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A salute to BC heroes on BC Day

It’s been months since I blogged, yet I have lived these pages for so long that sitting here now, finally writing again, the words come easy and comforting at last…

It’s BC Day today. I woke up late after a difficult night trying to sleep ( back injury) and was drawn here so naturally this morning knowing I was finally ready. There are a multitude of reasons why I haven’t been blogging and I will specifically address this in a future blog.  Today however, is all about this amazing province we call home, that we all love so dearly and is burning terribly in many parts.

Many will spend today –  as you should – enjoying the great outdoors at a cabin or cottage, perhaps camping or even just in your own community. No matter where you live there is something unique and beautiful that should be celebrated.

However, many in BC will not be relaxing today and I want to send a special shout out to each of them. Because the biggest thing to celebrate in British Columbia are the unsung heroes who rarely get the recognition they deserve, and who are the backbone and heart beat of this province. What makes BC so special is not just the supernatural beauty… it is and always has been the people.

To the firefighters who have been on the front lines for over a month now… tired, hot, dirty, hurting and away from friends and family … we salute you. We honour your service and the time it takes from your family. We honour your skill and courage in the face of flames that don’t differentiate between fuel and firefighters. Thank you.

To the pilots gathering loads of water,  dropping retardant to save homes and land, maneuvering through smoke and hills and unthinkable conditions that put your life at risk each and every time… we salute you. We honour your skill and love for what you do, and that you put yourselves at risk to keep BC safe.

To the support crews working long days and even longer nights, to keep firefighters on their feet,  to the forest service workers, RCMP, local police, Canadian Forces and government information techs who share the latest info on social media to keep us all safe…. we salute you.

To the volunteers in communities across the interior and Cariboo, who have stepped up without hesitation, feeding, clothing and comforting evacuees’ by the thousands…. we salute you and your big hearts.

To the mayors and city officials who have slept little, worried much, shown leadership and gone so far above and beyond to keep your communities safe… we salute you. Thank you for your service in the face of tremendous adversity.

And to the thousands of British Columbian’s who, faced with a feeling of helplessness but wanting to do something to help those forced from their homes, contributed to local food banks, the Red Cross or other local orgs assisting the #bcwildfire efforts… we salute you too.

They say it is in times of crisis that we see what people are made of and indeed the ongoing wildfires have shown us the best and worst of human nature. Opportunists looting while strangers opened their doors to other strangers with grace.

As BC continues to battle these fires, I have no doubt that when a need arises, fellow British Columbian’s will rise to the task of providing whatever is needed… Quite simply, it’s what we do. It’s what all good humans do, wherever they are.

There are many other everyday heroes in BC, people who see a need and respond, without fanfare or photo ops or any desire or need for recognition.  It would be truly impossible to name them all. However  before I wrap this up, the ongoing fentanyl crisis and the efforts of Sarah Blyth and her crew come to mind. Faced with countless deaths on the streets of the DTES, they risked arrest to fill a need health authorities and political leaders could.. or would not. Day in, day out, bringing those others have forsaken back from the brink of death because every life matters.. Sarah, we salute you and the many who assist you. We honour your courage and compassion.

Over the years one common thread here among my posts has been the recognition that there is more that binds us, than tears us apart or divides us. And in times of crisis, British Columbian’s rise together to meet those challenges putting everything aside to deal with the issue at hand.

And that… is what makes BC strong. ❤ 


*** these are some of my recent pics over the BC Day long weekend showing how the smoke has been here in the Comox Valley at times. While the sun glows red in the evening, the smoke thickens so much within moments you can’t even see it set. It keeps the reality of how severe the wildfire conditions are in BC, top of mind.


  1. Thank you, Laila for saying it and saying it so well.
    You have checked all the “to be thanked” boxes.
    Big thumbs up.

    Though I have contributed to fire fight, I feel inadequate.
    Tossing money in a bucket or food in a bin is so menial but still needed.

    Good to read you here once again as this is where, at least I, find the greater depth and substance you can generate.

    No slugs, bodily functions or leak-proof undies here.
    Thank you.

    Happy BC day and do come back soon.


    • Thank you Tim and hope you had a nice BC Day too. I think we all feel a bit inadequate from a distance but we do what we can with what we have and are able to, right?
      Ha… I will be back. Soon. 🙂 Thanks for hanging in.


  2. Thank you for writing this! A thank you to all those who are fighting these fires and trying to make life better for those effected by it. Also a big thank you to all those who work in this province, who are making a difference for all of us And a big thank you for all those who came before us in this province and helped make it such a great place to live.


  3. Glad you are back. Try to do your best to keep Horgan sane, OK? It may not be easy. But AFTER the hoity toity fund raiser, of course.
    You already said it but those firefighters are doing heroic work. It is not enough to just salute them. The very least we can do is not GIVE away the resource they struggled so hard to save.


  4. Never mind you, how’s Rollo!

    It is very goid to have you back. We need all the firepower we can get what with Trudeau, forgetting Paris 2015 in on a massive environmental destruction rampage and Horgan and Eby genuflscting before their Ottawa master, as always British Columbia must stand alone


    • Good to see you plunking on a keyboard as well, Rafe.
      Never did hear if he dispensed the blue recycle bag, as Laila crouched behind the plate, a la Yogi waiting to make the catch.


  5. Happy BC Day to everyone fighting to keep the province and everyone who lives here safe.
    Happy BC Day to you and yours Laila.
    So far the Blackwater north to the YT/NT borders has been very fortunate to, for the most part, escape what has been ravaging the Cariboo. Very fortunate given the extremely dry conditions. I know wildfire brings renewal, but an onslaught is next to overwhelming.
    The firefighters who have come in from across Canada, from Australia, Mexico and the Sates are to be commended for coming to help us out as I’m sure they know crews from here would do to save their communities and homelands.
    I am so happy to see you post. And, thanks for the pics!


    • Hi Luigi! Well said, and thank you for the warm welcome. I’ll have a full post on the lack of posts very shortly. Thanks for being here still 🙂


  6. i see a problem developing for BC fisheries “If sprayed on mountain streams, the retardant dissolves and releases ammonia, which is toxic to fish. Ammonia, the Forest Service says, is the most toxic ingredient in long-term fire retardants. A release of hundreds or thousands of gallons of fire retardant can wipe out fish life for miles along a stream, says Stahl of FSEEE. “


  7. “A single company supplies these retardants to the U.S. government: ICL Performance Products LP (ICL-PPLP), the St. Louis-based subsidiary of Israel Chemicals Ltd. (ICL).” This is the same company and same retardant being srayed in BC,


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