Remembrance Day 2017-“Remember,honour, teach.”

I have been working on a new Site C post for you (out tomorrow) but today want to remember our veterans.

Living in a base town, the men and women who serve are part of daily life now. I have friends who serve, have served and returned to civilian life and I’ve met several veterans, including one who’s living with ptsd.

Today is a day to honour and remember our veterans – not only those of years and wars long past,but those younger men and women who have done tours of duty overseas on behalf of our nation in recent years. The face of our veterans is changing, yet we so often fail to reflect on that.

This is not a day for politics. This is not a day for debating war- veterans know all too well the horrors of war. This is a day to remember, honour and teach our children about those who have chosen to serve our country-whether you agree with that choice or not.

Today, I honour all our veterans and I hope all Canadians will continue to not only remember and honour them, but to support them by advocating for better services and treatment here at home. They deserve nothing less than our best.

Thank you.


On my honour, we will stand at the place where you rest 
and remember you.

On my honour, we will pick up the torch of freedom 
and carry it for you.

On my honour, you will not be a silent memory, 
we will speak of you often
so the world will know what you have done.

On my honour, as you reach the gates of heaven 
you will hear the voices of a grateful nation rise up 
and we will honour you.

By Kathleen Mills


** Want to show your appreciation for troops stationed overseas during Christmas? As long as you get your letter or postcard to the Belleville Ontario address at this link for Morale Mail, it will be forwarded in time for Christmas to any Canadian Armed Forces member. A great class project for students all across Canada!

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