Doug Ford hires Gordon Campbell to review Ontario finances…πŸ˜‚

Good luck with that Doug…..the irony, it burns!! But hey if I get to post this video someone made….πŸ˜‰


Everything old is new again. Ain’t politics grand?


( yes still retired but 2 more posts are needed-one on site c & corruption in BC)

10 Comments on “Doug Ford hires Gordon Campbell to review Ontario finances…πŸ˜‚

  1. Premier Ford’s credibility has to take a hit on this. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

    • Right??? Feels like we live in a bizarro-land….particularly when Campbells actions and connections and deals as premier would absolutely come under scrutiny in a BC corruption inquiry….

      The arrogance of them all. It reeks. It utterly reeks.

  2. Will anyone be doing a review on Campbell government’s finances? We need it more than Ontario. People want to know what happened to their railway and a bunch of real estate that was sold to balance a couple budgets.

  3. Hopefully it won’t take Ontarians sixteen years to discover their folly of hiring Gordon Campbell to cook the books…. oh wait Hydro One it toasted already, what could be left to sell off

  4. Thankfully I read this this evening. had I done so tomorrow morning the keyboard would have been covered in coffee. OMG, I knew ford wasn’t the brightest thing in Ontario, but, Now at least we can get rid of the title, most corrupt province in Canada and bestow it on Ontario.

    So next comes the money laundering, selling off provincial government assets to friends of Campbell and Ford. just a re create of what happened in B.C.

    the voters in Ontario had a decent premier but they wanted the brother of a drug consuming ignoramus. Now they have it and as I say, they can live with it or die because of it.

    the U.S.A. never saw Bush 2 as a good President until they got Trump. Now the people of Ontario will see how good a Premier Wynne was. they didn’t like the sex education program Wynne and her government implemented. they’d rather have the old sex education program. Doesn’t matter how you teach it, all the people in Ontario are going to be screwed. No amount of birth control will stop the corruption which will be born in the province.

  5. All anyone can say is Dumb and Dumber take your pick ?? Crooked or Crookeder choice is yours. Yep your bang on LOL. Great stuff and video thanks Lila

  6. Oh my. Oh my God. Holy shit. Really?. Like really? Oh my. Words escape me at this time. Well, disgusting for now.

  7. They may also want to test drive a few things in Ontario to see what they can get away with prior to the federal election in 2019. Can you just imagine el gordo as “advisor” to Scheer, along with Harper. “Where would we run to?

    Trump agreed it would let Putin “interview” Bill Browder and all Putin wants to do is kill Browder. Wonder what type of deals el gordo, doug the thug, and harpercon have in mind for Canada, like seeing harpercon slide into the side door of the W.H. was some sick.

  8. Maybe he could hire Rich Coleman and Cristy Clark to help with finances too, they’re as good at it as scumball scambell…

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