deer in the headlights and everyone will see that despite the pastel coats and wink nudge phoney smile, there’s no substance. Worse yet, we have a “leader” so self-absorbed and really she is a despicable egregious bully behind the scenes who is only about to get worse if things go her way today. Shame on us if we let her get away with it.


  10. A couple of last minute thoughts before I call it a day…

    Am I nutz or is this very close to being electioneering on voting day.
    Daniel Fontaine‏ @Fontaine_D · 2h2 hours ago
    People in line behind me talking about voting @bcndp their whole life but can’t wait to vote for @joninacampbell today #newest

    If this pans out, the Greens hold the balance of power and become Liberals, will that mean a betrayal and how many Greenies will have the jam to not be whipped?


    • I claim green. Even Green Party…ish. Most of my neighbours, too. In fact, most of those I know claim small g green especially after the Kinder Morgan sell out. Especially if they have three digit IQs. None of them expect Weaver to suck-hole or cave to what? What CC says? Just because Weaver said he’d talk does not mean he’ll capitulate or surrender. Waddya want him to do? Chuck rocks? MLAs talk. That’s what they do. I’d much rather have a three way power play than a one-way or the highway style like we have had. Power corrupts, Hawgwash. We don’t want any one of the bastards to have all the power.


    • “If this pans out, the Greens hold the balance of power and become Liberals, will that mean a betrayal and how many Greenies will have the jam to not be whipped?”

      if the Greens hold the balance of power they won’t “become Liberals” and nor would they “become NDPers”. They will be be Greens and have no reason to fold themselves into either major party.

      will NDP MLAs have the jam to not be whipped by Horgan?

      The pessimistic electoral fantasies of NDPers like you are supposing you don’t have the strenght/appeal to win in your own right; you damn Greens for “being Liberals” at the same time as expecting them to change the way they vote to the NDP….. not gonna happen; but NDP claims that the Greens and Liberals are in bed together are loud and persistent….

      Seems like you WANT to lose just so you can blame your defeat on the Greens…


      • Hornswoggle!
        I see a legitimate Green movement as credible.
        I hear the dream Weaver talking of supporting Libs (he IS a former Lib) and working with Clark, not Horgan.

        He can do as he wishes but should not go against those who vote for change by whipping his members. That would be betrayal.

        NDP whip is a give.


    • the NDP sit on their hands about stuff like this, they could take action in court e.g. when the corrupt nature of the BC Rail “auction” became apparent and all they did was mumble…..instead of file suit against CN and the BC government in American courts for payback/donation deals and an American company interfering in the politics of a friendly country…… ditto re Gwyn Morgan’s role backing the Libs…..

      I’ve often said that it may take American laws and the American press to report honestly about what goes on in Canada, given the control our major media by conservatives and of the alternative media being largely arch-leftist and often dishonest in its own right


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