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Truth to power on International Womens Day


There are few photos of Jody Wilson Raybould from this perspective and when I finally saw this one from Macleans, it reminded me so much of the Fearless Girl statue.

Ms. Raybould is indeed taking on a behemoth not unlike this bull, one that extends beyond partisan circling of wagons around their leader. She’s exposed that the patriarchy is alive and well in Ottawa, entitlement rife in Wernicks testimony – his second btw, while the Liberal dominated committee voted down a motion to have Raybould Wilson brought back.

From the now infamous, exasperated eye rolling of Anthony Housefather in the allegedly non partisan position of Committee chair,during that vote…

( hard to find a source for this moment that isn’t using it for partisan purposes, including this guys tweet) the pompous entitlement of Wernicks testimony… to the smirks of Trudeau’s friend, Butts during his…to the same smirks of Trudeau’s odd, ‘not sorry but trying to be contrite’ press conference which reminded me so much of Clarks note ” humble” on her speaking notes way back when….

It all just left a bad taste in my mouth because I expected better than old boys club politics when I voted for Trudeau…something I won’t do again. Emerging as the voice of reason amid a flurry of reaction following yesterdays press conference was another strong woman, Elizabeth May. She saw exactly what I saw, and said so:’s-non-announcement-snc-lavalin-affair

Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May (MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands) said today she was astonished by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first full statement on the SNC-Lavalin scandal. “It is clear that the effort to get SNC-Lavalin a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) continues to drive all aspects of handling the issue,” said Ms. May. “We are not in a position to look back at mistakes made. We are in the throes of an ongoing effort to get a DPA for SNC- Lavalin.”

Greens believe that the opportunity to learn lessons starts with understanding the principle of prosecutorial independence. The primary decision on whether to prosecute rests on the Director of Public Prosecutions. The DPP’s decision is based on a legal analysis of the evidence against  a corporate defendant. The Attorney General’s job is to review the DPP’s decision to ensure that the evidence and legal principles are properly applied.

“In his evidence to the justice committee yesterday, the prime minister’s former principal secretary Gerald Butts demonstrated that he did not understand this principle when he spoke dismissively of the former Attorney General’s review of ’12 days.’ That ignored the work that had already gone into the Section 13 analysis by the DPP,” said Ms. May.

“We have now moved from inappropriate pressure on the former Attorney General to a propaganda campaign preparing Canadians for the new Attorney General to do what Jody Wilson-Raybould refused to do. And we still don’t have a single independent review confirming a threat to 9,000 jobs.”

Ms. May said that Justin Trudeau still has an opportunity to restore Canadians’ trust. “In the next Cabinet shuffle, restore Jody Wilson-Raybould as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, ask Jane Philpott to take up the reins at Indigenous Services, promote the current Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury Board, Joyce Murray, to President of the Treasury Board and let Seamus O’Regan go to Veterans Affairs.

“The failure to grasp the importance of prosecutorial independence and the failure to seek evidence before succumbing to job blackmail are at the heart of this scandal,” said Ms. May. “We still require an independent review of the inappropriate pressure on our former Attorney General.

Shes correct. The heart of this lies in prosecutorial independence…and in a surprise move yesterday the Public Prosecutors office asserted itself online.


Brava. This is a critical and key point for two reasons.

1. In the charges laid against SNC Lavalin, no extenuating circumstances must be considered

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 2.03.36 PM

And 2.  Considering its highly unlikely SNC would pick up and leave-they have ongoing current work all over Canada-what other motivation could there be for avoiding a lengthy trial? Tom Parkin has thoughts on this:


Indeed. The Financial Post piece he linked to details what’s really on the line with a trial, and why government might want that not to happen:

Trials are designed to detail wrongdoing by government and corporate officials alike and to mete out justice in a transparent forum that the public can understand. Deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) are designed to cover up details of wrongdoing and replace jail time for corrupt government and corporate officials with fines for corporations…

…The company claims that past misdeeds can be entirely laid at the feet of a few so-called “bad apples” who have since been removed. If SNC-Lavalin were nevertheless found guilty through an exhaustive examination of witnesses and the presentation of evidence, that claim could be eviscerated — the “bad apples” in question have already said they were carrying out widely employed company practices. If so, the company not only stands to lose federal government contracts over the next 10 years, its officers stand to be incarcerated….

…But a trial here or elsewhere would not only expose who knew what and when within the firm; it would also expose who in government might have been involved.

Hmmm. Is the worry really  9000 jobs from a company with current and ongoing jobs across Canada that will keep them here? Or is the worry what will be exposed by a trial? This changes the entire perspective presented by Trudeau, by Butts and by Wernick.

And therein, lies the heart of why any pressure on Wilson Raybould or the DPP, ( also a woman) whose decision she upheld, must be examined more closely. Sandy Garossino weighs in with some excellent analysis on why this is the most important prosecution Canada has ever undertaken on corporate corruption.

This matters. There is something much bigger at stake here, the very integrity of the rule of law, our basic tenets of justice, and two women whose independent power and authority is being challenged.

That’s why, I’m #stillwithJody. The committee must bring her back, the PM must allow her to speak about the period after her shuffling and SNC must not bully their way into a deferred prosecution agreement.

Until they do, its important this brief video of her testimony is kept front and centre, keeping in mind the Financial Post piece posted above. I’ll post the transcript in the comments as well.

This has turned into a long piece but there was so much to say. And I may add to it because there’s more I need to share, but now I’m going to wrap.

To Jody Wilson Raybould, I see you. Thank you for speaking truth to power. To the DPP, Kathleen Roussel, hold the line – I think you know something we don’t.  To Elizabeth May, thank you for being one of the most diligent voices in Ottawa on many issues, including this one.

And to all women blazing paths and challenging patriarchy to the chorus of voices on both sides of your path calling you difficult, not a team player or worse yet, crazy….I see you too and honour the fortitude it takes to follow that path.


From a friend and reader:

“After listening to those trying to discredit Ms, Wilson-Raybould I thought that by sharing two of my several personal life stories it might help others understand the kind of inter-personal  dynamics that people can face when those who simply want to  direct and not lead seek to impose their version of the right way to proceed. Party whips use this all the time and that is why proportional representation is being withheld….

….Over a life time of working on lots of different matters it is clear to me that there are always those in positions of authority who regularly abuse their privileged status by having subordinates carry full accountability for all decisions. It seems that moral issues are the most troublesome for those in charge, so when someone like Ms Wilson- Raybould seeks to do what is morally correct we need to give that person our unconditional support.”



  1. I might give Elizabeth May and the Greens a go this time round. But i hope Jody Wilson Raybould throws her hat in too. Then i can have two good choices.


  2. Whether it’s shaking up the U.S. Congress, the Canadian Parliament, or the judiciary in both nations, it seems all my heroes lately are ladies.

    But the likes of Christy Clark and Kirstjen Nielsen remind me it’s character rather than gender that makes the difference.


    • I agree completely on that..character surpasses everything…there are many Conservative women supporting far right policies that hurt women. BUt in that same vein its very important to recognize the hurdles many women are facing in overcoming patriarchal system that reveal themselves in times like these…even in ‘progressive’ governments.

      Thats why progressive governments have to hold themselves to a higher standard than right wing governments, and show voters the difference. Its not critics who have endangered whats been gained following the Harper era by demanding accountability here.

      Its Trudeau himself.


  3. In our eagerness to applaud JW-R for standing up to Trudeau, Butts et al., let’s not forget that she had no problem abandoning her previous opposition to Site C — and signing on to the rest of the fossil fuel package: TransMountain, LNG. And she has to answer for the crippled assistance-in-dying law that will eventually be overturned by the Supreme Court, after causing several more years of avoidable suffering.

    Sorry, but I’m just applauding with one hand.


  4. For those familiar with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a current resort to prophylactic PR probably will generate a knowing laugh. The sophistry’s form is this: it works best to deny responsibility by denying prior knowledge. Without the latter the former is untenable.

    This tidy gambit has some history.

    Consider the ardent Soviet Believer’s back stop argument, “If only [comrade leader’s name] knew what was happening! If only someone would show him! Make him see! Plead with him! He would stop this insanity! It is not possible that he is aware of what is going on!”

    Isn’t it? To a self-blinded partisan or a timid employee it is not the customer who is always right – it is the person who authorizes the cheques.. He doesn’t suffer contradiction gladly.

    Unfortunately what we expect when we entrust a vote to an ambitious candidate seldom seems to describe the realities underlying Politics. In Mr. Stalin’s case, regardless of being warned about the consequences of his own policies he did nothing to stop the rot. It served him not to.

    Here in Canada while the damage of the SNC scandal is not yet disastrous, consider the new infomercial fall back provided by our own Justin Fawlty’s team.

    ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me about this SNC stuff! It’s monstrous! I’m only here on earth to learn the Truth! ‘

    Exactly. That the boss knew nothing is proved because that’s what he claims.

    Typically a cornered executive’s plight is horrible. Who can be blamed? If only some subordinate, a minor player beneath his office and far below his attention-horizon, a person controlled by his PMO, a person afraid of any hint of not seeming a Team Player 100%, a person entirely dependent on a record of submission to do and say what was expected to grant approval to run again, if only they would have risked it all to have said something!

    Something that might create consequences too dire to be allowed!

    So the refrain continues. Why did no one step forward!

    Oops! It appears there were three, all female, who took that very risk, and stated the facts.

    1/ Jody Wilson-Raybould
    2/.Jane Philpott
    3/ Celina Caesar-Chavannes

    Three party stalwarts, steadfast believers who, faced finally with what they should have expected, resigned in disgust.

    The point of “No, really! I Knew Nothing!” Deflection.

    See how clever it is? While dogs didn’t run off with Mr Fawty’s homework, it is because no one stepped forward that it became everyone else’s fault. Underlings never made the waves they knew better than to make.. How ignoble.
    In any bureaucracy, and especially in politics, expecting whistleblowers to be praised and promoted is absurd. Instead they will be ostracized and crushed as examples to others.

    Besides, how could drawing attention to possibly illegal misconduct improve future electoral prospects? Prospects ruined especially if subordinates inadvertently denied their boss (or a PM) plausible deniability? Deniability leaders always have relied upon to dodge criticism and escape responsibility. Deniability. A useful ruse before senior damage control levels are required to initiate a hasty cover up of who knew what, when, and who might have cashed in, by how much…

    But that couldn’t happen in Sunny Ways Canada, right?

    “Trudeau, government officials tried to use legal principle to justify political interference in SNC-Lavalin, former attorneys-general say”

    “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and senior government officials attempted to use a well-known legal principle as justification for political interference in the SNC-Lavalin case, four former attorneys-general and a former deputy attorney-general say.”

    But honestly, no one knew anything! Even now nothing is clear. So let’s all… um, turn the page and offer executives being investigated everywhere the benefit of whatever doubt that best suits them…


  5. I think Finance Wrecker Bill Morneau is a part of the dirty circle. Ben Chin his Chief of Staff was named as one of the “dogs“ that Jody Wilson Raybould asked Morneau to call off,because the contacts were innappropriate. Morneau is another one of the rotten power players hiding back stage directing, like his buddy Trudeau was doing. This incompetent weasel that i pay for with part of my taxes that passes for a Finance Minister needs to go also, along with the rest of that dirty little band of brothers.


  6. The reality is, Trudeau could yet be the winner.

    He can still reverse the decision, give SNC what they want and his re-election becomes a nonissue because of the rewards he will reap from a company whose business model is payoffs.


  7. From Bob Mackin…
    Christy Clark:
    “If you’re talking about 9,000 jobs and the attorney general is refusing to save them. I don’t know. I think that’s a pretty good argument to move the attorney general and find somebody who wants to support a growing economy,”

    “When Deputy Premier in 2002, this individual (Christy Clark) supported two bills resulting in layoffs of thousands of health care workers & teachers – the largest mass layoff of women in Canadian history. Bills struck down by SCC in 2007 and 2016


  8. Lady Justice holds a set of two scales suspended from one hand. Their purpose is to weigh and balance the evidence to support or oppose guilt.

    Christy Clark and her cabal apparently believe one of those scales should weigh a bag of cash as part of any determination of justice. It is apparent in their words and actions.

    When the BC government crafted a secret and illegal plea deal to cheat the citizens of British Columbia out of the truth by ending the BC Rail trial before the evidence could be weighed, Attorney General de Jong said this:

    “It is a balance between accountability on the fiscal side of the equation, but preserving absolute prosecutorial independence from political interference.”

    The secret and illegal deal failed on both counts. But Mr. de Jong did not have to fret about being called out on it, either by his fellow Cabinet members, or by the traditional media.

    In fact, after visiting that insult on our democracy and justice system, Mr. de Jong went on to oversee the health researcher witch hunt and firings as Health Minister, and then gaming enforcement (think casinos and money laundering) as Minister of Finance. We know how those efforts turned out. How did Christy Clark and the traditional media hold him to account? Here’s an example:

    http://www.vancouversun.comWeb resultsFinance minister learned frugality on Fraser Valley farm

    CBC and CTV are carrying on the aiding and abetting necessary for this trashing of democracy to occur.

    John Horgan and the NDP, supported and encouraged by Andrew Weaver and the Green Party have an opportunity and a duty to start turning this around by establishing a public corruption inquiry. If they do not assume the mantle, the slide will not only continue, but it will accelerate. Because the evidence is clear; the Liberals and Conservatives will never do it. They are not only philosophically opposed, but have too much to lose.

    Mr. Horgan, we turn our lonely eyes to you.


  9. This interview with Judge Mary Ellen Turpel–Lafond is a very compelling, easy to follow, legal summary in lay terms.

    Mary Ellen Turpek-Lafond, remember, is another strong woman who was abused by our very own Provincial Liberal Government. She speaks truth to power yet gets less attention than the champion of lies-to-get power, Christina Joan Clark.

    Can we see a new band , please; The Wilson-Raybould, Turpel-Lafond, Filpott Trio.


  10. Prime Ministers, philanthropists, ICBC translators, new drivers, students, queue jumpers, soccer moms and hockey dads.
    What a repulsive species we’ve become.


    • That Dave Sidoo story is insane!! Most people I know scrimp and save to help their kids go to school…and their kids still have to work their way through college or university to make ends meet.

      100K just to pay someone to take a test for your kid..? No words.


    • Annnnddd…..the LPC just adjourned the justice committee in a manner that was more Harperesque than Sunny ways.

      This was just sent in. Please watch this clip.

      There are two thinhs that really irritate me and long time readers know this well.

      1) corruption & wrongdoing where ever it is found.
      2) political hypocrisy. Doing something you once attacked Harper for…and rightly so…and defending it by saying he was worse.
      News flash. It creates cynicism and disenchantment among non partisan voters


  11. Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic does not dabble professionally in the world of politics, as his profile demonstrates.

    There are examples of why his theories may be more applicable to the boardroom than the hustings. Fine tuning the electorate presents a more daunting challenge than that of a Human Resources hiring committee. Focus on humility, integrity, and self awareness he says? Okay; but don’t use gender as a filter.


  12. Well, well well

    It takes a small US newspaper to just keep hammering SNC Lavalin out of the ballpark.

    Which raises the question.
    Why are all the Canadian news media not picking up of these unbelievable revelations?

    Because the lobbyist mentioned is on their Board of Directors?

    A former judge/ SNC lobbyist may have “embarrassing information” about the PM….?

    How deep does the rot go?

    SNC and their hope to build the new Kinder Morgan pipeline……..

    Just wow…..


  13. @noncinfidencevote

    “Why are all the Canadian news media not picking up of these unbelievable revelations?

    Interesting that you should make the same observation I did.

    As of yesterday the latest Justice Committee scandal had all but disappeared from media. It was as though someone in high authority had instructed the media to shut up, and they did just that.

    What scandal suddenly evaporated? Before opposition panel members could present a justification for returning Jody Wilson-Raybould to testify – the liberal majority “adjourned” the session. “Debate” was rescheduled to an in camera session on the same day the federal budget would be announced. In short the Liberal members eclipsed the issue entirely.

    On various networks the usual parade of professional political talking heads prophesied the next step. The Justice Committee having accomplished nothing would be shut down and that would be that. Alas for Justice, there is no possible recourse but to move on. And, oh yes, bad luck, apparently the Ethics Commissioner has taken ill.

    So what took up half of the yesterday’s news? The Ethiopian air crash. On site films, interviews with grief stricken relatives, shots of stranded passengers on vacation, hints the Boeing was being hurt, talk\talk\talk.

    The Max 8’s plight? In terms of a direct affect on Canadian Democracy it offers none at all. But as a distraction from events in Ottawa the carnage was all but heaven sent.

    In part I think that the Buffalo Chronicle story above helps explain why the Liberal Press back east may be far too closely tied to the Libs to be trusted.

    As to the rest of media?

    It is impossible to explain.


    • I agree. We should also be reminding Horgan and Eby and the media that all of these things and an inquiry is still on our minds here in B.C. and to not think this national stuff, though absolutely important, is not a cover for him to shirk his responsibilities to have an inquiry that a vast majority want. The major media is horrible on how they can not get their act together and cover equally, our own just as important home grown government corruption and wrong doing issues in government. They just can not handle both or for whatever the reason i dont get. They have such tunnel vision and seem to be so dam stupid.


  14. It’s no surprise that people seldom see the full extent of damage to a system. Especially the rot beneath a polished surface. Not until closer inspection provides better information dioes what appears “normal” reveal itself as dysfunctional.

    For Canada the polished surfaces are provincial and federal politics. What obscures the view is a media sleepwalking past a democracy being gutted..

    But where on political earth is there more than a billions spent to maintain a shiny surface? Where is there a better view of what is healthy and needed?

    No idea? Compare Jacinda Adern’s recent press conference on gun control with anything Justin Fawlty has ever said, or avoided responding to, in QP or anywhere else. And let’s not forget our own David Eby and his Sitzkreig approach to Law and Order left on PermaHold..

    What dismays and sickens those with the time to observe the usual idiocies of Ottawa and Victoria is that neither government ever provides a coherent or truthful Answer Period.

    Was it really a shock that people like Wilson-Raybould and Philpott quit in disgust? Or more of a shock that after so many years they were the first?

    How does the media help? Our ridiculously under-informative talk shows provide Liberal and NDP cloned sheep, guided by Strategy Consultant formulas, ample airtime to whitewash the trainwreck that is federal and provincial politics.

    But where is the alternative?

    None? Women’s Day or not: take a brief trip with Jacinda Adern.

    An excellent example of precisely what Canada (and for certain, BC) needs to restore faith in a system routinely mangled by those leaders who only increase the rot.


    • He was incredibly verbose on air as well, but thankfully McComb usually cut him And…he didn’t like being challenged. I’ll never forget our rather epic on-air disagreement over site c, which he was a willing accomplice to under Campbell. 😉


  15. My my my

    Those who keep smearing her in the press and in comment forums, will have to realize that this woman doesnt play all her cards right away.

    This has never been and never will be about her work, her past or her personality.

    This is about political interference and obstruction of justice. And she recorded some of her conversations.


  16. Just read the Wilson-Raybould \ Wernick phone transcript.

    To summarize: During a 17 minute discussion the former Attorney General not only cites what The Law requires but explains that providing a DPA to SNC-Lavalin could potentially be an instant and long-term political disaster.

    Instead of accepting any of what the AG had to say Mr Wernick recycles hbis taliing points and plays Doctor. What is crucial to understand is the delicate state of the PM’s mind and mood. It is absolutely vital to all concerned that the PM gets what he wants. The Attorney General must appreciate what her responsibilities to the political situation should be. The Law should not interfere with the Master’s agenda.

    What Mr Wernick never addresses or seems to think matters is The Law.

    “Factors not to consider”

    “(3) Despite paragraph (2)(i), if the organization is alleged to have committed an offence under section 3 or 4 of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, the prosecutor must not consider the national economic interest, the potential effect on relations with a state other than Canada or the identity of the organization or individual involved.”

    The overreaction of the liberal hierarchy to the political perils of SNC-Lavalin reaches beyond panic into a cross-purposes farce. A below stairs fiasco ensues with the Head Butler demanding of the Head Maid that she do whatever the Master wishes. No other priority is more important than whether the Master’s mood is inflexible. As it should be the Master calls the shots. Everyone else must obey.

    See for yourself…


  17. The difference is that Jody Wilson Raybould was elected by her Constituents as a Member of Parliament, whereas Wernick supposedly non-partisan, appears to have been bought off by the Prime Minister of Canada and paid by the Liberal Party of Canada.

    As far as to the legality of the recording goes, Wernick et al, must realize that 99% of the time Raybould in conversing with any Minister of the Crown, Privy Counsel or Chief of Staffs, would have someone in the room with her taking notes (as a witness) while discussions were under way. Wernick appears to have chosen a time to talk to Raybould knowing in advance that no staff was present, therefore the protocol gloves were off.


    • Excellent points NVG but one small correction; Jody Wilson-Raybould placed the call to Wernick.

      Among other things, I keep thinking of the similarities between Wernick and Craig James. Both bought. Both arrogant. Both serving self and party. Both believing in their own untouchable magnificence.

      As well, the hair on the back of my neck reacts to his arrogant belief he could push this (any?) woman around.

      That the PMO is saying Wernick did not divulge this conversation to them, says either he knew he was wrong or they are lying. On the other hand, I suppose it could be both.

      Good grief, I hope this changes the way politics are done in Canada. Although, I find it disheartening how many people really have not even a basic understanding of what this is all about.


      • Wernick made the first call.

        Clerk (Michael Wernick): Hello.

        JWR (Jody Wilson-Raybould): Hello Michael, it is Jody.

        Clerk: Hi, sorry about the phone tag.

        JWR: That’s OK.

        Clerk: Um…l am not calling you about litigation directive. I am calling about the other important one – the Deferred Prosecution thing/SNC and so one – I wanted to pass on where the PM is at


  18. Nope, sorry:
    Recorded phone ringing…one ringy dingy…

    Then… Male voice;

    Clerk (Michael Wernick): Hello.

    JWR (Jody Wilson-Raybould): Hello Michael, it’s Jody.

    Clerk: Hi, sorry about the phone tag.

    JWR: That’s OK.

    bla bla bla…..

    Semantics I know, but I think in the context, it’s an important sequence.


  19. Great recording of Wernick trying plow over the Attorney General and the course of justice for King Liar Trudeau. This is beyond scandal now. It’s much worse. Canadians should not accept this as a legitimate competent government of Canada, but only as a corrupt one.


      • Thanks for the link on further SNC malfeasance. I heard Deputy Premier Shiela Copps on CKNW spewing some kind of sick disgusting defense of Deferred Prosecution. Simi Sara did a great job holding mouthpiece Copp’s to the fire. When I hear Political leaders like her ilk and others always defending this legalized corruption because other countries do it is so lame and really reprehensible. We are not other countries. If warped politicians like her and anyone who defends this shit may not be so naive and F….D in the head. if they actually seen up front what some of these corrupt outfits get involved in with brutal murderous dictatorships and despots. But it’s easy to vomit that garbage from the rear lines and the comfy confines of the bubble. So god darn shameful. Trudeau’s talk on team unity is also sickening and completely laughable. To me he’s the immoral team leader leading his equally immoral people who bow and agree to this corrupting of our laws and democratic institutions for criminal corporate pals for political gain. Yes i will also say the other party’s are just as untrustworthy wnen their in power. But this is really bad, run by a bad PM and a very bad little clique. Oh i forgot. Team. Go Team go. Go for the Bottom of that scum filled barrel.
        For certain rare cases involving the recording of conversations, I completely agree with Raybould taping the conversation with that horrible Wernick , especially when it comes to politicians, engaging and cheerleading the assault on the institutions of Justice in the defense of corrupt dirty dealings and outright brazen lying to the Canadian people over and over for their own ambitions to stay in power and abusing that power is unacceptable. I also hope more from Team Trudeau decide to grab a spine and turn to decency and come forward.


  20. Laila! Thanks for the CBC link! Just checked the story.

    Another whistleblower, this one at Export Development Canada, “has told CBC News the engineering giant (SNC-Lavalin) secured billions in loans from the Crown agency over the years, some of which he alleges was intended to pay bribes.”

    “If true, it could mean taxpayers have unwittingly backed illegal payments.”

    Billions in loans, you say? Some of it for bribes? Is that not illegal?

    History.. Over the years EDC backed exceptionally rich SNC-Lavalin for 19 projects supported by huge subsidies – subsidies which in turn may have, in part, been converted to bribe foreign officials.

    As though SNC-Lavalin ever would stoop so low!

    “The insider, who worked on several large projects funded by EDC, claims it was an “open secret” within SNC-Lavalin that “technical fees” listed in budget proposals included cash to be used as bribes to secure international contracts.”

    “Those line items could total millions of dollars. The insider says EDC’s internal due diligence policies should have detected something was going on.”

    How vexing! Another embarrassing whistleblower deamanding to be ignored and more nosey questions to foof away during Question Period? Will it never end?

    Perhaps not. Another scandal pops up sufficiently serious enough to justify 18 more investigations of SNC misconduct? Well, no. Not likely. Not after Ottawa`s two best straight shooters, Wilson Raybould and Philpott, were excommunicated for un-Liberal heresy. An example had to be made. Why put the Law ahead of The Party? Where was their Loyalty! What else matters!

    After Tuesday`s witch burning and mini-massacre Opposition claims of 18 more potential scandals can be buried under a beneath a parade of submissive Liberal MPs posturing about, “Trust us. We would never allow that!“.

    To defend itself EDC says this..

    “EDC has denied knowledge of any improper payments, but last Friday said it is taking a closer look at a 2011 deal with SNC-Lavalin involving a $250-million project to refurbish the Matala hydroelectric dam in Angola. EDC provided the Quebec-based company with “political risk insurance” for the project.”

    “We would never, under any circumstances, knowingly participate in a transaction tainted by bribery or corruption,” David Bhamjee, EDC’s vice-president of corporate communications, wrote in an email.”

    “This behaviour goes against EDC’s core values and deep-rooted culture of business integrity.”

    “Michel Fournier, the former head of Canada’s Federal Bridge Corporation, which maintains several of the country’s largest overpasses, has already pleaded guilty to accepting the money in exchange for helping SNC-Lavalin win a $127-million contract to refurbish Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge.”

    “When asked about the ongoing RCMP probe, SNC-Lavalin replied: “No comment.””

    What a perfect response. Why waste precious words on refutation when government seems to be working to ensure that the public is sufficiently distracted to ensure they never connect the dots?


  21. I wonder if John Horgan or any member of his caucus could read your body of work (or even just the story you link above) and look you in the eye to explain why they are not establishing a public corruption inquiry in this province?

    I very much doubt it, and will write him today to ask.


    • To be brutally honest the NDP has shown zip interest in much of it. Probably because they know I hold them to the same standard.

      Harry Bains was given all research into shadow tolls etc on Sea to Sky highway. Nada. Refused to even comment on it when he was transportation critic way back when. I was told it was because they wont comment on things they may use themselves down the road.( Harry went onto tell a Newton advocate that he should stay away from me because I was “poison” 🙄)

      Claire Trevena had to be pushed for over a year before even mentioning the retaining walls in the legislature. And she was not the reason the Libs inititated monitoring and inspections again, our stories were along with the info being given directly to her by the fellow who gave me the photos.

      And of course, information passed on regarding corruption has gone nowhere and many names involved still work in govt or have ongoing consulting contracts.

      Yes. It would be interesting to hear what Horgan says, but I certainly won’t hold my breathe. From the failure to enact Duty to Document legislation to a doubling down of the LNG giveaway that makes Clarks look like penny candy, he seems quite content with many aspects of the BC Libs policies


  22. Sent (naively?) today:

    Honourable John Horgan
    Premier and President of the Executive Council
    PO Box 9041 STN Prov Govt
    Victoria, BC V8W 9E1

    Dear Premier Horgan,

    For some time I have been reading the work of several citizen journalists as posted on their online blog sites. I believe you are aware of the excellent work done in the public interest by these individuals because of comments made in their recognition (some posthumously) by you and your fellow NDP MLAs in the Legislature.

    Their work has largely been ignored by the traditional news media. Many possibilities come to mind for this continued oversight; most are inconsistent with the tenets of the journalistic creed.

    One thing is very apparent, and that is the fact their work lacks neither veracity nor impartiality, and certainly should not be ignored by any ethical government.

    With that in mind, and in relation to very topical matters of public interest, I write to ask what your government is going to do with information like this:

    In the unlikely event that you are not aware of her entire body of work, I would recommend it to you and your staff should you be interested in why a significant majority of the public supports a public corruption inquiry in this province and is no doubt wondering why you are resisting one.

    There are many reasons why a public inquiry into government activity for the past two decades is necessary. You are aware of those reasons, and the fact that the BC Liberals would never under any circumstance support or establish such an inquiry. Under current legislation your Cabinet has sole provincial authority for its establishment, and if you shirk your duty now the opportunity will be forever lost. Please don’t let us down.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lew Edwardson


    • You are a good man Lew. I’m hoping the younger generation will hold politicians of every stripe to account like ours really hasn’t. The tribal nature of protecting leaders instead of reminding them who they work for( voters), and ignoring their failings instead of pushing for accountability,only serves to increase cynicism at a time when we desperately need leadership we can believe in.

      Fyi, Daughters of the vote members turned their back on Trudeaus speech today and I hear members also walked out on Scheer.

      Thats a start.


  23. On the subject of selective and curiously uninformative media coverage…

    Yesterday the CBC wrote of a potentially larger SNC-Lavalin scandal. This one involving the EDC.

    The story Laila linked to above, contained several crucial assertions.

    1/ “SNC-Lavalin settled the suit out of court. It is unclear what steps, if any, EDC took to examine the deal at the time.”.

    2/ “If it had been [exposed publicly], at that time, that a bribe had been paid, EDC would have been obliged never to allow SNC-Lavalin to have access to export credit funds.”

    3/ “The insider, who worked on several large projects funded by EDC, claims it was an “open secret” within SNC-Lavalin that “technical fees” listed in budget proposals included cash to be used as bribes to secure international contracts.”

    “Those line items could total millions of dollars. The insider says EDC’s internal due diligence policies should have detected something was going on.”

    So, of course Tusday night, The National News dove straight into the controversy with questions like

    1/ Following SNC’s settlement [guilty plea] why didn’t the EDC ban SNC from further export credit funds? As the CBC story reads that’s what the conviction obliged them to do.

    2/ Why didn’t EDC auditors seek a public investigation on seeing a growing pattern of SNC bribes?

    3/ How soon would the government, RCMP, etc, launch a public and\or criminal investigation into what looks like 19 more instances of tax-payer subsidized bribery?

    But no. Bad idea. The National failed to mention that the EDC did not act following the SNC settlement. Instead it said the EDC hired outside counsel to investigate itself.

    Curious no? How is a government agency to be trusted after hiring its choice of investigators? How is this not a massive Conflict of Interest? Is this another version of the Justice Committee and the Ethics Commissioner’s recent decisions to halt further investigations?

    I’ve sent this story to Wilson-Raybould, Philpott, Caesar-Chavannes, the NDP, the top Conservatives. And several journalists.

    What else can be done? I have no idea.


  24. That didn’t turn out so well next door. It may help Trudeau in the upcoming federal election, if kenney follows Ford’s lead. Cuts to education and health never work out too well for citizens and they some times have buyers remorse.
    I expect Kenney to stamp his feet for some time, blame every thing on Trudeau/federal Liberals, and B.C. However, if voters in Alberta notice Kenney can’t do anything about their “plight” they may come to their senses and have a little buyers remorse. On the other hand, we might see even more Albertans come to B.C.



    • Sadly,voters don’t tend to vote in their own best interests as we well know from living in BC. Kenneys win was easy to see coming from the Doug Ford win… both survived many scandals and the people who vote for them like what they spew. What doesnt help and didnt help in either case is how ndp online supporters treat other people,which only pushes them away. ( not unlike the last BC election) Trudeau supporters have the same issue.

      There are a helluva lot of Albertans living in BC already. Comox valley is full of them and so many commute to the oil fields there is a direct flight now. Funny how they dont want to raise their kids in Alberta…🙄

      I still wont vote for Trudeau and hopefully will get time to blog soon to cover a few things. I’m voting Green federally. Trudeaus full of shit on the environment and so is Scheer. Singh supports the LNG fracking orgy that’s about to start. Greens may be few federally but May speaks truth to power like no ones business and doesnt bullshit or pussyfoot around issues like Trudeau and Singh.


      • I like it. Also,look at the give away and gifting of the taxpayers money Horgan along with the backing of the opposition is going to give to these criminal corporations in the LNG build. I just don’t see a return greater than what is going into LNG here. Horgan is giving away more perks, interest free loans, tax breaks and subsidies than the crooked BC Liberal Government were going to give. And the real sick thing here is he’s selling us out to dirty bloody handed overseas outfits like Petronas and other. Others involved are no angels on the world stage either. These scummy outfits have a history of involvement with corrupt brutal and murderous regimes in the past. No different than SNC Lavalin. But we know how it is with our sleazy politicians from either side, selling us out to give the temporary illusion of building economy that turns into a sinkhole. It’s all about getting the votes in for the next election. Doesn’t matter what happens after the betrayal. They will always try to spin it when things didn’t work out and the taxpayer’s are screwed again. Oh well, one could be tempted to call some of our politicians traitor’s considering the filthy things they do to us provincially, and above all, nationally.


    • The interests of Canadians are not served by Scheer and his different kind of racially bigoted supporters either,many if not most are climate change deniers. The NDP support Horgans fracking LNG orgy and are losing all their longterm good MP’s so where does that leave us federally? A mess.

      I really can’t convey how disappointing Trudeau has turned out to be. I understand why people don’t vote…and it upsets me.

      They all need to do better. Much better.


  25. Looks like Trudeau is busted. Obstruction of justice or what. The arrogant asshole won’t even apologize to Canadian’s for his malfeasance. Oh well, it’s too late for an apology. He just can’t be trusted with anything in that position. Canada deserves much better. What that is i’m not sure anymore, except to say anything has to be better than these sleazeballs running the house now.


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