“What we do now, echoes in eternity.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

” Because it’s no longer enough to be a decent person. It’s no longer enough to shake our heads and make concerned grimaces at the news. True enlightened activism is the only thing that can save humanity from itself.”
― Joss Whedon

It started with  a post by Integrity BC, linking to a story detailing how the BC government had started a tip line, for anyone with info on money laundering in BC to contact. 

“What the actual f*ck?” was literally, my first thought. Why, after everything we have read – revealed by Sam Cooper and Kathy Thomlinson –  would the province ask the public to send in tips to… Peter German? 


Anyone? The province of BC and Peter German are the last place I would send credible tips to, and this is why: https://lailayuile.com/2018/06/27/money-and-corruption-are-ruining-the-land-2/

Who is actually running this show?  This money laundering issue is so far beyond the real estate aspect (  The NDP have tried to turn this into a ‘quick wins’, affordability issue and nothing more, to snag Vancouver voters. It goes way deeper than real estate, and they know it) , that I – and others – have serious concerns as to why the current government hasn’t moved to a full on public inquiry, with powers of subpoena to compel testimony. Quebecs Charbonneau Commission documented how this corruption works in government.  In the construction industry, including public projects. And Eby himself chose to learn from it… yet we see nothing but a government tip line that will get info to German in a timely fashion…

Me…I would ask anyone with tips to go directly to Sam Cooper, Integrity BC, or Kathy Thomlinson.. all people who have demonstrated their clear dedication to seeing the truth exposed in BC corruption. 

This…is not the Eby I have seen in the past. That Eby wouldn’t allow a pass and call for a government tip line. He knows better. The longer the NDP take to call a public inquiry, the more complicit they become in the face of all evidence revealed by excellent reporters. Period.

The only way forward on this file, is a full public inquiry with subpoena powers. Which I suspect has not been called because this current govt made so many promises that they can’t budget for an inquiry without defaulting on a prior promise elsewhere….

Which brings me to LNG and the governments coming climate action plan…. ( can you feel the impact of my eyeroll from where you are??)  Good old ” Hip Dad Horgan” is using LNG as a justification for profits that will pay for social services in BC. Sounds familiar? Oh yes, Clark used the same line!

Justine Hunter has a great, recent column, for the most part unshared because in my opinion, it concisely spells out how foreign profits have become more important than BC residents…

” Today, fossil fuels supply two-thirds of the province’s energy needs, according to Clean Energy BC, an association that promotes renewable power. The provincial government has approved new fossil-fuel production – a massive liquefied natural gas plant in Kitimat – but says the target can still be reached by converting most everything else to clean, renewable electricity.

But many British Columbians opt to heat their homes and businesses with fossil fuels, because electric heating typically costs 50 per cent more.

In early December, the province will release a climate plan to show how it intends to reach the 2030 target. B.C.’s carbon tax will rise, but so too will the cost of electricity. Efficiency and conservation have to be part of the solution.

In a media briefing, senior government officials who are not authorized to be quoted outlined some of the changes. Others, including Clean Energy BC, have also offered their vision.

This is the picture that is emerging:

Homeowners will replace their gas furnaces with electric-power heat pumps, which currently cost $4,000-$6,000. Commuters will trade gas-fuelled vehicles for zero-emission cars. Energy-efficient retrofits of older homes will be in demand, while new homes will need to have the lowest-possible carbon footprint. Consumers will ditch inefficient appliances and light bulbs. Homes will be connected to smart devices that choose the best time of day to run the dishwasher, and turn off lights the kids left on. Ideally, they will actually return energy to the grid with micro-power systems and battery storage. Industry and institutions will have to do the same.

The massive Site C hydroelectric dam, expected to be ready in 2024, will not come close to supplying the electricity for this low-carbon future. And capacity to provide more energy is not the only issue. Transmission and distribution systems will have to be upgraded to carry the increased load from the point of generation to communities.

Jae Mather, executive director of Clean Energy BC, calculates the province will require about 50 per cent more electricity production than it has now to meet demand in 2030. Site C will provide about 10 per cent of that. With the cost of renewable energy dropping, smaller projects, especially wind power, will likely do the rest. The additional infrastructure needed will drive up energy costs, and that should help consumers embrace conservation.

This my friends, is a huge issue for me specifically for two reasons. One, affordability. Currently BC Hydro was ordered to deduct contributions from every Hydro customers bill ( whether you can afford it or not) to create a crisis fund Hydro customers can apply to for help paying their bills.

( The irony of making those who can least afford it, contribute to this fund has not been lost on anyone)

Two, the push to get average people to convert to costly heat pumps,  that – if you do your research –  actually do not save homeowners money in most colder climates in BC. In fact in temperatures lower than -5, heat pumps rely on electric heat backup to warm your home in winter. The initial cost is high and prohibitive to most people…even if the government chose to offer low interest loans, thereby forcing debt onto consumers already dealing with record high consumer debt loads, it is still going to cost you more than natural gas furnaces will in winter, particularly if you need baseboard heaters in some rooms to supplement… hello, did you all forget we have an affordability crisis in most areas of BC? Did you forget why people are still using oil in some rural areas( including the Comox Valley) or why people burn wood? 

When people have to choose to heat their homes in winter versus eating, there is a problem. And pushing average people to pay more specifically to allow this one LNG project to proceed and pollute ( with huge subsidies on electricity at rates less than we pay) is wrong. It’s wrong and it’s not how BC should be addressing any climate targets. Want to use the natural gas we already have here in BC as a transition fuel to get people off oil furnaces and wood heat? Offer incentives to upgrade to efficient gas furnaces. Offer incentives to convert from wood to gas. Or use biofuel wood pellet stoves which burn more efficiently and clean, as well as utilizing the scrap wood in logging cuts that is usually burned on site to get rid of it. 

Oh wait, let me remind you that BC Hydro isn’t pursuing any alternative power forms because they are committed to Site C. So say goodbye to solar incentives, say goodbye to passivhaus incentives or any other alternative energy project that will reduce load on the main grid. They have made it harder for homeowners to get into solar because of new electric requirements. In Europe there are entire communities who, with solar panels, sustain themselves and reduce load on the grid. Here? Govt proposes to increase load on the grid to offset the pollution created in allowing these foreign corps to profit off our natural gas.
The technology for alternative energy sources is becoming more efficient and affordable every day…yet here in BC all those NDP MLA’s who were on board with this in past years, are silent in public, sticking to the party line, defending the indefensible. 

It alarms me. The NDP is giving a very lucrative and free pass to foreign corporations to pollute at a tremendous profit due to all these expanded subsidies, but they expect you and I to make up for it. How is that right, or fair? We all need to do our part to address climate change…and that includes foreign corporations. Considering there has been no move to halt US thermal coal exports out of BC ports, the entire line being given by government is just that. A line, designed  to keep the unknowing public at large happy and silent. ( Until their hydro bill goes up… and it will. Substantially. Get ready for this now. ) 

It alarms me that this government and its ardent supporters who actively opposed these moves under the Clark government right beside me, now remain silent, or even defend these decisions “Because the Libs were worse”. The subsidies Horgans govt has given to LNG Kitimat are more substantial than Clarks were. And more secretive. Were the Libs worse? Yes. Does that mean you should accept shite from Horgan? No. 

But this is how it seems to work now. Because good old Dad Joke Horgan is doing it, it suddenly makes it all ok? I already have a dad. I don’t need another one whose Dad ‘lit’ schtick,  isn’t  actually acting in my childrens best interests. Is it Horgan running the show right now…. or Geoff ” Vision-I-helped-ruin- Vancouver” Meggs? Anyone? 

The best thing about PR, is that if it passes, NO party will  have as much unfettered influence in the legislature as both the Liberals and NDP have had.  And that can only be a good thing for the people of BC right now. So please, if you haven’t yet, vote for PR. Because ” what we do now, echoes for all eternity…”  

You, right now, can change all this…what are you waiting for? 

35 thoughts on ““What we do now, echoes in eternity.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

  1. Thank goodness you are still alive, if not in the peak of health. I’m sure the announcement of an inquiry would go a long way to restoring you to your initial vibrant, youthful vigour. Enough of the flattery. You’ve already on numerous occasions stated that you couldn’t be pulled, dragged or bribed into accepting any political position. Know though, any number of your followers would relish the thought of a ‘Premier Yuile’!
    Know also that you and Ms. Garrosino are preaching to the converted. What, about 5% of the population could give a rat’s ass about Site C and/or Money Laundering? I wish it were not so, but at the expense of lighting myself on fire, I see no way to generate more interest.
    Bravo to you both, please don’t let your energy run out! I wish I could help, but keep the matches out of sight!


    1. I hear you. Just like most will embrace Horgans EV announcement unquestioning, not looking a what a farce it is while we are actively shipping dirty thermal coal overseas from delta port, to the same Asia destinations we’ll be sending lng to, in a hypocritical attempt to save them from the very coal we are shipping 🙄

      BC hydro is laughing. Today’s announcement has little teeth and Horgan wont even be around in 2040-hopefully Mungall wont either.

      But this….this is interesting! https://www.straight.com/news/1166866/lawyers-david-butcher-and-brock-martland-named-special-prosecutors-linked-criminal


  2. My thoughts.
    Stupidity, incompetence, arrogance, timidity, especially timidity, brings an end to one term BCNDP rule because of the weight of too many major screw ups in short order. Site C and LNG and the whole dam endless BC Hydro crime scene saga. I see a financial disaster for us concerning the above. Actually for us. Well i guess we’re already down that road a ways. What’s at the end. Bridge Out. Shithead Premier LIT UP HIP DADDY’S empty explanation and hollow watery promotion of Pro Rep. I have an open mind, but not now, since that twit Horgan messed himself at the debate in front of the public and lost, to a typical arrogant jerk BC Liberal leader. MIA All Talk, No Action Weaver on everything never helped. The ongoing ride share lie in the name of pandering as all politicians have done in the past. And last but not least the grand daddy of them all. A public inquiry or not.
    I believe if Eby and Horgan don’t call for a tough as nails inquiry into the money laundering crimes, which involves the very ministry leaders and people whom we pay to protect our interests, then these bumbling jokers would then not have respected nor listened to the majority. I think the numbers are around 85 percent plus. The math for a losing outcome is high. It would be tragic for the province if an inquiry were not held, because political leaders and justice leaders of the previous BC government were involved in turning a WILLFUL BLIND EYE to it all by the looks of things. The people are fed up and want justice. Our system and it’s foundations will continually be eroded and the bad will laugh and have the green light to continue with their corruption. We had 16 years of them. Do we want more of the same. Very possible. The vultures are waiting. Enough is enough i think most are saying though. Corruption comes in many forms as was stated by the courageous Fred Pinnock It would be an injustice if an inquiry weren’t held he figured. Some could say an inquiry is one sided for the NDP. Not at all true. Someone has to carry out justice sometime,and set things straight. With impartiality of course. The bad outcomes that those responsible and in charge allowed to happen to hordes of British Columbian’s and families says what must be done. For not only our sake, but also the Horgan government at election time. Will this be their Waterloo. The saying goes that we have short memories. Not with this. It’s going be kept front and center, bright and clear. So i hope Horgan and Eby get their fingers out and grab big gulps of courage. It will be the brave ones or the cowards. No in between.


  3. None of the political parties deserves respect.
    As soon as they gain power they begin paying off the IOU’s that got them there.
    A Corruption Inquiry is long overdue.
    I dont expect to see anything resembling a Charbonneau Commission in Bc in my lifetime.


    1. I wont ever stop pushing for one. Pretty sure Sandy Garrosino wont either. And at some point people WILL begin to wonder why it’s not being done.


  4. I suppose one could offer up a statement that is timely and fitting for the politics of the BC Wild West for sure, and absolutely. Long past British Historian Lord Acton stated ” Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Absolutely timely and fitting for the the previous BC governing leadership. The corruption must be laid bare and names named as they have already, and held responsible for the sake of democracy to stay healthy and viable. Time is running out and apathy has no place in this battle. And the hell with the likes of the ostriches of chicken shit media. So many are to stupid and numbed to realize the future of their democratic interests are the same as everyone elses. We are all in here. Do some of them actually know that. Hopefully Horgan and his clan realize it. It’s their future too.
    Thanks Laila for your huge leadership contribution against the assault on everything we hold dear. Hope you’re feeling and getting better every day.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 I’m doing ok, this wicked variant of the flu triggered some heart issues, so taking it easy…which is hard..lol. The actual flu was only 3 days..the recovery takes up to 4 weeks, the doc says. Take that as a warning to avoid the flu at all costs!!


  5. omg, I can’t stop laughing. They expect all of these changes. Right, with what? Do any of these idiots know what this will all cost. Just the cost of these newly designed houses will put them out of reach for even those living in areas where homes are still affordable. Expecting people to renovate houses, ya, with what. like does any idiot know how much this will all cost. people are currently just are getting by. consumer debt is massive and that is mostly because people use their credit cards to get by for their day to day needs. Some one is surely using Canada’s newest legal product to such an extreme they’re out of it.

    Yes, electricity costs will rise and I wont be using it. Our home currently is mostly heated by two gas fire places and so is the hot water tank.

    Wanting vehicles to be electric by 2040??? are they drunk or something. that is 20 years away and Detroit going to be building all of that. A lot of North and South America are rural. stopping every 350 miles to re charge, not happening. Its so out there, its comical. Now it may be technology will change, but will people be able to afford those new vehicles. Most people can’t. In 20 years, if I’m alive would I spend a bundle on an electric car? Not on your life. I can buy a diesel and run it on almost anything which looks like oil. Have these idiots forgotten how many people in this province are retired with no pension? People retiring today, won’t have cost of living raises in their pensions. Must be a brave new world these out of touch people are considering because in a province with such a high rate of child poverty there is no way people are going to be able to afford any of this shit they are talking about. good luck. Yes, we have to change things for the climate’s sake and thus our own, but it really easy. STOP BUYING SO MUCH SHIT, DONT PURCHASE ELECTRONICS UNTIL THE OLD ONES ARE BROKEN AND CANT BE FIXED. /don’t buy appliances until they are broken or are too expensive to run don’t renovate the house every 5 years, stop buying so much clothing. Yes, I know corporations won’t be making money hand over fist, but we could try living simply and that might help the environment a whole lot more than all these “ideas”


    1. I’d laugh but it’s not funny, is it? This one lng project will produce more emissions than getting everyone driving electric could reduce. It’s quite insane. And you are right. The only way anyone is going to give up a gas furnace is if they legislate it to force people. And I suspect riots if they tried.

      The entire thing is at odds with their mantra of making life more affordable. If they really wanted to make a difference, stop the project. Allow people who can afford solar panels to share excess with neighbors. Allow communities to bring wind projects forth instead of stalling them Hydro controls all of this which is ridiculous. Most people already have efficient appliances and are using led lights.
      Yes…we will be forced to scrimp and save while Kitimat lng owners laugh all the way to the bank.


  6. went back and read the article regarding Christy Clark’s expense. over $400K in a year. I do believe it was during this time she and Pammie were on an Asian road trip and the room charges for breakfast were over $700. Now things could get very interesting.

    Of course as Horgan comes up with these idiot plans, Weaver is there right by his side. These people are out of touch with reality. now I don’t want the B.C. Lieberals back in office, but neither do I want the Greens because I still believe Green Weaver is simply a Lieberal in a shabby suit spouting environmental phrases hoping for power. As to Meggs, well he certainly helped Vancouver become one of the most unaffordable cities in North America. he and Robertson waxed on about bike lanes and left humans living on the street and families not able to live in the city. if megs is now Horgan’s “advisor” I sure do hope Megs doesn’t do to this province what he did to Vancouver.

    We need to charge these gas/oil companies a wack of cash and not provide subsidies. Coal going out through our port, sent it through American ports, its their coal.

    Yes, the NDP is building more schools and hospitals and that is a good thing, but so much more could be done if they collected from resource companies and the money laundering has to stop. Money laundering is most likely hiding a lot of money from the drug trade and we all know how many people in this province are dying because of that. if Horgan doesn’t clean up things he may find his party is still in office, but he is out of the premier’s office–yes NDP LEADERS CAN BE REPLACED.

    So looking forward to more news on those two guys who went on leave today;
    thank you for this post and the work you do. May you write long and happily with us


  7. Oh, its so sordid! And as your blog and references show, its been going on since 2003 – for fifteen years no less!!!
    And what has changed? Not much. Looks as if Campbell got away with the BC Rail scam. Got ousted into a better paying less onerous position(s). Chrispy’s living on easy street with her directorships and, I’d bet, a number of ‘pensions’ from the Cayman Islands.
    It must be a full time job, with assistants, to keep track of all the obfuscation caused by these miscreants. Much more sophisticated than the old fashioned Mafia, and you don’t have to worry about being ‘taken out’ by the competition, because there isn’t any!
    I don’t hold out any hope of an inquiry. Who would instigate it? With all due respect to you and your efforts Laila, you’re naught but an irritable thorn in their side. They could wipe you out in an instant, as evidenced by the hacking job last year.
    I do not mean to discourage you – I have all the respect in the world what you’re doing, and have done. I can fully understand how it has affected you health – weaker beings would have dropped off as road kill by now.
    Please be careful, get healthy, and remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy it!


  8. We all understand the need for some sort of confidentiality for investigations and none of us, I am sure wants, to endanger the integrity of an investigation. However, as taxpayers and this being the leg. we do have a right to know what the subject of the investigation is.

    Is the investigation about selling ]”state secrets, selling inside information, inappropriate personal behaviour, fudging the books, running poker games out of the Leg. itself. Like give us the basics. We ought not to be kept in the dark. We are not mush rooms. we’re the tax payers funding this investigation.


    1. There is breaking news from national post tonight. Sources indicate fraud and theft of public funds.

      Makes you wonder how much of this mess was ever fixed. Both ndp and libs had years of mismanagement occurring under their watch, with a bipartisan committee to boot.
      The Auditor General even warned once there was such lax controls fraud and misappropriation of funds wouldnt be caught.

      Reading this older post now in light of this, is concerning. How much of this mess was fixed?



  9. As big as the allegations is the question; where is the local media?
    Seems like only the eastern folks will dig in the muck of BC.
    Bloggers excepted of course.


    1. There is a lot of local media covering this and Dermods been doing a lot of interviews on this..and I expect to see more as he has a long history of holding govt to account, particularly on these issues.


      1. National post had the source for this one, which is why I posted it. Lots of other local coverage though but if you see my new post I ask some questions I havent seen any reporter ask so far.


  10. I was extremely pleased to see the EV announcements the other day but as you mentioned I really do hope they aren’t a ploy to make us happy and then try to use to justify SiteC and other senseless actions. I see the average person reducing their electrical footprint without even noticing it as they go along as a happy consumer. The things they buy, the homes the live in and the cars they drive are all getting more efficient and they don’t even realize it. Then when you consider those of us who actually put effort into our low footprint lifestyle the effect is tremendous.

    My mind is racing with the incredible change that could happen if even a fraction of the SiteC money was poured into efficiency and low carbon incentives for residents and businesses. WOW what we would do to be greener, cleaner and the work and business it would create too. But heck, why would we do that.


    1. Horgan must not only have replaced our beloved Chrispy, he must have inherited her brain trust!
      One does NOT legislate EV into existence. One must entice them into being.
      Make charging stations available, or encourage their proliferation.
      Offer energy rates comparable to that offered the LNG industry. If we can afford to subsidize that poisonous project then certainly we can encourage the EV project.
      Ensure the industry is capable or servicing the demand.
      But to pass a law mandating them is ludicrous! My daily (weekly) ride is 20 years old and will probably need replacing by 2030 or 2040. I live off the grid and 15 km from civilization. How is he going to ensure my mandated EV is operable at that time? OH, I know! Uber. By that time it might be a reality!


        1. I see not an issue with the legislation …those who can afford it will buy EV, those who can’t, won’t and we will see a robust used vehicle market develop.

          The issue is the vast areas of rural BC that makes EV prohibitive, and many will still require heavy duty vehicles with larger range and power. The market will get there but not soon enough.

          Two. Its hypocritical and in other jurisdictions they are not enacting legislation simply to justify allowing one, two possibly 3 lng plants like we are.

          That’s the insanity I see. We really arent going to reduce any emissions in BC.

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  11. This report must be wrong.

    Hasn’t the esteemed head of BC Hydro often stated that fears about fracking are baseless? That fracking operations are unlikely to cause earthquakes in populated areas?

    Could he be wrong? Impossible. Except for the facts.


    “Drilling activity has been suspended for at least 30 days in the Septimus area southeast of Fort St. John as the BC Oil and Gas Commission continues to investigate a series of earthquakes that rattled the region last week.”

    “In an update issued Friday, the Commission said it narrowed down the location of the three earthquakes, which measured between magnitude 3.3 to 4.5 on November 29, to an area near Canadian Natural Resources hydraulic fracturing operations.”

    “The first earthquake was reported at around 6:25 p.m. on November 29 at a magnitude 4.5. A 3.3-magnitude aftershock was recorded at 7:06 p.m., and a second aftershock near magnitude 4 was recorded at 7:15.”

    “Residents across Northeast B.C. reported feeling loud, strong tremors that shook houses for several seconds in Fort St. John, Charlie Lake, Taylor, Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Hudson’s Hope, and rural communities in between. Some felt tremors as far away as Pouce Coupe and Baytree, Alberta.”

    “The Commission has stepped up its research and monitoring of induced earthquakes linked to industry in Northeast B.C., adding 20 new seismic monitoring stations in recent years.”

    “Most “induced seismicity” events happen when fluid is injected into underground faults at high pressures to release gas as part of drilling operations, or from wastewater disposal.”


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