Snow daze…

As has been my experience in past years,winter comes late here and has finally hit the island, with about 8 inches falling yesterday, and another 10-15cm ( translate a foot in reality) coming today and tonight. And while the snow wasn’t supposed to start until later today, it’s coming down now so I need to go shovel the old snow to make room for the new snow…😂

A reminder though, to check on elderly or housebound neighbours in your community to make sure they are ok, or see if they need anything. Seniors who rely on scooters or walkers cant navigate snow and may need groceries or walks and doors cleared-the wind has been creating drifts here even!

Also, while many remember those surviving on the streets before Christmas, now is when they really need your help. If you are in a position to give back, care bags are incredibly appreciated. Fill a large ziploc bag with: dry socks( a rarity on the street), hand & toe warmers, high energy or granola bars, chocolate, nuts etc, gloves, lip balm and a small moisturizer. Being outside chaps skin horribly and it then cracks and is an avenue for infection.

As well, call your local outreach or shelter. Many will take donations of winter and rain gear if they have room.

Stay safe, stay warm, but most of all…stay human. ❤

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