Educating Ryan

Every so often something so profound comes across my desk that it just needs to be shared with all of you…

In this case, a post in a public group on Facebook made it to me in regards to Darryl Plecas taking the position of Speaker.

I’ll keep it short and let the post speak for itself.

Ryan Pineo, a young politico, just doesn’t understand how all this happened.

So Mission mayor Randy Hawes steps up to drop some serious truth bombs for the lad…and the architects of Clarks disasterous moves:


Well Randy…truer words were never spoken. Respect for calling it as you see it.

** this public facebook group was changed to private after this post and subsequent tweets on it.

16 thoughts on “Educating Ryan

  1. Thank you Laila for letting me know what Randy Hawes said. It seems to be an honest evaluation of what really happened, but most Liberals would like to forget.i wish the Hawes statement could be published in the Times Colonist and the Vancouver Sun, not to mention the Globe and Mail.

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    1. It was passed onto me and I was struck by the forthright assessment. One has to respect a statement like this whether you agree with BC Lib agenda or not.
      Pretty damn honest. And puts the pressure on those who were behind her desperate flip flop.

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  2. Only when you put biases aside and really open-mindedly look at the difference in circumstances, players, manipulations and games, can you come to understand the whys of what Dr. Plecas did, back in June and now.

    To help some, here are two current articles and one from the past.

    Mike Smyth interviewed Dr. Plecas in June, when he was adamant about not being Speaker, and again now, having taken the job.

    Mike Smyth:

    Then there’s Mr. say it in a tome when a page will do, Martyn Brown. A good read.

    Martyn Brown:

    And, in case anyone doesn’t understand the Whip system or disbelieves Mayor Hawes, take a read and watch Professor Sean Holman put it in pretty lay terms.

    Sean Holman explained:

    Sean Holman documentary:

    Lastly, and this is only my opinion;
    Coleman tried to punish Plecas with the Hydro shadow job, one that I’m sure Plecas found distasteful. Coleman therefore made the Speakers decision much easier

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  3. Nothing, absolutely nothing this BC Liberal government did and said is the least bit surprising. They chose their path. They bedded down with their corporate sponsors. They used orders in council to circumvent our democracy. They met their logical end. Good riddance.

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  4. Darryl Plecas was one of my profs and mentors in the Criminology department at UFV when I was completing my undergrad and I’m glad to see him in this role. I look forward to seeing what he’s able to do to help the Legislature move forward.

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  5. Those in the Valley who would, at least at this early stage, fly off the handle and pummel Dr. Plecas, should really pause, take a breath and consider that they may have just won the door prize.

    The irony, as I see it and many are too busy fuming to considered, is the potential benefit to Abbotsford South.

    Had Dr. Plecas continued as a Liberal MLA his constituents, being entrenched Liberals probably would not have gotten much consideration from an NDP Government. The Liberals won all three Abbotsford seats by a solid two to one margin, so no point the in the NDP trying to gain any traction there over the next 4 years.

    Now, as an independent, Speaker and possibly soft NDP ally, Mr. Plecas and Abbotsford South could get far more positive attention than would have otherwise been expected.

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    1. Very true. Certainly Colemans made it clear he feels and intends to be confrontational. So it very well likely be a benefit to his riding. They might want to hold on that recall in 18 months…lol

      I can see that many moderates in the Lib party don’t agree with Coleman and Whites tone and actions. And its clear many supporters despite being upset at seeing Ndp Greens in power, recognize why the election ended the way it did.
      There is a growing dissent in their ranks being fed by those speaking truth to power like Hawes.

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      1. I think we could be in for some real comedy.
        Coleman’s peripheral vision will all but disappear and he will become more rabid as numbers of folks finally see him for what he is. No adjectives needed.

        The Liberal party bleed out has only just begun and if nothing else I see some more independents in the making. Isaacs? Tegart?

        Then there are those who only want to be on the winning team and do little heavy lifting.
        There could be a few who slither off when they get some heat about past bad habits. Polak? Watt? Hunt? Cadieux?

        The two I cannot read are Johal and Sullivan who I see as opportunists only. Especially Sullivan who is comfortable just being a freeloader.

        And before people start with the Dianne Watts babble; forget it. She’s far too street smart to walk down that blind alley.

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        1. The other option aired recently involved several of the Conservative part of the coalition mla’s joining the BC Conservatives giving a few seat differential there…

          Whatever happens its going to be rough sailing for a while. Clark sure did a number on the party with her flip flop throne speech. As Randy states so well, it puts mla’s in rough spot publicly and in the party.

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  6. It get any better. Speaker Plecas not only gets to tell his gtandkids that he saved the dignity of the House and the ancient office of Speaker – God only knows a difficult enough task – but managed to give us an all-time, Hall of Fame, Legislature belly laugh – a lecture oo ethics and morality from, are you really ready for this? Rich Coleman!
    I truly thought that in a long life I’d seen everything! To add even more flavour, surely only the BC Liberal Party could look careflly at this situation and toss the wrong guy out of the Party,

    Rafe Mair

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  7. When the Lieberals selected Dr. Plecas over Moe Gill I thought they had made a big mistake. Plecas had too much integrity, (not inferring that Moe didn’t.) Now that the chickens have come home to roost they cry fowl! (tee hee)
    Maybe the good doctor was an NDP sheep in wolf’s clothing?


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